Chapter 1077 - 1077 Untitled

1077 Untitled

Bo Jiu was caught off guard when she answered the call. “Senior, what is it?”

“There is something I want to discuss.” Lin Feng didn’t sound the same as he usually did.

Bo Jiu paused, she held onto Princess and said, “Speak.”

“Yun Hu is leaving in less than half a month. He is in a discussion with Feng Yi right now, most probably about leaving the team.” Lin Feng took a puff on his cigarette.

Bo Jiu didn’t know where he was.

Lin Feng had been looking for Feng Yi when he had chanced upon their discussion. “That guy has quite a number of fans, there would be many who wouldn’t understand if he leaves just like that.” Lin Feng leaned against the wall and glanced down at his fingers. “Even if they understood, few would be able to accept it. Rather than waiting for the news to be reported by the media, it would be better if we did it ourselves.”

Bo Jiu paused, returning to the previous topic. “Leaving the team?”

“Yeah, he won’t be able to train as vigorously once he goes overseas. Besides, he has always wanted to pursue research.” Lin Feng’s voice remained calm. “I was the one who forced him into esports.”

Bo Jiu could sense his dampened mood. She hugged Princess and stroked him casually with her free hand. “Are you going to announce it?”

Princess was a cat of superior breeding and thus was clearly displeased with the treatment but his paws couldn’t reach the youngster.

Lin Feng chuckled. “We can hold a farewell party and invite the fans to join us.”Read more chapter on vipnovel

“Sure, you can dress as a girl.” Bo Jiu thought through it before giving a sincere reply.

The tease managed to cheer Lin Feng up slightly, his mouth twitched as he cursed, “F*ck.”

“There’s still an Asian Tournament that’s less than a month away.” In her heart, Supreme Alliance wouldn’t be the same once any member left.

Lin Feng tossed the cigarette into the bin, straightening up. “Feng Yi has discussed it with the organizers as Supreme Alliance is no longer able to fight against the foreign teams. Our country’s reputation is at stake for the Asian Tournament. With Captain’s hand situation and Yun Hu leaving the team, we might not even be able to defend against the weaker teams. We wouldn’t be able to win, hence, we suggested for Xiangnan to take our place. The organizers want both teams to be prepared and to decide again when it is time.”

This meant they were prepared to forfeit the competition.

Bo Jiu understood that Supreme Alliance wasn’t suited to continue. Just as Lin Feng had said, two of the stronger players could no longer participate.

The Asia Tournament wasn’t like the National League. Under the given circumstances, it was best to send out Xiangnan.

Feng Yi would never have made such a decision by himself; he must have consulted the Almighty beforehand.

Bo Jiu glanced down. It was every esports player’s dream to represent the country in battle. But they knew that the National League was probably their last. It would be a while before Supreme Alliance could rise up again.

“Alright, organize the farewell party.” The next time she glanced up, there was a smile in her eyes. “We have to make it grand even if he’s leaving.”