Chapter 1068

That day, the Qin Family mansion was lit the entire night.

Qin Mo stood by her side the entire time. No one dared to convince him otherwise since it was the first time that he acted in such a manner. He clenched onto his left hand, suppressing the malice and turbulence within him. His clothes were still damp from the seawater and there were specks of blood on his bandaged arm.

But Qin Mo continued as if nothing mattered, helping the restless youngster wipe sweat off of her face.

It wasn’t a peaceful sleep. The youngster kept dreaming. She dreamt about the first time her pet had left her. Back then, her father had told her, “Jiu, you have to learn to accept it. As the Young Master of the Hacker world, you are meant to live a lonely life.”

Her second dream was about her willful life, back when she hadn’t had to take responsibility for anyone. She had lost the person that would lean on her shoulder, the person who loved to whine to her. The person who would protect her at all cost.

At the end, she dreamt that Hoshino was caught.

It was a chaotic memory of when she had been helpless…

“How did he get such a serious injury?” Madam Zhang asked the doctor softly, her heart aching for the youngster. She held onto a freshly made bowl of porridge, which she had prepared for her.

The Qin family’s doctor shook his head, walking out of the room. “Young Master Qin probably doesn’t want the news of the injury to spread or he would not have brought the youngster here. As for the reason behind the injury, Madam Zhang, it is best we avoid asking. Watch over Young Master Jiu, make him something plain when he wakes up and he will be fine but Young Master’s hand… It’s time to change his dressing.”

“Young Master Jiu has been helping him with it and with his current state, Young Master…” Madam Zhang sighed. “I will find an appropriate time to speak to him about it.”

“That’s the best we can do.”

With that, the Qin family’s private doctor walked towards Qin Mo. “Young Master, Young Master Jiu’s injuries are mostly superficial, without damage to the internal organs. Other than the expected concussion, everything remains normal. Young Master Jiu should wake up before tomorrow. You should take some rest before that.”

“I understand,” Qin Mo replied.

But the doctor wasn’t sure if he really understood. After he had tied up the loose ends, he left the room with Madam Zhang, giving the both of them their space.

Qin Mo stood beside the bedside, guarding her silently. After a while he sat down, his bandaged hand caressing the youngster’s face lightly until a ringing sound travelled through the air. He retracted his hand and answered the call. “Hello.”

“We still need some evidence to charge him.” Director Huang sunk into silence before adding, “The text messages alone only show that he had leaked information of the meeting which isn’t serious enough. I’m sorry.”

There wasn’t any change to Qin Mo’s flawless features.

Director Huang waited and wanted to continue but right at that moment, Qin Mo spoke, “I will call you back in five minutes.”

“Hello? Hello?” Director Huang glanced down at the dark screen before turning to the chaotic scene outside. He was going to pin all his hopes on Qin Mo.

After the call, Qin Mo dialed another number.Read more chapter on vipnovel

“What a surprise.” It was Rao Rong. Even until this day, his voice was silky smooth but difficult to ignore, the same as when he had commanded his team in matches.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze, his tone the same as always, and went straight to the point. “Is Wang Chuanlei the person who caused your father’s death?”

Rao Rong had never expected to hear that hated name of the person he had been suppressing the urge every single night to murder from someone else’s mouth.

This name, the hypocrisy behind the person made him feel disgusted.

Back then, Rao Rong had thought of reporting him to the authorities and there had been once when he had almost succeeded.

But someone had thrown his words back at him, accusing him of lying.

It hadn’t mattered that he was an Almighty in the esports world.

Those that couldn’t act pitiful didn’t seem to have a way out.

He had only been able to watch helplessly when the criminal had been released. To add salt to injury, the criminal had added, “Wake up, you will never be able to touch me.”

Back then, he had still been naive. He had assumed that with evidence, he would be able to fight for justice. He hadn’t been afraid of the powerful or the effort it took.

Those without morals had made him lose everything.

Criminals would always stay hidden behind a warm smile, putting on a pitiful act when the situation arose.

Rao Rong had missed out on his opportunity. The criminal had managed to strive higher and further, claiming his father’s credit. In the end, the criminal had managed to climb so high he could no longer avenge his father’s death.

Rao Rong knew the evidence on hand was enough to punish Wang Chuanlei a few times over. But he could no longer believe anyone.

He still believed in the law but it was human nature which he had his doubts on.

“Pass me the evidence you have,” Qin Mo continued. “I will send him to prison.”

Rao Rong bolted upright. He pressed his palms against his forehead and chuckled. “Qin Mo, do you see yourself as a saint? Because you are not. Some people will never have morals, you might not necessarily succeed, so why should I believe you?”

“I studied psychology.” Qin Mo held his phone, remaining firm as usual. “I understand the selfishness better than you. We are trying to send Wang Chuanlei behind bars but there isn’t enough evidence at the moment. This time, it’s your call.”

Rao Rong stilled. After a moment, he finally spoke, “I remember there is an ongoing case about legal rights, I heard that the fans are still claiming the suspect’s innocence.”

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened. “In my eyes, all the accomplices aren’t fit to be humans, the noise they make doesn’t matter.”

Rao Rong laughed. “I’ll pass you the evidence, I want to testify in court and watch him to be sent to jail.”


Two comparable Almighties in the esports industry joined hands and this time, they were determined to right the wrongs.

Director Huang received a call from Qin Mo four minutes later.

“Rao Rong will be sending all the evidence he has tomorrow morning,” Qin Mo said faintly. “You will have to collect it personally. Uncle Rao has many students with a few of them in the crime squad, you will have to avoid all of them. We have to do this right, to compensate for the apology and glory that was robbed off him a year ago.”

Director Huang swallowed. “I understand.”

“There’s more.” Qin Mo’s eyes shifted. “How is the hostage I saved?”

Director Huang was reminded of her. “Don’t talk about it, she has been wreaking havoc, accusing us of abusing our power. She blames us for chasing Fan Jia, putting her in trouble. She was even asking for an apology from us and compensation for her mental stress.”

“Is that so? Compensation?” Qin Mo laughed coldly. He glanced towards the youngster and his eyes hardened. “Since she doesn’t have values, we should give her a good lesson. It’s wrong to help a suspect escape, especially when she knew all about it. We will stick to the normal legal procedures. Even if she is underaged, she can be sent to the girl’s home.”

Director Huang moved his hands, expressing his concerns. “Her mother has been waiting outside the entire time and her family background doesn’t seem that good, if we take the legal route, we might come off as bullying the poor.”

“Tell them I am glad to have such power to send those unrepentful people to prison.” Qin Mo laughed coldly. “Did they think being weak is an excuse they can use to escape the law? She should have admitted to her crimes she committed but instead she turned around to accuse others. This has nothing to do with her status and it doesn’t matter if she is young. Those that committed a crime have to be punished to stop them from sinking further which would end up affecting her mother.”

Director Huang straightened. “I know what I have to do, I start to think too much after being in position for such a long time. I’m going to allow the mother and daughter to meet first.”

With that, the call ended and Director Huang instructed his officers to bring in the mother, who had been waiting the entire night.

The mother hadn’t eaten the entire day and her hair was a mess. The moment she entered, she reached for her daughter’s hand. “Are you alright?”

The girl hated her mother’s unkempt appearance, her unwashed hair and clean makeup free face. But she had to put on a show, to act pitiful, and air her grievances.

Her mother was heartbroken, pulling her child into her arms. “They have already informed me, you have to be punished for this.”

“Punished?” The girl’s face immediately shifted. “What do I have to be punished for? Why do I have to be punished when I didn’t commit any crime?”

The mother watched her child, prepared to explain the situation.

“I understand, they must be abusing their powers,” the girl spat out angrily. “It’s all because you are poor; can’t you tidy yourself up before coming out? You are the reason they are looking down on us. Have you ever thought for my sake?”

Director Huang was standing behind the mother.

She had exhausted all her means, waiting outside the station the entire night. It was a disheartening sight.

He never expected the girl to make such a remark. Couldn’t she see the efforts her mother had put in?

“I’m not going to the Youth Detention Center, these people are always accusing others for their crimes, I should be free to help whoever I want to.” The girl smirked. “They are just trying to bully the disadvantaged. You aren’t retaliating because of your cowardice but I’m not like you.”

The mother watched her with disbelief.

That moment, another figure appeared before her. “Just half a year ago, your daughter supported a plagiarist, the original author’s mother is older than you. She waited outside the state court, completely clueless about the internet as she hugged onto her daughter’s ashes. The court case is still ongoing. Do you know why? Because there are many accomplices like your daughter out there.”