Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Lord Jiu Started to Tease Almighty Qin Again

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“Wronged?” Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows and looked at that young man. That likeable face was too cunning, and he tapped his finger on her right hand. “Didn’t you just use this paw to push her hair behind her ear?”

Fu Jiu was still smiling as the raindrops dripped down from her hair onto her face. “That wasn’t flirting.”

Qin Mo took another look at her and told the driver to get the umbrella. He held it over the young man’s head and ignored the screams around them that were getting fiercer and fiercer. He sounded indifferent as he ordered, “Get in the car first.”

Fu Jiu knew he wasn’t angry anymore. She turned her head to look at Xue Yaoyao and opened the car door, indicating for her to go in.

Qin Mo frowned severely by her side, “This is the person you wanted to bring along?”

“Yup.” Fu Jiu pushed Xue Yaoyao’s back.

Xue Yaoyao felt an immense pressure.

His Highness Jiu never mentioned that he was going to play tennis with Almighty Qin!

And Almighty Qin was looking at her so coldly that it made her tremble. She wondered if she did anything improper.

“Why don’t you get in?” Fu Jiu laughed lightly, “Get in, I told Brother Mo I would bring a friend. He said yes.”

Xue Yaoyao swallowed with difficulty. She didn’t even dare to imagine what people would think when she entered this car.

The fact was, all the students around were already too dumbstruck to speak.

Almighty Qin’s arrival was already so shocking, and seeing that fat girl being so close to him and even getting into his car made them so jealous! They hated that girl’s guts!

That woman, what good things did she do in her previous life to deserve this?!

Xue Yaoyao’s head went numb, and she got into the back seat after a long period of deliberation.

Fu Jiu was about to follow her in when her collar was pulled from behind again.

It was Qin Mo. He had an umbrella in one hand, wearing a black glove especially made for holding an umbrella, while his other hand grabbed Fu Jiu. He looked like an ancient demon with his handsome and regal face. “Where are your manners. Girls go in the front, we men sit in the back.”

Fu Jiu was thinking, I am a woman too.

She just couldn’t say it verbally.

Her lips hooked up, and she opened the front door like a real gentleman.

Xue Yaoyao was now brave enough to walk ahead mostly because Qin Mo didn’t look as cold as before.

After the three of them had entered the car, the chaos outside was finally blocked off.

On rainy days like today, towels would be prepared in every top-level business limousine.

Qin Mo took a towel casually and threw it on the young man’s head, drying his hair with one free hand.

Xue Yaoyao was completely shocked to see this. She didn’t know how to react and she could only sit there frozen.

In fact, the driver had mixed feelings as well. After all, he saw his young master get out of the car and go into the rain for the very first time.

And he didn’t clean his hands after getting in; rather, the first thing he did was clean the young man’s head!

This… This was so not like the young neat freak that he usually was.

No, not right.

A drenched young man sat in his car. Shouldn’t he have kicked him out already?

Fu Jiu didn’t feel anything special. To make it easier for Qin Mo to dry her hair, she moved her head towards him. Her mouth still held a smile as she got closer to Qin Mo. “Brother Mo, did you wait long for me?”