Chapter 1065 - 5 Have You Seen Little Bo Jiu?

1065 Have You Seen Little Bo Jiu?

Shortly after, another four sea boats followed behind him.

The seamen in the area had never seen anyone drive the sea boats in such a manner. It wasn’t just the alarming speed, they were moving in unison, their movements neat and in sync with a formidable aura.

No one dared to speed straight into an explosion since the boat had started leaking oil. No one could predict the possibility of a second explosion.

The seamen at the pier were still waiting for professional gear before heading over. They hadn’t expected to see five boats speeding over without a hint of hesitation. Even the people on the boat knew help wouldn’t be coming so soon. There were scattered flames around the boat, which reduced the chances of their survival.

Time continued to trickle by.

Someone hugged the little boy as they waited. Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to wait until help arrived but even so, there wouldn’t be grievances since it was way too difficult.

Suddenly, a boat was heard amidst the flames. The next second, another four boats could be heard.

The little boy and mother stood up while the others turned back in disbelief.

The flames were blazing and the sea was filled with wreckage from the explosion. But one after another, men in army uniforms sped through the chaos.

This was heard of multiple times. After an earthquake, there wouldn’t be many survivors and the situation would be tricky but even then, there would be some who wouldn’t give up. At this moment, the people in the green uniform that entered one after another changed everything.

They weren’t abandoned. Even in such a dangerous situation, the unyielding spirit of the army green continued to burn on.

The people stood up. Only those that had personally experienced it would understand the world of emotions.

Qin Mo was the first to board the boat. The girl at the side noticed his bandaged arm but no one knew the reasons behind it.

Even though there were only five of them, the uniform itself filled them with calm and reassurance.

At this moment, Qin Mo was no longer in the right state of mind. Those that knew him could easily tell. There was blood in his eyes and even his thoughts were in mess unlike his normal self. But there weren’t many who knew him well enough.

The seemingly invincible Qin Mo greatest weakness was water, be it a lake or seawater. He wasn’t willing to go anywhere near it.

Or perhaps, he had gone crazy.

The moment he boarded the boat, he asked, “Has anyone seen Little Bo Jiu?”

Little Bo Jiu was a name deep inside his memory, repeated countless times without anyone knowing.

“Have you seen Little Bo Jiu?”

The middle-aged woman took in his pale but exquisite features and was suddenly reminded of someone. The next second, the crowd cleared a path.

“Are you looking for this child?”

Qin Mo glanced back sharply. His gaze focused on a corner of the deck. The youngster laid there, her hair damp and a tiny black earring that signified her identity peeking from her earlobes. She looked extremely peaceful, a faint glow splashing onto her face.

It was obvious she had been given emergency treatment. There was a jacket around her and her black mask was still intact. By her side, there was a small boy watching her, guarding her…