Chapter 109 - Indirect Kissing?

Chapter 109: Indirect Kissing?

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Fu Jiu lifted her head up after being called. Her silver hair was still sticking up messily, looking like cat ears—handsomely cute.

The driver froze after hearing what Qin Mo had said. He was questioning if his ears had problems!

Their young master, that neat freak young master who treated everyone as germs, said that he was going to share a cup of coffee with another person.

If Madam and Boss got wind of this, they would look at Young Master multiple times in shock.

This was not his style!

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow, and she curled her lips nonchalantly. “Brother Mo, you want some now? I blew on it already, so it shouldn’t be hot anymore.”

This young man… The driver felt like his head was about to explode. Normal people shouldn’t answer like this.

Qin Mo didn’t say anything, and he pressed on Fu Jiu’s hand. Turning his head, he directly pressed his lips on the take-out cup. His emotionless and beautiful face looked even more handsome in the blurry steam, especially with that black suit on.

Fu Jiu was a naturally energetic pretty young man. Her school uniform collar rubbed against Qin Mo’s shoulder, and that picture was breathtakingly beautiful.

Xue Yaoyao only felt that two of the most handsome people under the heavens had gathered. It was a sight to behold..

Just that… Xue Yaoyao took a look through the rearview mirror with complicated feelings. Was she the only one who thought that drinking from the same cup was like indirect kissing?

“Bit too sweet,” Qin Mo talked while staying extremely close to Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu took another sip and licked the coffee off her lip. “Yeah, you are right. It must be the lollipop, it’s chocolate flavored.”

Qin Mo looked at the young man’s face and realized that they were so close to each other that he could even see the fine, tiny hairs on young man’s face. Those kissable pale lips were wet and seductive…

Qin Mo frowned and took his eyes back. Then, he tilted his head as his deep eyes looked out to the window. He looked up and met the driver’s eyes. Speaking in a low voice, he ordered, “Drive.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The driver believed that he needed to move on and drive. That was the first time he ever saw his young master so close to someone.

He never even treated his friends from the military compound that well.

Qin Mo knew clearly what the driver was thinking, but he didn’t need to explain that his friends and his little brother obviously received different treatments.

He was remarkably indulgent towards his little brother.

Even though sometimes, Qin Mo wished that he would keep his distance, so that he wouldn’t be flirting all the time.

Fu Jiu blinked and looked at this god. She held her chin with her left hand, and she laughed craftily.

Brother Mo can’t stand my flirting.

But, soon enough, Fu Jiu wasn’t that happy anymore.

Anyone who had been on a professional tennis court should know that the temperature there was perfectly adjusted. There would be people serving water and towels. One just needed to change into sportswear, put on professional knee pads, then the coach would let the person in. This protocol was followed to prevent people from suffering injuries or pulling a muscle…

Wearing knee pads was fine, but changing in the men’s fitting room was… Fu Jiu…

Qin Mo laughed coldly. “Schoolmate Xue, don’t you feel like a third wheel?

Fu Jiu: “…”

Xue Yaoyao: Almighty is so freaking scary when he is jealous!