Chapter 1070 - 1070 Delivering the Evidence

1070 Delivering the Evidence

Lawyer Bai declared it casually.

Director Huang choked, coughing once. “The crime squad’s budget is used to arrest criminals.” He indicated that they didn’t have excess funds to pay an expensive lawyer like Lawyer Bai.

“Director Huang, seems like you have misunderstood, I may love money a lot but I’m still willing to go pro bono for such cases because”, Lawyer Bai broke into a bright smile, “I like punishing scums.”

Director Huang: … You don’t have to train your eloquence; it would definitely be a sure win…

The sky started to darken.

Wang Chuan was preparing as well by destroying all the other evidence, removing his trace from others, and preparing to say the right things at the right time. These were all necessary preparations known within the circle.

But since he was being watched, he couldn’t act personally. At this state, those related to him had to protect him. Buying more time was the key to the outcome of the case because once the truth was out, all the other related cases would be pulled out for a review.

It must have been a long wait.

The members of the crime squad sat in their office with their instant noodles as they scoured for evidence. Every time they found something, they would break into radiant smiles, devouring the noodles. There wasn’t a more satisfactory feeling.

They had chosen this profession to experience a moment like this; to send criminals to prison. Punishing the wrongdoers and recovering the truth was the only way to keep the flame of hope burning.

In reality, both Rao Rong and the victim’s mother were the same because both had to send off a loved one. They held onto the hope, not allowing themselves to be defeated.

They persisted. Before the perpetrators received their due punishments, they would never be beaten down.

There were supporters beside the old mother but Rao Rong had been depending on himself for the past year.

Some claimed that he was no longer the same, that he was no longer the youngster who shot up to fame, hanging an arm around his teammates with a bright smile on his face.

And indeed, that sight of him could no longer be seen. All that was left was the empty shell of a body. He couldn’t rest without having avenged his father.

After waiting for an entire day, the crime squad members stretched lazily, heading out for a smoke break to clear their minds.

Rao Rong stood outside, wearing a black jacket that seemed rather worn out. Some of the members found it familiar and on closer inspection, they recognized it. It was the jacket their former leader used to wear out for operations.

Rao Rong stuffed a hand into his pocket, his face sharp but his eyes calm. “I’m here to deliver the evidence, it’s about Wang Chuanlei.”

The cigarette ashes fell, almost scalding the officer’s fingers.

It was happiness that came too easily. They had been prepared to spend the night looking through evidence that might not even be useful. Today, their worries could be laid to rest because of Rao Rong’s participation.

At 3am in the Qin family’s home, the youngster laid on the bed, her head tilted to the side and her pale lips twitching slightly. Sweat rolled down her head continuously as she struggled in her dream, the water seemingly trying to drown her.

Bo Jiu frowned, her eyes bolting open. She glanced around, trying to identify the location.