Chapter 1090 - Untitled

Chapter 1090: Untitled

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Lin Feng was looking at her with a guarded expression. With the words he declared, Yun Hu couldn’t seem to tolerate it any longer, reaching out to caress his forehead.

Yun Hu was aware of how dense Lin Feng could be but had never expected it to go as low as it was right now. It had been so many times but he hadn’t caught on to anything. In reality, Lin Feng found her familiar but had never associated her with Bo Jiu since there were differences between her and the short-haired Bo Jiu.

Her long delicate fingers laid down on Princess’s head, her silky long hair spreading to the sides of her head. Her porcelain white shoulders peeked through. Bo Jiu had on very light makeup but yet, she was mesmerizing, looking very much like royalty.

Bo Jiu had definitely heard Lin Feng since she had been looking for him. Her lips lifted into a smile. “Sounds like you hate me.”

“I’m glad you could tell.” Lin Feng had always been straight forward. He stuffed his hands into his pockets looking suave and arrogant like a young master who met someone he disliked.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, walking forward mischievously.

Lin Feng started to protest, “Hey, don’t come so close, mind your distance!”

Bo Jiu paused, lowering herself slightly with Princess still in her arms. Her face was so beautiful it was stunning. She broke into an enigmatic smile. “Senior Lin, if you continue to hide, I’m going to tell Coco and the others of your kissing episode with Almighty Yun.”

As such, Lin Feng froze, his eyes widening in shock and disbelief. It was as though thunder had struck him.

How did it feel for thunder to strike someone? That was how he felt right now!

Lin Feng couldn’t seem to get a hold on himself. “Little-little-little…” He paused, cursing, “F*ck! How can it be you! This isn’t right! F*ck, f*ck!” He stuttered, a clear indication of his emotion.

He was clearly caught off guard. All this while, he had been warning Little Spade about a girl he suspected their captain to have feelings for and now, the girl turned out to be Little Spade!

This was embarrassing.

Bo Jiu straightened, the smile still on her face.

Many of the fans had turned over. It was probably because of Lin Feng’s reaction. They were all wondering who she was. Why was she hugging onto the cat Big Spade had been carrying?

Their confusion remained until she tilted her head, exposing the black diamond ear stud. Some of the fans froze, holding their thoughts. They reached out to cover their mouth in shock.

With such a huge commotion, Qin Mo would definitely be alerted.

Amidst the crowd, Bo Jiu stood tall and graceful in her black dress as she caressed Princess’s head. Her eyes were dark and mesmerizing, reflecting all the lights in the area.

Bo Jiu glanced up lightly. Their eyes collided.

She smiled, her hair lifting with the wind, the lights reflecting off the mole at the edge of her eyes.

In that instant, there was only one phrase that appeared in Qin Mo’s mind: Unknowingly, you raised a storm.