Chapter 1072 - Untitled

1072 Untitled

The lawyers returned to their seats while Rao Rong stood there calmly.

Sometimes, the criminal wouldn’t admit his crimes even if it was brought to trial.

Wang Chuanlei was one of those, he would never admit to his charges before the ruling had been finalized.

Everyone involved knew what was happening.

Wang Chuanlei thought he stood a chance based on his past experience and his lawyer was well prepared with materials but none of it would turn out to be useful.

When Wang Chuanlei was asked about the text messages, his lawyer tried to pass it off. “He did leak details of the meeting but before we can confirm the receiver’s identity, he cannot be charged. The methods the evidence was acquired is also a cause for suspicion, I doubt it was done in a legal manner.”

Director Huang knew they would use that as a defense. After being in this field for such a long time, these were all common ways of defending.

The judge had a small discussion before giving a reply. “Crime Squad, do you have any more evidence?”

“Yes.” Rao Rong took large strides over, watching Wang Chuanlei. “A year ago, Wang Chuanlei stole someone else’s credit and caused the person’s death. He then used the glory to climb through the ranks. All the evidence is here in my hands.”

The moment Rao Rong appeared, Wang Chuanlei’s expression froze. He never thought to guard against Rao Rong since he had always been incompetent and useless in his eyes. Even if he did have anything, it wouldn’t have posed a threat since he hadn’t let anyone see the evidence from back then. There were people backing him and they didn’t believe in the evidence.

Unbeknownst to him, Rao Rong had been living like dirt for the past year. He was no longer the passionate and hot-blooded youngster. At this moment, he stood up to take back the glory from before. This time, no one would be able to stop him.

When their eyes met, Wang Chuanlei seemed to understand. The obvious hatred that was glowing in his eyes was affecting his entire being.

The judge instructed someone to send the evidence up. After the previous video footage had been exposed, everyone knew his father had been maligned. But no one could tell who the master perpetrator was.

“We need to look into the evidence.” It was to ensure fairness and integrity. Even though it was obvious, the ruling could only be given after the evidence was in order. They had to follow the standard procedure. No one could be sure what would happen.

Just as the judge was about to stop the trial until another day, a clear voice announced at the door, “There is other evidence.”

It was a youngster dressed in a maroon shirt. There was a dark earing on her ear, her exquisite features exposed to everyone. She smiled slightly; a hand stuffed into her pockets as she strolled forward. The sight was shocking to Rao Rong.

Bo Jiu.

Her head was still wrapped by a white bandage, looking very much like a sick beauty.

She didn’t look at anyone, her gaze focused on the judge. She raised her left hand, a thumb drive in her hands. She didn’t raise her voice and seemed unaffected by the surroundings. “Wang Chuanlei is involved in drug trafficking.”