Chapter 1082 - Untitled

Chapter 1082 Untitled

“Alright.” Lin Feng placed his arms around Bo Jiu’s shoulders comfortably.

Bo Jiu didn’t object, glancing down with a faint smile.

The person in charge of taking the photo used a selfie-stick. She held the phone up high and when everyone reached two fingers out towards the middle, she took a photo with an aerial view.

One of them glanced down. Big Spade wore a black clutch ring on both fingers. The fans were going to go wild and that was exactly what happened. One of the fan club presidents uploaded the photo with the intention to flaunt the delicacies.

All of the fan club presidents posted the photos though. Thus, it didn’t take long for the photo to go viral.

“Gathering? Who are you having a gathering with?”

“I heard it is with Big Spade and Almighty Lin, it’s a pity I’m not in the city.”

“Ah, ah, ah, gathering?”

Some of the fans hadn’t understood the situation. They started to look for clues through the photo. “Big Spade and Almighty Lin are in this photo?”

“From the looks of this, doesn’t two of the fingers stand out from the rest?”

As expected, the black clutch rings appeared extremely striking.

“Aren’t these my Big Spade’s fingers?!”

“Ah! I’m going crazy, I want to be there as well!”

“A good friend told me they are eating right now and will sing karaoke afterwards. It would be good if she could be more elaborate on their plans, it’ll be best if she just did a livestream.”

The people on social media went wild. This day, everyone was agitated.

The girls that participated in the gathering were ecstatic until Lin Feng mentioned the two words farewell party.

The air went still. It was a silence completely unlike the excitement and heatedness from before. None of them had thoroughly immersed in their action but now it was all going to end and there wasn’t going to be a continuation. Perhaps there was something heavier.

Everyone knew that regardless of who left, Supreme Alliance would never be the same. Moreover, the person leaving was Yun Hu. Besides Hu, Almighty Qin was going overseas with Spade to treat his hand injury.

This meant Supreme Alliance would lose three members. They were falling apart. That was everyone’s first thought. It wasn’t a good feeling, especially for fangirls like them.

One particular fan club president was older than the others. When she had first gotten hooked with Supreme Alliance, she hadn’t dated and had still been a college student. For the first time, she realized that hard work would bring about change.

When they had first gotten to know Supreme Alliance, it was at their peak with Almighty Qin at the forefront leading the team. No one had been able to come close.

Back then, Almighty Lin and Almighty Yun had been considered two extremely outstanding rookies. Even though their skills hadn’t matured, they had held unlimited potential.

Thereafter, Supreme Alliance had gone into a slump like never before.

What hurt the most?

It was their helplessness.

But this very group had managed to walk through the darkest times and emerge victorious.

Just as the girls thought they could walk together for a long time, it was the end. They understood the short lifespan of an esports player since hand speed and age were essential to the sport. But they weren’t prepared for this day to come so quickly…