Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Almighty Qin Is Really Nice to This “Little Brother”

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Hearing this, Qin Mo tilted his head, and his lips happened to touch the young man’s wet hair. His fingers paused instantly, and his lips felt itchy. Then, his voice cooled down. “Take the towel and dry yourself.”

After saying that, he went back to his laptop, put his headphones on, and continued on with his meeting, his face cold and arrogant.

Fu Jiu started drying her hair. She didn’t know what was up with Brother Mo again.

His emotions came and went randomly.

She hasn’t even started teasing him yet.

Seeing how he was in a meeting, Fu Jiu didn’t disturb him. She put the towel on top of her head and kept it there. She unwrapped a lollipop and put it in her mouth.

A minute went by like that, and Fu Jiu thought that the god had forgotten all about her already.

She looked up and the man next to her took the towel off her head. His dark eyebrows were still furrowed together, “You want to catch a cold?”

Fu Jiu laughed. “Brother Mo still cares for me!”

“Since you’re in front of your classmate, I won’t kick you out of the car. Go read some books if you have time.” One black earphone was still in Qin Mo’s ear as he looked down with a plain expression. His thin lips curled into a half smile. “Don’t rank at the bottom again.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Fu Jiu finally became quiet when her grades were brought up. She had the lollipop in her mouth the whole time and didn’t say a word. She was totally not in the mood to tease Qin Mo.

CEO Qin was happy about that, and he asked the driver to stop the car and get some drinks for her and her classmate.

After all, he was his sworn little brother. It would take time for ‘him’ to correct his bad habit of flirting, so he still needed to give ‘him’ some face in front of his classmate.

Those were big CEO Qin’s most honest thoughts.

When he saw the steam rise up and touch the fringes of ‘his’ silver hair as ‘he’ looked down to blow on ‘his’ hot drink, Qin Mo confirmed that his thoughts were indeed correct.

‘He’ was just like the cat he kept; ‘he’ would behave himself if he were given food.

Qin Mo crossed his legs and opened a business magazine. He subconsciously rubbed the top of the young man’s head with his left hand, and his lips curled up, looking very happy.

Fu Jiu turned to look at the god after being touched on the head. She then turned back to continue drinking. Drinking something hot on a cold rainy day was really nice.

Xue Yaoyao held her caramel macchiato. She clearly knew inside that she was basking in the glory of His Highness Jiu. She was really surprised that His Highness Jiu and Almighty Qin were this close.

Although she saw His Highness Jiu get into Almighty Qin’s car last time, nobody knew why. Everyone was thinking that maybe Almighty Qin wanted to teach His Highness Jiu a lesson.

After all, what His Highness Jiu had done was… cough , simply unbearable for Almighty Qin.

Plus, everyone at school knew that His Highness Jiu was a gay who had a crush on Almighty Qin.

Judging from their interactions, His Highness Jiu wasn’t the one initiating. On the contrary, Almighty Qin was being nice to him…

No, she shouldn’t be thinking like that!

Xue Yaoyao shook her head. They were just friends; it was just a friendship between two guys.

The driver’s hand slipped when he saw that, and he spilled the coffee that he was going to hand to his young master.

Qin Mo looked at him.

The driver said in a hurry, “Young Master, I will go get another one.”

“No need.” Qin Mo closed the magazine, and his profile was still pretty and beautiful. “I will drink his.”