Chapter 1071 - 1071 Awake and at Peace

1071 Awake and at Peace

Due to her background, she would always be guarded when she woke up.

She felt a split pain pierce through her. Trying to clear her mind, she shook her head violently.

But before she could do anything, a cooling hand plastered onto her head, massaging her lightly. His voice was hoarse from guarding her the entire night. “Does your head hurt?”

Someone had once told her, if Young Master Qin could act tenderly, just his voice would be enough to capture one’s heart.

Bo Jiu faltered slightly under his seductive voice, her conscience gradually sinking back to her. When she finally realized where she was, she loosened up. “Brother Mo?”

“It’s me.” Qin Mo looked down, planting a kiss on her head. “Do you feel unwell?”

Bo Jiu reached out and pointed to her head, her exquisite features squeezed together in displeasure. In that instant, she looked very much like a naughty child vying for attention.

Qin Mo didn’t move from her head, massaging it softly. “It’s a concussion caused by the explosion. Sleep, you will feel better in the morning.”

“Mmh,” she replied, sinking back to sleep. Just like a child that behaved after receiving her treat. This time, she slept at ease as one hand holding onto Qin Mo’s shirt sleeve. Her fringe was matted down from the sweat but it did nothing to affect her handsome face.

More importantly, in just two more days, the Almighty would be hers. Thus, she didn’t care about minor obstacles like a concussion.

Bo Jiu believed the Almighty would take care of everything that she cared about.Read more chapter on vipnovel

As she had expected, even though Qin Mo didn’t leave her side, he had made arrangements. Everyone slogged for this one goal: to send the criminal to prison.

The older generation would always criticize the younger ones, believing that they were better. Their conditions were better but yet, they didn’t seem to have any morals. If it had happened in their time, the criminal wouldn’t even have had the chance of speaking.

The accomplice was the reason Wang Chuanlei believed he had a chance.

Had the plagiarist just plagiarized or had she also used it against the original author? This didn’t seem like a major factor.

But everything had to be released to the public.

Thus at 7am, the crime squad team arranged all the evidence in the files.

At 8am, there was a flame burning in their eyes even though they were exhausted over a night’s worth of work. This time, the team didn’t head to rest. Without prior discussion, they waited together for the result of the trial.Read more chapter on vipnovel

Rao Rong walked through the entrance of the state court. At the moment he entered, he saw many of the plagiarist’s accomplices complaining that their Almighty hadn’t done anything wrong.

Both trials were held side by side.

In front of Rao Rong was the victim’s mother. She continued on firmly as though she hadn’t heard the voices from around her. She believed justice would be served.

Rao Rong glanced at the accomplices around, walking through them. At that moment, his desire to win was stronger than ever.

Once, he had been suppressed by these accomplices. But this time, it would be different. He believed in Qin Mo. That person wouldn’t allow anyone to run scott-free.

He pushed the door open, entering against the light.

The judge and lawyer took their positions and once everything was in order, the judge knocked once, the thump echoing through the courtroom. “All rise. This court is now in session.”