Chapter 1094 - Untitled

Chapter 1094: Untitled

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As such, he would stop thinking of the impossible. Lin Feng pressed down on his fringe, a bittersweet smile on his face.

Yun Hu blamed the silence on the kiss from before while still thinking of ways to break the tension. Fortunately, there were still things to talk about.

“I never expected Little Spade to be a girl.” Yun Hu glanced back towards him.

Lin Feng knew how hard it was for him to talk about someone else. In reality, he didn’t have to bother since he had already gotten himself a boyfriend and was going to study abroad. He shouldn’t be feeling stressed over that kiss.

Just as Yun Hu had said, it had been the last time. Lin Feng had never been in a relationship but he knew that an official break was the best way to start afresh. Even though he wasn’t willing to admit it, the kiss was probably his break. From now on, they would only be brothers.

Lin Feng managed his emotions, glancing up with a more natural expression. “I never expected Little Spade to be the same person from the masquerade, makes me doubt my intelligence. Ah, I’m tempted to tell Zhao Sanpang and the others, they would definitely be shocked. I’m starting to doubt everything…”

Once they returned to their past relationship, there was an obvious shift to the mood in the car.

Yun Hu laughed. “I never expected much from a naive person.”

“Hey, what are you saying, are you itching for a fight!” Lin Feng reached out and locked his neck from the back.

They were both smiling brightly.

Lin Feng relaxed. Once he had thought it through, it wasn’t as complicated.

When they alighted, Lin Feng stumbled. Yun Hu supported him from in front, glancing over with his hands outstretched.

Lin Feng used the strength to stabilize, placing his hand over Yun Hu’s shoulders. “Let’s go.”

That was an action that was characteristic of Lin Feng. He loved placing his arm over his friend’s shoulders – it was a habit Yun Hu had tried to remove. He didn’t want him to be close to anyone else other than him.

Indeed, Lin Feng had changed. The characteristics of young masters from old Jiang City could all be seen in him.

He had believed his words, hanging his arms around only the closest of friends. But after he had seen him doing that with his photo, Lin Feng had never once hung his arm around him like he had done just now.

All this while, Yun Hu kept hoping he would return to the past, to stop avoiding his eyes, to not stiffen at the slightest approach.

He wanted to avoid that, which was the reason he found someone to act with him.

He was afraid of his wariness but at this moment he realized that he wasn’t most afraid of his wariness; he was afraid he would return to when they were just brothers. Brothers; that was all they could be.

The Courtyard remained the same. A mini tank display was placed in the middle with soldiers standing guard. Straight ahead was the Lin family’s house.

It was Yun Hu’s last chance to speak. “Actually…”

“Your phone is vibrating,” Lin Feng interrupted while he glanced over at his home. “Alright, I’ll head back first. You need to stop learning from Little Spade and Captain, flaunting your relationship to a single dog like me. Study hard abroad and come back when you have the time. Perhaps, the next time you are back, I have changed and might even have a girlfriend but there is something that will never change, I will probably still be as handsome as I am right now.”

Yun Hu watched the faint smile on his face, the words dying on his lips. “If you stop me, I wouldn’t go.”

He probably didn’t care if his relationship was real.

All good things must come to an end. He could even talk about girlfriends so easily.

Yun Hu glanced over at Lin Feng with only one word. “Okay.”

“Goodnight.” Lin Feng stuffed a hand into his pocket, turning to leave.

It never occurred to Yun Hu that this might be the last time he could see Lin Feng in the Courtyard.

Because the next day, the Lin family left.

Back then, his mom had said with a laugh, “It isn’t very loyal of him to not inform you of the Lin family’s decision, they probably won’t be going into politics anymore. Lin Feng seems to have grown up. They moved to a place near Lin enterprise. According to your Auntie Lin, Lin Feng intends to start from the bottom. I’m afraid the next time you see him will be the day you leave…”

Yun Hu wasn’t sure how he was feeling. He pushed open the windows. The opposite house was empty. Even the calculator on the window was gone.

He never knew it was this easy for someone to disappear.

Ever since he had been young, he had been used to seeing him from across the windows, seeing his figure wearing his shoelace as well as his ruffled hair and his dazed expression when their eyes had met.

He thought those habits could be cultivated overseas.

He was caught off guard.

He was so preoccupied over leaving that he wasn’t sure what had happened to the Lin family.

Yun Hu’s first reaction was to call Lin Feng. However, in that moment, it suddenly dawned on him that everything had changed. He had always assumed that person would be behind him every time he looked back.

He had made use of his weak resolve, believing he would follow behind regardless of how far he went.

The call went through and a voice could be heard from the other end. “Hello, Yun Hu? F*ck, this place is so hot, I’m out for work, what is it?”

“Hot?” Yun Hu asked. “Where are you, I’ll come get you.”

Lin Feng paused slightly before laughing. “Hey, I’m busy right now, I got to go, I…”

“Lin Feng, come over,” a voice came from the other end.

“Alright, I’m coming,” Lin Feng replied. Without another word, he ended the call.

Yun Hu heard the low and silk deep voice from the other end, his fingers stilling. He glanced down at the ended call, his expression like never before. He finally understood how it was like to be replaced.

Even if Lin Feng hid his identity to work in Lin Enterprise, it was a voice he was familiar with, it belonged to the Hunter in Lin Enterprise with the highest commercial value. That person probably wasn’t aware of Lin Feng’s background or he wouldn’t have used such a tone.

That tone made Yun Hu uneasy because everyone in the industry knew that person was interested in boys. Perhaps Lin Feng would never know the appeal he possessed.

Yun Hu didn’t wish to complicate things. Moreover, Lin Feng just went over; it was too soon for anything to happen. Besides, he wasn’t someone that would target his underlings. But even if he didn’t take action now, what about in the future?

It wasn’t just this one person. After he went abroad, everyone else stood a chance at coming close.

What if he managed to prevent it this time?

Even then, Yun Hu didn’t give up. But this time, the call ended before going through.

After about half an hour, a WeChat message came over. “I’m still busy”

He didn’t even bother adding punctuation.

Yun Hu understood him the best. That person had never gone against his wishes. If he was hot, he would use all means to find shade. But this time, it wasn’t the same.

Yun Hu didn’t call him again as he knew another call would be a hindrance. He had never expected the word hindrance to come between them.

That day, Yun Hu stood outside the Lin family’s house for an entire hour and thought through it a countless number of times. If he had made himself clear, would things have changed?

No one could be sure of the ending until the story actually ended.

The trees swayed with the wind, the scattered lights splashing onto his face.

At this moment, Bo Jiu woke up.

When she woke up, she realized she was still wearing the black dress and the Almighty’s jacket.

She pressed her forehead. Once her secret was out, she had fallen asleep the moment they had reached the car but why hadn’t the Almighty woken her up?

Bo Jiu’s long and slender legs lifted, a hand on her chin as she thought through a serious question. How did the Almighty explain to Madam Zhang when she saw her dressed in a dress?

“What are you thinking about now?” a silky and smooth voice asked from beside the door.

Qin Mo. He held a tray with white porridge, side dishes, and a crispy golden mantou.

Bo Jiu paused, smiling. “I wanted to ask if Madam Zhang saw me when Brother Mo carried me in last night.”

“No,” Qin Mo replied emotionlessly.

Bo Jiu relaxed instantly. “That’s good, I won’t need to explain.”

“Indeed.” Qin Mo sat by the bed, toyed with a strand of her hair, his lips lifted into an enigmatic smile. “But we bumped into my mom.”

Bo Jiu: …