Chapter 1097 - Untitled

Chapter 1097: Untitled

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The door closed and the automatic curtains dropped down.

Qin Mo leaned closer. The hand that wasn’t injured inched forward slowly while he continued the kiss. His hand then went beneath her clothes.

Her back was flattened on the bed. Her fingers moved up his shoulders. She couldn’t see his face because he was moving down. His kiss landed gently on her stretched neck. It was numb and a little itchy.

Bo Jiu’s body went limp. The spots where Qin Mo touched seemed to be burning.

The temperature of the room went up. The breathing beside her ear was messy and deep. This was a side of Qin Mo no one ever had the chance to see.

Lust tainted his aloof and handsome face. His eyes were deep. All the light seemed to have been shaken out of them. There was only one point he was focused on.

The silent resistance and the small amount of sweat on his forehead strengthened his manly aura. The messy black hair was pushed aside by a slender and fair hand.

Bo Jiu’s black hair spread out on the pure white bedsheet like black petal right beside Qin Mo’s hand. The skin beneath his hand felt like soft seaweed – it made him want to get closer to her.

Even Bo Jiu’s naked shoulders, which were exposed in the air, seemed to be tainted with a faint layer of lust. It seemed so light one touch was enough to scatter it, just like sand.

The clothes on her body had been pulled down to her waist. The stark contrast of pure black and pure white was a great stimulation.

The snow-white waist twisted uncontrollably in an enticing manner. It was like a beautiful demon from the devil realm.

She didn’t have an innocent aura but the pair of eyes, which had a clear distinction between black and white, gave her a pure vibe. It was a pureness that couldn’t be contaminated.

The mole beneath her eyes seemed to be glittering. It was positioned perfectly at the edge of her eyes.

Qin Mo moaned softly. He grabbed her wrist with one hand and moved his lips to the side of her ears.

Bo Jiu’s eyelashes trembled. She bit her lips lightly to prevent herself from making any noises.

It was still daytime. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if Auntie Zhang knew that she was doing this with the Almighty in the room. How would Auntie Zhang look at her?

However, her reaction stimulated the man even more.

From 9am to 11am, the sound of bed shaking never stopped.

Bo Jiu was so tired she had no energy left. Her slender legs didn’t seem to belong to her. Qin Mo carried up and placed her into the bathtub.

He massaged her waist as she soaked in the warm water. It was extremely comfortable.

The Almighty was half-naked. He wore a pair of black long pants and kneeled down on one knee beside the bathtub. If anyone saw him through the steam, they would only think of one phrase: a gentleman as pure as jade.

Bo Jiu was wrapped in a towel comfortably and carried up.

The two of them sat on the bed. Qin Mo leaned over and pointed at the phone screen. “Are you sure you want to eat this?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu felt a little lazy. “Will delivery affect its taste?”

Qin Mo smiled slightly. “Of course. Why don’t you ask Auntie Zhang to make food for you?”

“I still need to prepare myself mentally before facing Auntie Zhang.” Bo Jiu felt that the Almighty made things really difficult for her this time.

Auntie Zhang hadn’t come up although it was already mealtime. She must have heard the noise.

“How hungry are you?” Qin Mo put the phone down and took the clothes at the side. “Let’s go out and eat. It’s faster that way.”

Bo Jiu didn’t reject him. After dressing up, her silver hair was back. It was a little messy. There was a lump on her hair that looked like a cat’s ears. She couldn’t press it down.

In the end, she gave up. She sucked a lollipop and waited for the Almighty with one hand in her pocket.

She felt puzzled. She was the one pulling the Almighty along. Yet, when they reached the Courtyard, those old men all said this when they saw them, “Little Qin, are you bringing your young friend out for a walk again?”

“Where are you going this time? Do you need a lot of time? If you don’t need to, can your friend help to take a look at my phone? It isn’t working again.”

Qin Mo was always polite so he replied to all the old men obediently. He remembered to rub his young friend’s head too.

Both of them were very tall so they were pleasing to the eye. The old men liked to see the youngsters getting frustrated so they wanted to continue chatting with them.

In the end, Qin Mo said, “We still haven’t eaten. I’m bringing him out for a meal.”

“It’s so late already. This is your fault. How can you raise your younger brother like this? He is still growing up. Hurry up and have your meal.”

“Okay.” Qin Mo pulled the youngster, who looked as if she wanted to say something. He wrapped his hand around her wrist and walked out with huge strides. After walking for a certain distance, he asked without turning his head, “Little Brother, do you feel frustrated?”

The Almighty was definitely doing this on purpose.

Bo Jiu tapped his wrist. “That just shows that I’m young.”

Qin Mo smiled slightly.

He brought her to a noodle house.

Bo Jiu took up the chopsticks and started eating. She ate elegantly but it couldn’t hide the fact that she had a big appetite.

Qin Mo sat opposite her. Every time she finished two mouthfuls; he would place braised beef into her bowl.

Many people halted when they saw this scene. Everyone felt that this was like a scene out of a comic book. It might be because the two of them had outstanding looks; a handsome person and another one with a lazy aura.

The sun shone brightly.

Suddenly, Qin Mo said in a low voice, “Z, Little Nine, raise your head.”

Hearing this weird nickname, Bo Jiu moved his head.

Before she saw Qin Mo’s face, he stood up and placed one hand on the table. He placed his body weight on his hand and took the menu with the other. Then, he leaned forward slightly and landed a kiss on her lips.

Bo Jiu was stunned for a moment. She could only hear her heartbeat and smell a faint mint fragrance. It was pleasant and gentle. There was a tinge of meat smell too.

There were very few customers in the beef noodle shop.

The afternoon sunlight shone in.

She felt as though something slammed into her heart. It was beating quickly with no specific rhythm.

Qin Mo moved back and touched the edge of her lips. Then, he wiped her lips and smiled. “There’s something here.”

Bo Jiu felt that this wasn’t an excuse for the Almighty to kiss her in public. However, she couldn’t kiss him back. She raised her eyebrows and lowered her head to continue eating. Her heart was still pounding furiously. Her ears turned red uncontrollably.

She could only cough lightly.

This issue ended. However, some things couldn’t be forgotten so easily.

The most beautiful man in female clothes caused a huge commotion in the esports world.

Even Luoluo was stunned when she saw the photo. She touched her chin and asked the person sitting beside her, “Do you think Qin Mo already knew that Big Spade will look so good in female clothes? That was why he gave him the role.”

The person stood up and tilted to the side. He pressed the mouse that she was holding and closed the picture screen, entering the game page instantly. “Spend more time analyzing the tactics of this country. If we’re able to replace Supreme Alliance to take part in the competition, they’ll be the first team we meet.”

“But I heard that someone wants to let Supreme Alliance take part. We have to admit that they can bring many possibilities.” Luoluo turned around.

The person stood up straight. “They need to solve their current problem first. Without Yun Hu, Supreme Alliance isn’t complete. Qin Mo’s hand still hasn’t recovered too. Let’s focus on practicing. That is what we should do.”

“What if Supreme Alliance regroups?” Luoluo asked. “Who will be in the team?”

Captain Xiao glanced at her sideways. “Of course, it’ll be them. This is something they should do.”

Luoluo crossed her legs and stretched her back. “I’m afraid someone might not agree, for instance, the club.”

“Be careful of your image. You’re being regarded as a goddess. Don’t do actions like this.” Captain Xiao threw a coat to her as he spoke.

Luoluo was a natural beauty. As the saying goes, a beauty charms with her personality. No one was able to shift their gazes away from her smile and her actions. She pulled the coat and smiled gently. “Are you moved?”

Captain Xiao took off his spectacles and moved closer to Luoluo. His tone was indifferent as he said, “Do you remember what I said in the past?”

“You told me not to seduce you.” Luoluo let out a deep sigh. “I can’t control myself.”

Captain Xiao obviously didn’t want to reply to his team member.

Luoluo changed her position and placed her hands on her chin again. “Do you think Supreme Alliance will disband? I don’t believe it. They have been my opponents for such a long time.”

Captain Xiao didn’t say anything. He just stared at the computer screen. After some time, he opened his mouth. “No.”

This one word was enough to let Luoluo, who had been acting weird for the entire afternoon, smile. She believed her captain. Supreme Alliance would definitely come back. However, they needed time.

At 2pm, the weather was extremely warm. Many people said that noon was the hottest time of the day but that wasn’t the case. After an entire morning of sunlight, the temperature on the ground reached a peak at 2pm. This was the real hottest time of the day.

Lin Feng had never experienced this before. From a certain point of view, Yun Hu and he didn’t need to experience this at all. That was what he had thought last time too. Now, he finally understood that people needed to fulfill the responsibility of the position they held.

He had decided to start from the ground so that no one would look down on him when he took over the business. Lin Feng knew that after his grandfather passed away, there was no one to protect the Lin family anymore.

Some people had started changing sides. In addition, his father’s health wasn’t good so there were some things he needed to do.

Lin Feng pulled his tie and followed his superior into an outdoor bun shop. This was the only shop that sold food in the neighborhood.

He took a gulp of water and stuffed a bun into his mouth, feeling that his ability to adapt was amazing.

The person sitting opposite him was very clean. He didn’t move much and only occasionally ate some food. Most of the time, he was looking at documents.

Lin Feng wanted to be such a mature person in the future too.

“Tell me what you feel today.”

Lin Feng didn’t get nervous when he was called out. He explained his thoughts logically.

“Not bad. The internship period is over. You can continue to report to work tomorrow.”

Lin Feng was extremely happy when he heard this sentence. Then he looked up and saw a missed call on his phone.

He didn’t reply to the person. He had come here so that he could keep himself busy. That way, he wouldn’t have the time to think about some things.

Time would cause some things to fade.

Lin Feng knew that everything had changed after that night.

The young man seemed to like Yun Hu very much and the latter had said that he was trying to accept it too.

This was enough.

He would keep himself busy and then send the person overseas calmly. This was what he should do as a friend.

At night in a villa, a slender and tall figure stood beside the floor-to-ceiling window with a cup of hot coffee in his hand. He turned his body and typed on his computer.

This was the scene You Sixin saw when he walked in after he finished dealing with his businesses. An evil smile appeared on his face. “What are you all planning to do this time?”

Hoshino looked back at him and took a sip of his coffee. He smiled slowly. “This will be a huge one. I can’t tell you what the plan is currently. However, you said that you want some information, right? Z just sent the data over.”

You Sixin raised his eyebrows. He looked at the USB stick and knocked lightly on the door twice. “I tried to persuade you to be my assistant many times but you didn’t accept it. Yet, you’re willing to do anything for this person.”

“You’re doing mafia business.” Hoshino put his coffee cup down. His force of presence exploded. “I’m not interested in that.”

You Sixin couldn’t do anything even though he was angry. He took the USB stick and left the room.

However, the people around him still noticed his dark gaze.

Hoshino looked at the furious back view. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the computer screen.

He was anxious. Z would be going back to Fifth Avenue tomorrow. By right, he shouldn’t be worried. However, the things she did made it hard for him to not worry. Kidnapping Qin Mo. How on earth did she come up with this idea?

Hoshino shook his head. He remembered the first time he had met Bo Jiu. At that time, she had been sitting in a corner of the ward. She had only been around ten years old at that time, younger than him. She had walked in front of him and looked at him seriously. Then, she had said, “My mom is dead too. We shouldn’t sit here and do nothing. We must find the culprit.”

In the past, Hoshino had felt that Z hadn’t had any desires. They had never met often but every time he had seen her, he had been able to sense her loneliness.

Few things had peaked her interest. Qin Mo was an exception.

Hoshino’s fingers stopped for a moment. He drank some coffee, wanting to down his emotions with the drink.

He hoped that everything would be smooth for her after she went back to Fifth Avenue.

The next day, at Jiang City International Airport…