Chapter 1066 - 1066 Almighty Qin“s Heartache

1066 Almighty Qin“s Heartache

Seeing this scene, Qin Mo felt his throat tighten, a sharp pain piercing his heart. He was reminded of a memory from before when he reached out into the emptiness.

A splitting ache filled his brain while a voice was calling out to him.

The most important person in his life was no longer around.

Deep inside his memory, a tiny figure leaned onto him, her small hands measuring the temperature on his forehead. She asked patiently, “Momo, do you want some water? I can’t cook but I can pour you some water, tell me how much you need for you to acknowledge you are mine? I am very rich, I can give you everything.”

“Dummy, shut up.” He could ignore the whole world but not the small figure that was always playing her keyboard in front of him. A flush crept up his ears, he was afraid of infecting her but yet, he couldn’t resist the comfortable hug she was giving him.

He reached out and held onto her. It was enough for her to be beside him, this little mischievous elf. Unbeknownst to him, she suddenly left and never came back.

Qin Mo bit his teeth. Everything felt like a dream. He shook his head, clarity returning to his dark eyes. The pain was probably too intense as he could only divert his attention with such means.

He focused his gaze and then strode over towards Bo Jiu. He lowered himself, placing one knee on the floor. Reaching out, he carried her in his arms.

That was the scene Magician and the others saw when they boarded the boat. They were the bunch that knew Qin Mo best. The boss they knew had never been so tender before. No, it wasn’t just tenderness. It was the fear of inflicting any sort of harm on the person in his arms.

Qin Mo tilted his head very carefully, planting a soft kiss on her forehead. He had never knelt before, his entire being proud and upright. At this moment, he was defenseless.

The crowd watched his kiss. No one said anything as a million emotions poured into their hearts.

Qin Mo hugged onto Bo Jiu and turned to face them, his back slightly lowered. “Thank you.”

Thank you.

What he was thanking them for was clear. Thank you for pulling her up. Thank you for doing CPR. Thank you for helping her wear her mask.

The girl at the side covered her mouth, muttering softly, “We should be thanking her.”

A soft sentence the youngster couldn’t hear. But her fingers twitched slightly, grabbing onto the edge of Qin Mo’s clothes.

Qin Mo glanced down, glancing at the bloodied left hand. His voice was hoarse and tight. “I’m sorry I’m late, good girl, I’m going to bring you home.”

His words cut through their hearts.

They knew that Young Master almost ruined his arm while rushing over. Fortunately, the youngster was still…

The flame continued to burn.

The help continued and all twenty of them came up to the shore.

The little boy watched. As Qin Mo was about to leave, he ran over and stopped him. “Big Brother, this is for little brother. Once he wakes up and is hurting, you can give this to him!”

Qin Mo turned back towards the lollipop in his tiny hands.

The little boy was so afraid he couldn’t see it as he raised the lollipop above his head. He glanced at Qin Mo with a resolute and determined gaze.