Chapter 1079 - Untitled

1079 Untitled

At this moment, Bo Jiu noticed the stares she was receiving. She decided to act more discreetly. Bo Jiu carried Princess and sat on the staircase. “Brother, let’s have a discussion.”

Who was your brother, you didn’t deserve to be a brother to us cats! I have my boundaries! Meow, meow! I don’t accept it!

Princess lifted his big face, prancing about and finding the walking game a rather fun activity since those giant dogs were all afraid of him. It wasn’t bad indeed.

Bo Jiu didn’t understand why a cat could act so arrogantly. He kept meowing with his lifted head, provoking the Samoyed.

The Samoyed, however, didn’t bother giving him a glance, ignoring him entirely. He was instead lowering his head to smell the bushes.

Without a choice, Princess turned back towards Bo Jiu with his lifted head as though flaunting his actions, frightening the dog.

Bo Jiu decided it was better to scroll through her Weibo since watching a cat’s mind battle was way too exhausting. After Bo Jiu had entered the account, the phone hung from the influx of messages.

Fortunately, it was easy to search for the official fan club account but she wasn’t sure if the account admin was still managing the account since it wasn’t like her WeChat, which could be turned on at all times.

Bo Jiu sent a question mark over. She assumed it would take a while.

However, a reply came almost instantly. “Ahh!! His Highness is alive!”

“Such enthusiasm, I don’t think you are Turtle,” Bo Jiu replied.

The person was clearly agitated. “His Highness, I’m her secretary, our GM is out.”

“Then you can pass on a message, I will be having a gathering at 5pm, at Huda. The other fan club presidents will also be present. If she cannot make it, get her to leave me a message.” Bo Jiu ate her lollipop as she typed the message, her arm leaning against the wall behind her lazily. She released a hand and scratched Princess’s chin. “Bro, come, let’s continue our conversation. Could you act as a cover at 5pm?”

Princess refused to reply, continuing his mind games.

Bo Jiu’s phone rang. She glanced down and saw three words. “I’ll be there.”

“Alright.” Once that was settled, Bo Jiu stood up and stuffed a hand into her pockets. Before she entered the gates, she scrutinized the area and the balcony.

Princess narrowed his eyes, his paws stretching out as though warning her to stay away from his nest. His nest was situated on the balcony.

Bo Jiu glanced down. After suppressing him, she walked up to the second floor.Read more chapter on vipnovel

Soft sun rays splashed into the room, casting a warm glow. The Almighty’s messy hair made him seem even more noble and elegant. The beauty of a century.

Bo Jiu walked over and after finding a spot, she turned, prepared to hop into the bed.

Right at that moment, an arm appeared, pulling her down.

Her had smashed onto his chest, drowning her senses with the familiar peppermint scent. “The officers from the Courtyard were praising your cat walking skill.”

Bo Jiu’s pupils faltered, moving towards the lit-up phone screen. “I never expected Brother Mo’s social network to be so wide.”

“We’re all from the same place, it is natural to be acquainted.” Qin Mo’s eyes were still shut, his voice hoarse. “They told me how interesting the little kid from my house was, walking a cat behind them. this came from an old general.”

Bo Jiu: … Little kid? Her?