Chapter 1069 - Untitled

1069 Untitled

Because there are many accomplices like your daughter.

That last sentence sent a wave of shock through her.

She wasn’t well educated. In the past, she had blamed her poor education for her daughter to have ended up in such a state.

But she had seen the video of the victim’s mother.

She seemed to be of a similar background as her.

There were many people who were questioning her motives, blaming it on greed.

But they were both mothers. She understood. She wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing her poor daughter had been hurt but the perpetrators had yet to be punished.

That aside, she couldn’t believe her daughter would protect someone like the plagiarist. Even until this moment, she still maintained her stance even though everything was clear. She wanted to help anyone she yearned to, disregarding the facts. Disregarding the people that were hurt.

When had she instilled such values in her daughter?

The mother couldn’t understand. Perhaps, there would never be an explanation.

The daughter was still whining. “Mom, find someone and tell them we are victims of their abuse of power!”

The mother had a weak personality and would often give in to her daughter’s request. She reached out and covered her mouth, tears streaming down her face.

“Oh right, remember to wash your hair before finding people for help. I have told you a countless number of times, bring a bag when you go out and stop letting others think we are poor. How am I going to survive in school if they see you in such a state?”

As Director Huang could no longer watch their exchange, he walked out from the corner, his face stern and tight, his gaze deep and firm.

The girl froze, seemingly at a loss since she hadn’t expected anyone to be watching.

Her words had been recorded.

The crime squad members had been listening outside and were astounded by her behavior. They started to question society. Were they getting old and out of touch with the current social situation? Were children these days all so willful and selfish?

“You made use of your weakness to harm others and remain unrepentant. You are insulting both the victim and your mother.” Director Huang took another step forward. “Why did we arrest you? Let’s have a chat, disregarding my position. It’s simple: because you committed a crime. However, it’s your mindset that’s scary, you assume that being powerless gives you a fighting edge and that being poor means that you can steal. In your mind, it is alright to steal someone else’s boyfriend because you don’t have one or to utilize someone else’s name because they are famous. Thereafter, you use your weakness as a safety blanket, pretending to be kind. And when you are punished for your wrongdoings, you claim it is an abuse of power. Heh, child, a person has to have a conscience and it is obvious you don’t have one. Karma will always be waiting in line.” With that, Director Huang walked away.

The girl directed her anger towards her mother. Her words were getting more and more hurtful.

The mother watched her in a daze.

Many officers threw their earpiece away, not willing to hear anymore.

Director Huang wanted the mother and daughter to meet for her mother to feel better. But now it seemed that…

A person’s morals had nothing to do with their background and upbringing nor their financial status. It was linked to their heart. It wasn’t salvageable if it had already turned dark.

Sending her to the Youth Detention Center; Director Huang had never been firmer with any other decision.

At this moment, the doors of the crime squad team opened. Someone was here. It was the famous lawyer Mr Bai, who was employed by Bo Jiu. “My little employee called this morning, I heard that the crime squad would be busy tomorrow and thus have decided to brush up on my eloquence. I’ll take on the case tomorrow.”