Chapter 11 - Fu Jiu Crashed Into Qin Mo’s Arms

Chapter 11: Fu Jiu Crashed Into Qin Mo’s Arms

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In the classroom, Fu Jiu’s thin lips slightly opened up as she lightly said two letters out loud, “K.O. 1 ”

She smiled slightly while stretching her wrist. She put down the upright textbook and went back to being that extremely regular and lame high school student again.

Nobody knew that she had just taken down a professional hacker!

In the middle of the third period, Fu Jiu was thinking about what to eat during her lunch break.

The school broadcast went on and out came an excited voice. “Everyone, in order to gather talents, your senior Qin Mo will come pay the school a visit on behalf of Qin Corporation…”

Before that person could even finish, all the students screamed out, “AHHHH!”

Qin Mo, a genuinely favored son of god, was born with a silver spoon. His family’s power spanned three provinces, and he dominated the gaming world.

He was usually mysterious, and he wouldn’t show his face even if he was at school.

He was either with the team or at the company. Young Master Qin had always been an existence that was too high to reach.

If people wanted to meet him in person, they needed to compete with tens of millions of fans to get the sense of being present during a live broadcast for some big gaming contest.

And now he was coming to the school for a visit?!

Happiness came so suddenly that all the students at No.1 Middle School couldn’t sit still anymore!

Only Fu Jiu stretched in her chair and thought to herself, It seems we won’t be having classes in the afternoon. I will have time for another two rounds of games to make another 500 RMB.

In order to welcome Qin Mo, the roads covered by the shadows of the trees were all cleaned up, and the school heads were all wearing suits.

After half an hour, three or four military Hummers drove in. They were all raven black in color and had a very low-key, streamlined design, but their luxuriousness could not be mistaken.

“AHH!” Another round of screaming swept through the entire campus, and all the students excitedly swarmed in the same direction like bees.

Bodyguards dressed in black formed a line, keeping the people at bay. The crowd stood on their toes and tried hard to witness the splendor of the god incarnate.

Only Fu Jiu stood in the middle of the crowd indifferently.

She originally thought that she could stay in the classroom and make some side money while the school heads went to welcome the guest, but she didn’t expect that they would order a full gathering of everyone.

Just like what Chen Xiaodong had said, the family power of Young Master Qin exceeded the Fu family’s by several levels.

After all, he grew up in a military compound, and his grandpa was one of the founders of the country.

In fact, Jiang City’s No.1 Middle School had never lacked rich people.

Huo Siyu, who used to bully people a lot, was one of them.

In her eyes, Fu Jiu was and always would be a bumpkin who could never win center stage.

Therefore, she hated Fu Jiu even more because of the incident wherein she had been hit.

Huo Siyu didn’t know why this person suddenly became difficult to deal with. She guessed that he had found himself a teacher and had learned techniques at home.

But today, all of that was not important.

She would force him to make a fool of himself in front of everyone!

Huo Siyu cast her eyes on the warning line ahead and looked at Fu Jiu who was playing with her cellphone in front of her. Secretly, she stepped back. When nobody was paying attention.


She pushed Fu Jiu out viciously!

Fu Jiu was still thinking about what parts to buy in the afternoon, and defenselessly, her body bent forward and crashed straight into someone’s arms…