Chapter 1092 - Coming Clean

Chapter 1092: Coming Clean

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The situation started to be under control. Once it was about time, Feng Yi allowed the presidents to usher the fans out accordingly.

It wasn’t possible to stop Bo Jiu’s photos from being leaked. Under such circumstances, it was simply unavoidable. Moreover, the image of her crossdressing was simply startling.

Those that released the photos were Supreme Alliance’s true fans.

Some of them commented, “I once thought there wouldn’t be any other guy that could crossdress better than Lin Feng but after seeing Big Spade, I realized what it meant for the student to surpass his master. He is stunning! Ah!!!”

The photo went wild, going viral online. The fans made sure to mention and tag Lin Feng with each repost.

Gradually, the conversation steered from Spade Z crossdressing to Supreme Alliance being a team that challenged crossdressing the most. And every single time, the results were outstanding.

The other teams were also reposting photos of Spade Z crossdressing.

Over at Xiangnan, Zhao Sanpang asked, “F*ck! Little Spade, do you have a sister? If you do, send me her contact details now!”

Because of his one request, many other Almighties in the esports industry started virtually calling out to Bo Jiu, with goals to seek out her ‘sister’ as their girlfriend!

The commentary went wild.

“I have two goddesses now, one is Luoluo and the other is Big Spade!”

“My Goddess, oh no, my Almighty is stunning! There isn’t anything wrong with that!”

As the other party involved, Luoluo reacted, tagging Bo Jiu. “Where did you buy that dress? Hurry and introduce me to the shop, let’s shop together next time. You can wear whatever is shown in the photo, I’m sure no one would be able to tell you are a guy!”

A reply came through immediately, “My Almighty and Goddess are going to shop together!”

Feng Yi ignored the commotion since it was venturing towards a more understandable direction. If the media asked, he would be able to handle them easily. “It was a farewell party, Spade Z crossdressed to bid his farewell.”

He didn’t have to elaborate though. Some of the reporters were aware of Lin Feng crossdressing in the past and hence didn’t think much about Spade Z’s actions.

In reality, even the Supreme Alliance members didn’t think much about it.

Lin Feng was the prime example. He eyed Bo Jiu up and down, caressing his chin. Then he raised his arm and placed it over Bo Jiu’s shoulders. “I got to say, you are definitely better at crossdressing, I admit defeat, you can be the beauty of the team from now on. Your big brother gives up the title. With your looks, you deserve it.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow and was about to comment when a cold and hostile voice warned, “Are you tired of living?”

It wasn’t loud but yet, it radiated an intense pressure weighing down on him.

Lin Feng stiffened. Why didn’t anyone warn him that Captain was back!

Qin Mo had left to tend to some matters. He had to discuss the plans with Feng Yi. However, he hadn’t expected anyone to cause trouble in that short while he was gone.

Lin Feng felt a chill run through him. He swallowed visibly and hurriedly retracted his arm, appearing as though nothing happened.

Qin Mo walked over, grabbing onto the youngster’s hand naturally, his handsome face cold and aloof. “Let’s go.”

After the public kiss, the Supreme Alliance members understood the law of survival.

They tried not to look at Captain and Little Spade or the way they flaunted their love.

But… Their captain didn’t appear to be hiding anything, holding onto her hand so casually.

Coco and Feng Shang took a peek before retracting their gaze in unison, pretending as though they were looking at the sky.

Other than Xue Yaoyao, the entire team was sure their captain had turned gay.

Xue Yaoyao knew the entire truth. She rubbed her palms, a smile lifting her lips. Her Highness Jiu in female clothes could send them into such an excited state, if Coco and Feng Shang knew the truth of her gender, wouldn’t they be left in shock?

Qin Mo’s “let’s go” was meant for everyone because there was a team gathering after the farewell event. Now that they had made things official, there wasn’t anything more to consider.

Even though their captain hadn’t seemed to have bothered before, at least it hadn’t been as extreme as it was right now. It was probably because Little Spade was crossdressing.

They sat side by side, an unexplainable intimacy. Qin Mo reached his hand out, placing it to the back of Boss Qin’s chair while he used the other hand to pour himself a glass of wine.

Lin Feng knew it wouldn’t be easy to speak to Little Spade, hence, he reached for his phone and went into WeChat.

“Honestly, you have been together for a while, haven’t you?”

Bo Jiu glanced down at the message, replying instantly with an emoticon of a soldier smoking breezily.

Lin Feng shook his head. “Public morals are degenerating with each passing day.”

Bo Jiu had more to say to establish herself as a beauty when the Almighty took her phone. She was caught off guard by this.

Lin Feng buried his head, trying to hide in his bowl as he continuously forced rice into his mouth.

Qin Mo glanced at the message she had sent and kept her phone, asking casually, “When did you chase me, why wasn’t I aware?”

Bo Jiu choked, replying seriously, “You must be extremely insensitive in such matters.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo placed his chopsticks down and turned to look at her. “Perhaps it’s because you have chased so many others before.”

Bo Jiu: … Was that meant to shut her up?

It seemed as if the Almighty’s mood wasn’t that good after scrolling through his Weibo. Was she thinking too much?

Qin Mo wasn’t in a bad mood but looking at a certain someone made him feel an odd sense of possessiveness and that included her secret, which he wasn’t willing to share with anyone else. But right now, she was dressed as a female.

At this moment, the Almighty didn’t wish to admit he was feeling jealous over the comments claiming they were willing to marry the youngster even though she was a guy. This person belonged to him.

Qin Mo felt his gaze deepening. When he turned, his voice was loud enough for the both of them. “Don’t you dare dress like this in public again.”

Bo Jiu finally understood. She chuckled, tugging on his arm beneath the table with a devilish smile. “Sure.” That was how you had to calm a jealous little secretary.

Qin Mo paused, glancing at her hands, she was definitely worthy of her nickname ‘little thug’.

The mood seemed to have lifted.

Coco took the chance to comment; “The silicon Lin Feng bought seems great, it looks very real. If I hadn’t known it was Little Spade, I would really mistake him for a girl.”

“It depends on the person.” Lin Feng chuckled. “Little Spade, why don’t you head to the toilet and remove all that silicon, it would give them a better idea of how it works.”

Xue Yaoyao felt a flush creep through her because she knew what they were referring to and was worried about the situation since there was another secret on Her Highness Jiu’s body.

Unexpectedly, Bo Jiu remained unaffected. She raised her left hand, holding her face as she smiled. “I didn’t wear it.”

“You didn’t?”

What did he mean?

Everyone reacted differently.

Qin Mo had the mildest reaction; he stilled slightly before resuming his nonchalance.

Xue Yaoyao seemed to understand what Her Highness Jiu was doing, her gaze wavering.

Feng Shang was the only one confused about the situation.

Yin Wuyao was about to light a cigarette when he turned towards Bo Jiu as she spoke.

Lin Feng’s gaze was lowered. He thought for a moment before understanding cleared his confusion. “You must have gotten yourself something better!”

Yun Hu watched from the side: He didn’t think that were Little Spade’s intentions.

“No,” Bo Jiu replied, her voice calm and with her unique clear tone. “I didn’t use anything.”

“What? You didn’t use anything…”

At this moment, Lin Feng and Coco finally understood what she meant, their chopsticks falling onto the ground!

They froze.

She didn’t use anything but why was that area so round? There was only one explanation… which was…

No, it couldn’t be!

But the next sentence went straight to the gist.

“Let me reintroduce myself, Spade Z, female, preference male,” Bo Jiu spoke clearly. “I had my reasons to keep it a secret but now that the National League is over, it is time to come clean. Due to family reasons, I had to act as a boy since I was young.”

With that, the entire dining room sunk into silence.

Yun Hu glanced up in disbelief.

The other three that dropped their chopsticks were beyond shock.

Coco and Feng Shang opened their mouths widely.

Lin Feng’s hand seemed to fossilize in midair. He was struck with two shocking pieces of news in just three short hours! Little Spade was a girl?! The brother that had wanted to turn a straight guy gay, pssh, no, that had wanted to turn a gay straight was actually a female?!

F*ck, f*ck! More importantly, he had been teaching him how to chase girls?! Even though he had never chased anyone before, wasn’t that what straight guys talked about!

That instant, Yin Wuyao seemed to have forgotten his desire to smoke. He couldn’t seem to believe it. The person who had woken him from his slumber, who had told him to fight a passionate battle, that youngster was a girl?

He had been one of the first persons to see her maneuvering, her agile and ever-changing movements; her frightening presence and her beautiful and invincible kills. Speed, tactic, thinking, ambush, and unpredictable and deadly moves. The FC king of Zone C.

Even until this moment, she still held an unbreakable record.

The player that had shaken the entire esports industry, changing how things were perceived was actually a girl!

It was unbelievable.

If the news were to be released, the esports world would go crazy!

Feng Shang was dumbfounded. His idol was a girl.

He always thought of Bo Jiu as manly, an idol that he looked forward to becoming. His idol was actually a girl!

“W-wait, wait a minute, I…” The hot weather seemed to be affecting Feng Shang, he seemed on the verge of a heat stroke.

Coco bit down on his bunny ears, he was reminded of the first time he had seen Spade Z. She had been so aloof and cold she had barely given him a second glance.

Back then, he had found her arrogant since he had been rather popular at that time!

And… he had always thought she was gay, the reason she kept pestering their Captain.

He finally understood. That was probably the reason Young Master Fu was rumored to like guys. Because she was a girl!

Coco couldn’t explain his current state of mind, he needed time to process the information since he had been trashed by a girl in Hero. That was an awful feeling. But he wasn’t the only one that had been trashed. If Zhao Sanpang and the others found out, they would definitely be startled!

Yun Hu reached out, with a wine glass in hand, tapping onto Bo Jiu’s wine glass. “You will always be Spade Z to us, regardless of your gender.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lin Feng slapped his thigh in agreement, reaching his arm over her shoulders unconsciously. But when he caught Qin Mo’s warning glance, he immediately straightened, his expression serious. “But Little Spade, I need time to digest this information since we really have to maintain a distance from now on.”

Yin Wuyao was the oldest there, he smiled, holding his wine glass high. “To the two girls in our team, it was really unexpected, Little Captain.”

It was an important toast.

Bo Jiu stood up, holding the wine glass in one hand, with a seriousness like never before, her eyes deep with intent. “I should be the one toasting, thank you for being the best teammates.”