Chapter 1088 - Kiss

Chapter 1088: Kiss

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The expressions of the fans had completely changed. The students seated at the railings stood up. Some of the fans were so agitated they were at a loss, reaching out to pull the people beside them, while some of them took out their phones. Some covered their mouths in shock while recording the performance.

They were dazzling.

Other than the black scarf, Bo Jiu had something else fastened around her wrist. A shiny black bangle that everyone had, which amplified her handsomeness with every action.

As every stutterer would be able to sing perfectly, Feng Shang’s voice was perfectly unleashed. No one seemed to pay attention to Lin Feng when he went out of tune because their actions were in sync.

At this moment, Bo Jiu started to sing, “I only want to adore you, does this count as love? I don’t know either. I want to share my happy thoughts with you, I want to lend you my shoulders when you’re sad. This is the first time I’m nervous about somebody.”

They had modified the song. After a few lines, Bo Jiu tilted her head and paused with a devilish smile on her lips. Her silver hair splashed downwards as she formed a heart shape with her fingers before forming the number one.

Qin Mo stilled.

Feng Yi stood beside him, feeling an incoming headache. Couldn’t they give him a heads up for newly added movements! Was Little Spade trying to flaunt their CP? Fortunately, it wasn’t more than a short pause since they were dancing.

Once Bo Jiu was done with her part, she scooted over to the left.

Lin Feng came forward, reenacting the same heart movement. But unlike Bo Jiu’s style, his handsome boyish vibe was showing through as he sang.

The crowd sang along to the catchy tune. With their hands raised, they shook side to side, the atmosphere running wild.

“I really want to adore you. Only in a few weeks, I get upset because of your absence. There is a warm ray of light shining down. I can’t help but look forward to it, because of love.”

Countless numbers of colorful balloons burst out from the corners of the stage.

When it ended, the four of them heaved and panted, their chests pumped up high. They couldn’t seem to catch their breaths, their hair ruffled from the vigorous movement, their radiant smiles stretched wide across their faces.

There wasn’t any change to Bo Jiu’s cheekiness. She even seemed more devilish than before, reaching out to place Princess onto her shoulders when it ended.

Sweat trickled down her forehead, sliding down onto her chin. Her silver hair was soaked from the dance but it didn’t affect her aura.

The four of them eyed each other, speaking in unison, “Adore for all of you.” With that, they sunk into a deep bow.

In that second, the crowd went wild. It was a pity they didn’t debut as celebrities. They were fair and pure but carried unlimited potential.

How did it feel to hear their esports Almighties sing?

Along with their dashing slick dance moves, forming a heart with their hands was the most popular part of the show. Even if the heart might not be directed at them, it was enough to melt their hearts.

The atmosphere continued to blaze on endlessly.

Even Yun Hu found it unbelievable since he was well aware of Lin Feng’s singing ability.

The handsome face with a wide toothy grin walked towards him. In that instant, Yun Hu felt his heart speed up, his body heating up. A shock ran through him. He couldn’t resist it anymore, grabbing onto Lin Feng’s wrist.

Lin Feng was still trying to catch his breath when Yun Hu pulled him backstage. Backstage meant a temporary ground they set up. But even if it was only temporary, there was a door and a small changing room.

Lin Feng was completely caught off guard as Yun Hu pushed him against the wall.

“Are you dumb?” Yun Hu asked, his voice low and dangerous.

What the f*ck?

Lin Feng could feel the frustration brewing. He knew how bad his singing skill was but was there a need to insult him in such a manner?

“Wearing such clothes,” Yun Hu continued, “singing such songs.”

Lin Feng glared back at him. “Wait a minute, what’s wrong with my clothes? It’s not as though I’m barely clothed. Move aside.”

Yun Hu stood still. Lin Feng reached out to push him but was fastened to the wall. In the next second, a kiss came landing downwards.

No one could escape such a kiss. It was a possessive kiss that captured his entire body, threatening to swallow him whole. His thin lips were forced open as the tease came in strong and numbing.

Lin Feng’s mind went blank, just as anyone’s would in his situation. A buzzing sound radiated through his mind, sucking out his thoughts.

Their hurried breathes could be heard as everything was close here.

Yun Hu ended the kiss. He seemed to have gained back his sanity, hauling himself back from the sweetness. His head leaned down on Lin Feng’s shoulders. His voice was hoarse as he spoke, “I love you like crazy. Treat this kiss as a parting gift, for the very last time.”

Lin Feng was confused, only his swollen lips a sign of what had occurred.

Yun Hu straightened as the both of them were sinking into silence. It was probably because of the events from before. They hadn’t faded away and until this day, they still couldn’t talk it through.

The youngster witnessed the entire exchange.

They both seemed to freeze up, watching each other rigidly.

She had originally wanted to stand guard. The youngster glanced down at her watch, since it was about time, she knocked on the changing room’s wooden door even though she was already inside.

Lin Feng and Yun Hu stilled, turning towards the door.

When did Little Spade appear?! They weren’t sure if they should be perplexed or relieved.

Bo Jiu wasn’t going to be blamed for interfering since she needed to prepare for her crossdressing event.

Lin Feng glanced over at the youngster’s gaze and seemed to have understood her appearance. He opened his mouth, prepared to explain.

Bo Jiu was still hugging Princess. She leaned against the wall and smiled. “You could find a car instead since I wouldn’t be there to interfere.”

“Cough.” Lin Feng decided to remain silent, there was no explaining out of this.

Yun Hu stuffed his hand into his pocket, his voice calm. “It isn’t what you think, we were just playing around.”

Who played around by kissing?

Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Yun Hu walked over. “He is straight.”

Bo Jiu didn’t continue since they seemed to have changed.

Lin Feng laughed after Yun Hu’s explanation. “Yeah, we were just playing around.”

That voice was lower than before. He didn’t give Bo Jiu any chance to ask as he continued immediately, “Which female outfit are you going to wear?”

He was trying to change the topic. She glanced at the both of them and was sure something was wrong.

Yun Hu paused, seemingly doubting his words. “You’re going to wear a female outfit?”

“Mmh, I’m going to.” Bo Jiu walked forward to pull open the covered area. It was a black dress, long enough to cover her feet.

Lin Feng seemed to have seen this dress before but he couldn’t pinpoint where.

He wasn’t given enough time to think since Yun Hu interrupted his thoughts. “Does Captain know about this?”

“He doesn’t.” Bo Jiu smiled. “Senior Lin would have to wear it if I don’t.”

What logic was that? When did he agree to that? Yun Hu frowned, still deep in thought.

Lin Feng countered, “Don’t you dare make me wear that.”

“That’s why I’m wearing it.” Bo Jiu held the dress, her movements fluid. “A farewell has to be suave, doesn’t it?”

Lin Feng was confused. How was wearing a dress considered suave?

But that didn’t affect his support for Little Spade’s decision.

Since he missed the previous time, this time, he definitely had to catch a sight of Little Spade crossdressing.

“Alright, I’m going to change now. Almighty Yun and Almighty Lin, you can continue somewhere else.” Bo Jiu chuckled, successfully turning Lin Feng’s face tomato red.

Yun Hu fell silent. The both of them were leaving the changing room together.

Coco ran over, catching sight of the both of them. He arched a brow towards Lin Feng. “What happened to your lips?”

“Lips?” Lin Feng hurriedly found an excuse. “It should be from the spicy hotpot from just now.”

Coco hugged onto his bunny, muttering, “It wasn’t even this bright just now, does swollen lips have a delayed effect?”

Lin Feng couldn’t allow him to continue down that train of thought, hence, he cut him off. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m finding Little Spade, what is it? Has he changed? I’ve told the fans it would be a grand event!” Coco spoke with enthusiasm.

Lin Feng wiped his sweat with the successful diversion. “Little Spade is changing, he locked the doors from inside and wanted us to wait outside.”

“Alright, how do you think Captain will react? Hahaha, I really want to see it!”

Yun Hu turned towards the door. He didn’t tell the two naive guys in front that their captain had already seen Little Spade crossdressing.

But this time, Captain didn’t seem to be aware of the event…