Chapter 1076 - 1076 Peace

1076 Peace

The 10 minutes were tumultuous as it was difficult for such cases to be ruled fairly. Moreover, there were so many people trying to cover up for her.

What was worse was that the defendant wasn’t even present. This caused the pressure being completely directed towards the victim’s mother. At this moment, however, she appeared calm and at ease.

After 10 minutes, the session resumed.

The victim’s mother gripped her hands tight, standing tall and upright as she waited for the ruling.

The judge started, “The defendant is charged for plagiarism.”

The mother didn’t break into a smile, instead, she covered her mouth. She suppressed the urge to cry. She glanced down at her bangle. “Daughter, did you hear him? You have gotten back what you deserve.”

There would be people complaining about the decision but at that moment, nothing mattered.

Perhaps they would never understand that they were not spreading kindness; they were spreading violence. But none of that mattered.

Bo Jiu watched the victim’s mother, seeing her shoulders tremble as she resisted the urge to break down. She returned the broom back to its position without another glance at the crowd.

The result of the crime was announced through the newspapers. The details weren’t released but the outcome made it clear.

Bo Jiu stood outside for a while, planning to smoke. But when she reached for her pockets, she realized she had promised the Almighty to quit smoking. Instead, she unwrapped a candy, placing it into her mouth.

She had tied up the loose ends. Now it was time to plan how she was going to kidnap the Almighty.

Qin Mo had assumed he would see a sly fox since her expression had betrayed her. But after his short conversation with Director Huang, the youngster was now rubbing both palms together.

“What are you up to now?” Qin Mo walked over, pulling her into his embrace as he scrutinized her head.

Bo Jiu was displeased with the bandage, convinced it had reduced her suaveness. She didn’t wish to lie, using another method to reply to him. “I’m thinking about the filming in America, it might take a few days.”

“You can ask about the schedule.” Qin Mo caressed the bandage around the youngster’s head, changing the topic casually. “Let’s go, it’s time to sleep.”

Bo Jiu was energized from her long sleep. “I just woke up. Shall we play ball?”

“I’m sleepy.” Qin Mo held onto her hand, walking forward as though there wasn’t anyone around, compatible as usual.

Bo Jiu loved watching the Almighty sleep; watching such heavenly features, no one would be bored.

Moreover, the Almighty was such a tyrant. He hugged onto her as though she was a bolster, not allowing her to go anywhere.

In the afternoon, Bo Jiu napped with the Almighty. She wanted to behave but Princess kept prancing in front of her, giving off frequent annoyed purrs.

After being taunted, Bo Jiu decided to take matters into her own hands, reaching out to grab Princess.

She was going to walk him.

As dusk approached, there were many people walking their dogs in the Courtyard. But walking cats?

Princess’s big face exploded in agitation!

If Bo Jiu hadn’t received Lin Feng’s call, Princess would have leaped forward to scratch her…