Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Untitled

Coco was in the midst of a livestream when he received the call. Once he heard their message, he immediately closed the livestream.

“What did you say? Lin Feng… is going to sing?” He bit down on his bunny ears. “I’m not participating, I reject the offer, I strongly oppose it.”

“Your rejection is futile. This is a team activity. We will meet near the club, you can come with Feng Shang.” After she hung up, she turned towards Lin Feng with a skeptical expression. “How awful is your singing for Coco to act in such a repulsed manner?”

Lin Feng leaned his shoulders on her. “It’s difficult to explain. You’ll experience my awesomeness in just a while.”

Bo Jiu: … Was singing badly something worth flaunting?

After the KTV, Bo Jiu realized his singing was the issue. He was completely off tune and his pitch would increase when it was supposed to be low. It was difficult even for Coco to bring the pitch back. Bo Jiu finally understood how torturous it was to hear a tone-deaf person sing.

It wasn’t a performance they could show their audience.

Bo Jiu reached out and caressed her brows, her fingers stilling on the guitar. “This can’t do.”

Lin Feng arched a brow. “I think it’s great. Didn’t you think I was doing great?”

“Out of the many lines you sang, there was only one sentence that matched.” Bo Jiu slung her guitar around her, smiling. “How did you manage to do that?”

Lin Feng didn’t reply, he was sure Little Spade would whack him with the guitar if he said another word.

Coco removed his earplugs, leaping over with his bunny. He started to curse instantly, “Little Spade, didn’t I warn you, we can’t allow him to sing!”

Bo Jiu glanced at them. “How’s your coordination?”

“Taekwondo black belt.” Lin Feng was best at martial arts that required footwork.

Bo Jiu sized him up. “Since you can’t sing, you can dance. Once you master the dance moves, you can try to lip sync.”

Lin Feng: … What the f*ck?

“What songs do youngsters like these days?” Bo Jiu scrolled through the song list.

Coco and Feng Shang eyed each other. “You are the youngster here.”

Bo Jiu paused, smiling. “Seems like it.”

The fans of Supreme Alliance were mostly her age, with students forming the bulk of their fanbase. They weren’t going to make the farewell any sadder than it was already going to be.

Bo Jiu scrolled through the top chart and listened to the top three songs before settling on the middle one. “This one.”

Coco, Lin Feng, and Feng Shang froze, their expression indescribable. “T-this song?”

“Yes, this song,” Bo Jiu replied firmly.

But the other three looked as if they were dead. It was all thanks to Weibo.

When Bo Jiu returned to the Qin family’s house, everything seemed peaceful. But it was too peaceful.

Bo Jiu entered the house. Just then, Madam Zhang walked out with a cup of tea, her jaw pointing towards her back. She whispered, “Young Master is in the study room.”

Bo Jiu turned, heading straight for the study room.

Inside the study room, Qin Mo was at the end of his call.

On the other end, Magician insisted on asking, “Boss, who exactly is Young Master Fu? He managed to save a ship full of people and even knew how to use his environment to reduce the impact of the explosion. Who exactly is he? Do you really like him? Or were you attracted to his capability and are trying to poach him into our team?”

There was a vague comment in the background. “Are you dumb? It is obvious that Boss likes him.”

“I just never expected Boss to be gay. If I had known he was gay, I would have been more cautious when I showered in camp. No, that’s not right, had I known about it earlier, I could have taken advantage of the situation since Boss is so handsome after all, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all.”

Qin Mo allowed them to fuss about for a while before asking, “Are you done?”

Three words. But it was enough to cause an impact.

“You just have to remember he protected his family, don’t reply to anything else even if Director Huang is the one who asks. There are some things I have to look into. I’m going to hang up, someone is coming in.”

Indeed, someone had come in. It was Bo Jiu. She was guilty but even then, she remained lazy and unaffected. “Brother Mo, have some tea.”

She seemed so obedient. Qin Mo swept a glance at the youngster’s face as he placed his phone on the table. He slouched against the wall, his left hand still wrapped by a bandage. “Even the wall-jumping intellectual needs a cat to divert attention?”

As always, the Almighty’s deadly tongue was a deadly weapon. How was she going to reply?

“What are you and Lin Feng up to?” Qin Mo tapped the screen. He must have read the message.

Bo Jiu sat up, her gaze deep like a young master even though she wasn’t seated properly. “We are going to hold a farewell party.”

Just the words farewell party was enough for Qin Mo to paint the picture. After half a minute, he asked, “When?”

Bo Jiu said, “Tomorrow.”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied.

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected it to go so smoothly.

The next second, Qin Mo added, “Use the main door next time, it wouldn’t be good to be seen climbing walls by the grandfathers in the Courtyard, right?”

Bo Jiu stilled, feeling depressed. Hadn’t they promised not to tell Brother Mo about it? Seemed like gossiping wasn’t limited to certain age groups.

“Come over.” Qin Mo watched her expression, a smile inching across his face.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, both hands supported by the table as she leaned over.

Qin Mo moved slightly, reaching his hands out to press his lips onto the youngster’s head. It was a sweet kiss.

Time stood still in that moment. The lights and the stars cast a warm glow that splashed into the study room. Everything seemed peaceful and tranquil. Their heartbeats drowned out their senses.

Even Madam Zhang, who had been spying, decided not to enter anymore.

The sky started to darken. They were both in the Qin family house but they were located in different rooms.

Ever since Bo Jiu stayed over, Qin Mo had an additional task: to read bedtime stories to a certain someone. Qin Mo always thought it was an activity that only little children enjoyed. But it was obvious that a certain someone’s mental age wasn’t all that mature.

Qin Mo reached out to clear the stray hair on her forehead, his gaze diming. The next moment, he walked out of the room and out to the Courtyard.

Very quickly, a military tank drove over. A loud swoosh was heard! Someone came down from upstairs.

That person wore a pair of spectacles. Even though he was wearing a white robe, such a devilish appearance couldn’t be associated with the holy profession. “Boss, this is a very odd timing to meet, those that aren’t aware would probably misunderstand and assume we have something to hide.”

Qin Mo glanced at him, a hand tucked into his pocket as he stood tall and firm. “Move aside if you want me to enter.”

The psychologist sized him up but couldn’t see anything from his aristocratic and handsome appearance. He slid over to the side, removed his pen, and reached for the stack of notes on his thighs.”

“Today we…” Just as he was about to start, Qin Mo cut him off. “That’s right, it’s important so I won’t tell you anything about her. You don’t have to try to hypnotize me since that would pose a certain amount of difficulty for you.”

The psychologist bit down on his teeth and kept his pen. Honestly, he really wanted to quit. Even counselling young soldiers was better than this. Why was he torturing himself for Young Master?

“What do you want to tell me?” The psychologist gave up – but not entirely since anything someone said was a representation of their mental state. But he would definitely be rejected. His boss had shown the same reaction every single time for the past few years.

Qin Mo lengthened his long legs. He seemed to have gotten used to the random psychological tests he threw once in a while.

“There is something I would like to hear your analysis on.”

The psychologist was about to write the words ‘nil’ but he bolted up the moment he heard Qin Mo’s words, almost losing the grip on the pen in his hand.

Qin Mo swept him a glance, reminding him faintly, “Keep up your professionalism, don’t let me see through your shock.”

The psychologist struggled to control his expression but the excitement was bursting through his voice. “What is it?”

“It’s a high school student’s point of view.”

The psychologist never would have expected that reply. Was this a joke? That wasn’t what he wanted to hear!

“What does it mean if a high school student enjoys listening to bedtime stories?” Qin Mo continued without a hint of emotion on his face.

The psychologist raised both palms upwards. “Isn’t it easy? It represents the lack of security and the inability to forget about their childhood. Such characters are complex, they aren’t naïve. Instead, they know everything but remain firm about keeping a spot in their heart pure and that spot may potentially be their childhood.”

“Which means a childhood sweetheart plays an important role in her heart?”

“Of course,” the psychologist declared easily.

Qin Mo remained silent, glancing out the window, his eyes deepening. His fringe fell downwards, shielding his expression. He had already made such an analysis. But when someone else provided the same analysis, he couldn’t help the frustration running through him. Qin Mo tugged his collar, sitting lazily, unlike his usual self but there wasn’t a hint of smile on his lips.

Which was why she always wanted to leave. And this time, she wouldn’t come back…