Chapter 110 - Time to Get Changed

Chapter 110: Time to Get Changed

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It wasn’t convenient for Fu Jiu at all.

She paused for a moment with one hand in her pocket. Then she turned to look at Xue Yaoyao.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to get changed either, mainly because of her figure… She didn’t think that she could stuff herself into those clothes…

But Xue Yaoyao still underestimated the impact of the name “Qin Mo” in the three northern provinces. Any related industries in Jiang City would have money invested by the Qin Corporation.

Therefore, in here, they were treated like VIPs.

The receptionist, who was standing next to them, was quite good looking. He was wearing a professional suit, and he said to her, “Miss Xue, we already have your sportswear ready. This way please.”

After that receptionist finished, he respectfully bowed and left with her.

It was Xue Yaoyao’s first time being in such a place, and she couldn’t help feeling subdued, so she didn’t notice anything wrong with Fu Jiu.

Aside from the receptionist, there was only Fu Jiu and Qin Mo left in the beautifully decorated hall.

The men’s fitting room was not far from their left.

As Fu Jiu was still trying to figure out an excuse, Qin Mo already hooked his arm around her neck and dragged her into the fitting room. At the same time, he took the sportswear from the receptionist’s hands.

Big CEO Qin had a habit—he didn’t like people helping him at such places. Even if it was just getting changed, he still preferred that the receptionist wait outside.

Even though they were treated as VIPs, there was only one changing room.

Fu Jiu looked around right after walking in. Only the lockers could be a potential cover for her since the rest of the room was completely empty.

It wouldn’t even take three seconds before she exposed her true gender in this place.

In fact, Fu Jiu was already prepared to have physical contact when Qin Mo invited her to play tennis this morning, so she tied a layer of bandages around her chest and wore a pure white hurdle vest on top of that.

Even so, she still couldn’t take her clothes off in front of a god, right?

Fu Jiu held the black sportswear the man gave her, and her pretty eyebrows furrowed as her eyes deepened.

Qin Mo had given his windbreaker to the receptionist before they entered, so he only had his suit on now. As he was unbuttoning his shirt with one hand, he turned to look at Fu Jiu. His mouth curled up, making his handsomeness extremely clear. “What? You want me to help you undress?”

Fu Jiu knew that this god was looking for payback for what happened on their first gay meetup.

It looked like it was impossible to play her old tricks anymore. Almighty was now fundamentally different from before, when he still needed the help of a gay meetup guide.

The difference was, he now treated her as his little brother…

“Still not undressing?” Qin Mo pointed with his long finger and casually threw his shirt into the locker. He first took out a lighter and lit a cigarette. His perfect upper body could be seen in the rising smoke. The lines of his abs were lethally sexy, and he was only wearing a pair of handmade trousers—very delicate trousers, which made his legs look even longer. The black belt on his waist was loose and hung to one side, looking fatally sexy.

He smoked his cigarette and then looked towards Fu Jiu. He moved his finger and pulled Fu Jiu in again. His eyes were as cool as water, sounding domineering and manly as he said, “Don’t you want to flirt in the restroom again like last time? But you don’t have anyone to flirt with here, so don’t even think about it. If you still won’t start undressing, I will gladly help you.”