Chapter 1074 - Untitled

1074 Untitled

From the very beginning, there was no turning back in life.

If those that had covered up for Wang Chuanlei had been able to act morally, Rao Rong wouldn’t have chosen such a method to end things.

But there were no ‘ifs’.

It was the end. He could finally have a good night’s sleep. He could finally set down his hatred and take a rest.

The moment they brushed past each other, Rao Rong paused slightly beside Bo Jiu and said in a voice that only the both of them could hear, “Thank you, Z.”

Z. Not Spade Z, but Z.

The smart Bo Jiu knew immediately that he had discovered her identity. Fan Jia might have tasked Rao Rong to enter the esports industry just to go after her and after several interactions, he must have detected something.

Bo Jiu remained silent while Rao Rong chuckled. “There is still one more case, let me now the outcome when it ends.”

After all the experiences he felt deeply for the other victim and thus was interested in the outcome. He was probably the only one who knew the reason. Right now, there was still a group who couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong.

There would be someone else walking down his path.

He had been through it; to be unheard despite the evidence on hand. He was young and could tolerate it but how could that mother press on?

Bo Jiu glanced up. Just as he was about to disappear, she replied, “Don’t worry.”



The metal door was shut.

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo exchanged glances. Without hesitation, she walked towards the side.

The lack of completeness made it a difficult case but fortunately, there was sufficient evidence.

Even so, the defendant’s lawyer continued on shamelessly by saying, “Before we jump to conclusions, can we be sure the plaintiff did not plagiarize? There are many similar plots out in the market, it doesn’t make sense to accuse the defendant as a plagiarist just because of a slight similarity.”

“Yes, it doesn’t make sense.”

“What if my Almighty plagiarized? She writes better than the original. I prefer my Almighty’s works.”

“They are too much, why are they so persistent? Isn’t it just a clash in the plot?”

“This is bullying.”

“Probably for the sake of money.”

The judge frowned at their comments, turning towards the victim’s mother.

The lawyer took advantage of the noise. “Moreover, at the start, my client wasn’t as popular as the plaintiff. Is the plaintiff making use of her popularity to bully my client?”

Regardless of how uneducated the victim’s mother might be, she still understood what he was implying. She glanced up.

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket. She reached for the broom beside her abruptly and swung it towards one of the fans that was hurling insults.

The girls who were still chatting froze from her actions.

Bo Jiu moved her left hand and knocked twice, not a hint of warmth in her eyes. “Go on, we’re listening.”

Director Huang glanced over to eye Qin Mo.

He was seemingly trying to say, “Please stop your person from acting like a gangster, this is the state court, what if someone uses it against her?”

Bo Jiu knew her limits. She raised her voice and asked Lawyer Bai, “Lawyer Bai, please explain in detail what plagiarism is.”