Chapter 1081 - Peace

Chapter 1081 Peace

Lin Feng was pacing around outside Huda, his getup extremely striking. He wore a mask and cap, only allowing his eyes to be seen. Those that weren’t aware probably assumed he was a wanted criminal.

They didn’t have a choice because Supreme Alliance was the hottest team at the moment. The more well-known players such as Bo Jiu, Lin Feng, and Yun Hu could easily be recognized.

Once Bo Jiu appeared, Lin Feng started to feel depressed. His getup made him look deranged but when Bo Jiu wore his black mask and maroon t-shirt, she managed to look stunning.

“Let’s go,” Bo Jiu said, pushing the door in.

Lin Feng was thoroughly defeated in this aspect. He tidied himself and entered behind.

It was a rather impromptu meeting and they had only invited fan club presidents. Hence, it was a small crowd. One of them had even taken a high-speed train from the neighboring city.

They were thrilled since none of them had ever met their Almighties in such an intimate manner before. Just as the girl was about to socialize, she caught sight of the youngster.

The youngster wore a black mask, the same color as his ear studs, which emphasized the darkness of her eyes. She held a phone, heading towards their table, looking handsome and at ease.

The girl stared at his silver hair in a daze, completely blown away.

In contrast, Bo Jiu was oblivious, sitting down easily. She flipped through the menu and asked, “Since we’re all here, does anyone have anything they want to eat?” She didn’t waste time, going straight into ordering.

The girls were still in a daze. Big Spade was real!

“Almighty Lin isn’t here yet,” one of them spoke up softly.

Bo Jiu removed her mask, leaning her face on her hands. She turned and smiled. “He’s here but has to mentally prepare himself before heading over.”

The girl was the president of Uncle Yin’s fan club but was completely thrown off by the youngster’s smile.Read more chapter at vipnovel

The impact from Big Spade’s unshielded face was too great, they couldn’t seem to calm down. Moreover, they couldn’t stop their pumping hearts, the smiles splitting across their faces.

That was how Lin Feng felt as well since he had never met his fans in such a manner. But he had to meet them.

Lin Feng walked over, acting calm.

Finally, everyone had arrived and Bo Jiu started to order the dishes.

The girls weren’t in the mood to read the menu. Their whole attention was focused on Bo Jiu and Lin Feng. Some of the more agitated ones grabbed hold onto the people beside them. They were all here to meet their Almighties, so of course they were overwhelmed.

If Bo Jiu ordered, it would all be meat dishes but since there were girls here, she made sure to order two vegetable dishes and a bowl of fruit salad.

The girls couldn’t seem to calm themselves. One of them asked cautiously, “Big Spade, can I have a photo?”

Bo Jiu glanced over.

The excitement in her voice was unconcealable as she explained immediately, “I wouldn’t take your face, just a shot of our hands gathered together to tell others we are having a gathering.”