Chapter 1098 - Untitled

Chapter 1098: Untitled

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Qin Mo brought his little friend far away from home.

The old men were very excited. They followed them to the airport with their dragon head walking stick and even asked Bo Jiu what she was going to do overseas.

Bo Jiu thought for a moment. She couldn’t tell them that she was going overseas because she wanted to kidnap the Almighty, right? She pushed her sunglasses up and smiled at the old men gently. “I’m going there to become an international superstar.”

“Actor?” The old men looked at her in disapproval. Their expressions were stern. After they had retired, they had become a bunch of playful old men who stayed in the Courtyard all day.

“Why are you going into the acting industry when you can repair computers and walk the cat?”

Bo Jiu: … That made sense. She couldn’t refute them.

One of the old men knocked his dragon head walking stick on the ground energetically. “Old Wei, this young man doesn’t repair computers, he plays computer games.”

“I know. He’s good with computers. Isn’t it good to stay in the Courtyard? Someone can help to move our dripping guanyin too. My plant is starting to recognize this young man.”

Qin Mo stood there elegantly while holding his boarding pass. He smiled. “Grandfather Wei, you’re making fun of me again. You have enough people to help you move your dripping guanyin. Isn’t there someone standing in front of your door, waiting to take care of your plants for you?”

Old General Wei didn’t want to speak. He liked this young little boy, who walked the cats and gave him cigarettes. He wanted to let him do it.

Qin Mo saw through the old man’s thought. He maintained the smile on his face and held Bo Jiu’s wrist. His voice was calm. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring this fellow back so that he can secretly send you cigarettes again. However, you must take care of your health too. Don’t smoke too much.”

“Cough.” As an elder, Old General Wei had to maintain his dignity. “Go ahead. Always remember your identity when you’re overseas.”


This might be the reason why Qin Mo was so likable. He looked cold and arrogant but when he talked to elders, he would restrain himself and appear humble. He didn’t seem distant when interacting with them. On the contrary, he appeared very natural.

Bo Jiu stood at the side. Brother Mo, I’m the one bringing you overseas this time. You’re not the one guiding me. You’ll be shocked when you realize what’s happening.

She could almost imagine the Almighty’s stunned face. She smiled as she thought about this. However, the black mask covered her smile. From the side profile, you could see her sharp nose, which stood out even though it was covered.

These two conspicuous people walked through the security passage together and entered the boarding gates. They were the center of attraction all this while. After they went into the first-class cabin, a beautiful air stewardess passed them blankets.

Everything finally became quiet. Bo Jiu was a little sleepy. Thus, Qin Mo moved his shoulder over to let her lean on. He held her with one hand and typed messages with the other hand, looking like a noble.

When the air stewardesses walked past them, they couldn’t help but gossip about them.

After the last take-off announcement, Qin Mo turned off his phone.

The plane took off. Less than 14 hours later, it landed in New York City along the coast of the Atlantic. This city was known as the largest economic center of the world. It affected the finance, media, politics, entertainment, and fashion of the world directly.

When you drove along the main roads, you could see the famous Statue of Liberty.

This city was full of modernized European architecture. The roads were wide and straight. Limited edition convertibles and sports cars could be seen everywhere. There were many famous academies here too.

When Bo Jiu arrived, it was nighttime. A driver with white gloves came to fetch them specially. When he saw Qin Mo, he greeted, “Young Master.”

After seeing the Maserati parked at the side of the road, Bo Jiu was certain that the people welcoming them were from the An family’s overseas power.

If you looked at it this way, the Almighty was really God’s favored one. He was a descendent of the Qin family but he was also the only grandson of the An family.

No wonder the Almighty hadn’t moved when he had seen her using money to buy him in the past. It was frustrating when the person you wanted to chase was extremely wealthy.

Bo Jiu pulled the car door open and sat inside. Qin Mo sat beside her. The moment they entered the car, the phone rang.

It was Movie Queen An.

Movie Queen An had arrived two days earlier. Currently, she was removing her makeup on the shooting site. Her elegant actions couldn’t hide her happiness. “You mustn’t bring Jiu away. Do you understand?”

“I won’t. I’m bringing her over now.” Qin Mo remained indifferent. He listened for a while longer before hanging up.

From the way Bo Jiu opened the car door, the driver could tell that he had good manners and etiquettes. He opened his mouth and asked, “Young Master Jiu, have you come to New York before?”

“No,” Bo Jiu replied calmly. However, when she saw the familiar avenues, her gaze turned naughty.

When she saw two police cars driving past them, she smiled silently. The evil aura that belonged to Z could be felt from the smile.

The evil aura was covered up by the neon lights shining brightly around her.

The driver didn’t sense anything amiss. Instead, when he noticed the young man looking at the streets, he smiled and said, “Young Master Jiu, you’re looking at the famous Times Square. Can you see that biggest advertisement screen? Only the most famous international stars can appear on it. Every new year, more than 500,000 people will gather here and count down together. It is a grand celebration.”

Bo Jiu touched her nose when she heard this. She couldn’t tell the driver that she once had a fight with the Almighty here, right? That was the first time they had fought with each other.

There were many people dressed up as movie characters outside the opera house.

This was the place she had met her most frightening opponent. However, she couldn’t have known that the person who had almost ruined her reputation would become her most faithful pet.

Qin Mo had memories of this place too. His gaze deepened. He turned and said slowly, “I thought that most people will be shaken when they see this place.”

“I’m amazed too.” Bo Jiu stretched his back. “But I’m having jet lag. I can’t express my emotions clearly.” She leaned towards Qin Mo and laid on his long legs. Smiling gently, she said, “Let me sleep for a while.”

Qin Mo allowed the youngster to lay on his lap without saying anything.

On the other hand, the driver was shocked to see this scene. Fortunately, he had heard many pieces of news about his young master before they came. If not, he might have suspected whether this was really his young master.

The journey from the airport to the shooting site took around one and a half hours.

Bo Jiu grabbed his black backpack and jumped off the car. She was still wearing the black mask. The moon was reflected in her gaze, allowing her to complement her surroundings.

“Send me a message when you’re done. I’ll come and fetch you.” Qin Mo winded the car window down, revealing his handsome and elegant side profile.

Bo Jiu replied, “Okay.”

After that, she walked into the bustling star creation base.

At this moment, another figure appeared on the side of the sports car. The person stood beside the car and greeted, “Young Master.”

Qin Mo looked up and said, “Follow her. Reveal yourself only when you need to.”


The person didn’t make a single sound when he moved. You could tell that he had undergone professional training.

Qin Mo reached his hand out and closed the car window. If he wanted to know what she wanted to do, he needed to give her freedom first. If not, it would just run counter to his desire. After all, someone wouldn’t stay here obediently.

She would scratch you when you let your guards down. He knew this feeling clearly. It wasn’t painful but the feeling would linger.

Qin Mo knew that she must be thinking of how to start her plan now. He just had a hunch before this but after arriving at this place, her actions proved his hypothesis. She had something up her sleeves.

Qin Mo played with the silver-white cigarette lighter in his hand. He tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. Then, he said in a calm tone, “Go back to the old place first. I need more information about Z.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The black sports car with graceful lines drove up a huge bridge.

Meanwhile as Bo Jiu walked in the biggest star creation base, she felt that she might have to make some adjustments to her plan.

The reason was simple. She had taken into consideration the powers of the Qin family and An family but she had forgotten about the Almighty’s personal power.

He had almost caught her at this same location in the past. That meant that he had men stationed here.

Bo Jiu raised her head and looked up. When she saw something, her eyes lit up. She felt that she found a way to attract some people’s attention. She just needed the help of some modern technology and some magic skills.

Just as Bo Jiu was looking up and thinking about something, someone walked towards her with a black face.

The person seemed very unhappy as he hastened his way forward. He didn’t seem to realize that there was someone in front of him.

Maybe he did see Bo Jiu but when he noticed that it was a yellow-skinned person, he pushed her away forcefully without any hesitation and shouted, “Move away, you small little hindrance!”

He spoke in English. After all, he was a local. To be more precise, he was a local star.

This person had the standard features that would make him popular internationally. His biceps were firm and his chest muscles were well-developed. He was strong and could fight. At the same time, he was handsome. His lips were thin and his nose bridge was high. He was the typical handsome man.

He was one of the supporting male actors of this show.

Bo Jiu didn’t anticipate this so when the man pushed her, Bo Jiu titled her body agilely based on her subconscious response. Her gaze was cold and icy.

Since she wasn’t hurt, she wanted to carry her backpack and leave.

However, she suddenly heard a loud voice from the direction she was heading to. The person was shouting excitedly, “Jiu! Jiu!”

Bo Jiu looked up and raised her eyebrows. She placed one hand in her pocket and called, “Director.”

“Jiu, you’re finally here! That’s great!” Americans liked to hug people when they were happy. Even an internationally renowned director was like that.

The director kept patting her back forcefully. Bo Jiu felt a little pressured. “I’m glad to see you again. Where is Movie Queen An?”

“She’s filming the next scene. She’s still looking for the right emotion. She told me that you’ll be coming but I’m still pleasantly surprised.” The director sounded a little awkward when speaking Chinese but this level was already not bad.

All the busy working staff around them stopped what they were doing when they saw the director welcoming Bo Jiu warmly.

They looked at Bo Jiu.

Under the warm night light, a tall figure stood there with a lazy smile on his face. He placed one side into the pocket of his pants while revealing the black bracelet on his fair wrist. His silver hair, along with the shining black earrings, allowed him to look youthful, handsome, and devilish.

“Wow, that boy is really pretty.”

“That pair of black eyes is exactly like the easterners in my fantasy.”

“However, very few easterners will dye their hair in this color, right? Normally, they have black hair.”

“This suits the image of the mysterious hacker in the show.”

“I feel that he doesn’t really suit the role. He’s so skinny. Can he fight?”

“I’m not sure. I heard that the director went to all the countries in Asia in order to find a person for this role.”

“Isn’t it better to find one in Japan? They’re more obedient.”

Hearing the discussions, the male supporting actor opened his mouth. His voice wasn’t loud but everyone could hear him clearly. “The male actors from China are all weaklings. That’s something everyone knows. Once there’s a fighting scene, he will probably call for his substitute. You all must show him some mercy. Don’t frighten our eastern baby. He might get hurt.”

People started laughing when they heard the male actor’s words.

It could be meant as a joke but it made people uncomfortable.

Bo Jiu held her backpack with one hand and glanced towards the crowd.

The director was immersed in his happiness. He was also reminding his men to not make any mistakes so he didn’t notice anything.

On the other hand, the male supporting actor saw Bo Jiu looking at him and smiled arrogantly. From the movements of his lips, Bo Jiu could faintly make out what he was saying. Chinese pig. He was speaking English. After that, he turned and continued laughing loudly with the people around him.

Bo Jiu’s gaze turned dark and slowly became cold.

There was a weird phenomenon in this industry. Every actor or actress from China wanted to come here. This was the only way to prove that you were a superstar.

Some people made use of this thinking and used the Chinese actors and actresses to open their film to the Chinese movie market.

The logic was simple. Some Chinese actors and actresses said that they were acting in some blockbusters during their promotions. However, when the audience entered the movie theater, they realized that the actor or actress was just an extra in the show. They didn’t even have supporting roles.

When more cases like this happened, more people started to look down on Chinese actors and actresses.

Gradually, a saying appeared in this star creation base. “China actors and actresses are willing to act in any role. Even if you give them ugly makeup or ask them to run throughout the entire movie, they’re willing to do it. You will be able to earn Chinese people’s money through them. After all, our movies needed some eastern elements. The audience likes that.”