Chapter 1073 - Untitled

1073 Untitled

It was a short sentence but Wang Chuanlei faltered. All his other crimes could be resolved because Rao Rong was the only one who knew whether or not he committed murder. While the evidence was being investigated, there would be sufficient time to build a cover up.

But everyone knew what drug trafficking meant.

Director Huang was the most affected. He turned aggressively towards the perfect looking man beside him. “I have to say, even though the both of you may be extremely hateful, you both come in very handy during critical moments like this.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply, turning to give him a look.

Lawyer Bai pushed his spectacles, walking over towards the youngster. He seemed to have known that his little employer would appear. But he hadn’t expected him to be in such a state; with a head injury.

Bo Jiu noticed Lawyer Bai’s look. How should she put it? She really was fine but there was still a minor concussion.

The Almighty couldn’t allow her to just come out and had personally wrapped the bandage around her head.

At that moment, the Almighty watched her like a parent watching their mischievous child. He had even instructed her to behave.

She had tried to object. “It is just a concussion, is there a need to tie on such a jarring bandage?

“Haven’t the novels you read taught you anything? Concussion may lead to amnesia.” He wouldn’t be the Almighty if he wasn’t such a tease. He would always find a way to throw her dark past on her.

As a tyrant boss, she had decided to give in to her little secretary. After all, it was necessary for her to ‘work’.

Now that she recalled the events, she wanted to retort, “You are the one with amnesia, not me.”

Lawyer Bai followed the youngster’s gaze and sort of guessed what had happened. His lips lifted into a smile as he walked towards the judge.

He officially started his offense. “All this while, the defendant has been denying the charges but he has never once clarified the reason he leaked the meeting. A leak of the confidential meeting is a failure itself to carry out his duty. Moreover, there is more evidence that shows he hasn’t just leaked private information but has also committed murder and trafficked drugs. We would like to appeal to the court to consider a death penalty.”

The moment the words death penalty came out of his mouth, Wang Chuanlei’s legs weakened and all the colors were stripped off his face.

More importantly, the information inside the thumb drive was clear and direct, pointing them towards the truth! There was no escape.

When the sentence was made, Rao Rong’s tightly fisted palms released.

But at this moment, the defendant’s lawyer retaliated. “Your father might have been a hero and might have been maligned but you joined a criminal syndicate. Even though you haven’t committed any hideous crimes, Rao Rong, you should also be sent to prison.”

Hearing these words, Bo Jiu tightened her grip. Lawyer Bai had more to say as well but Rao Rong had already removed his jacket and stretched out both his hands. He was wearing a white shirt, his back straight and upright. He accepted the suggestion to be sent to prison silently.

Director Huang was prepared to walk forward but Qin Mo reached out to block him.

Rao Rong glanced up, watching as the cuffs were fastened around his wrists. He broke into a laugh, clean but warm, as it was remembered from the team leader from before who had maneuvered his mouse expertly, taking his deserved glory. “I don’t regret it. When I am released, Qin Mo, I will be just like you, innocent and upright.”

Choosing such a method to avenge his father; he didn’t regret it…