Chapter 1100 - Untitled

Chapter 1100: Untitled

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“I feel that we should look at the styling before we shoot,” the Chinese male actor said while looking at Bo Jiu meaningfully. “This character is very important. If he can’t portray the aura of the character, the audience won’t be happy. It might affect the box office and the ratings of the movie.”

Everyone was stunned when he mentioned the box office and ratings. As someone involved in movies, these two areas were of utmost importance.

The director looked high and low for this person. If his presence wasn’t powerful enough to portray the character, thus destroying the original work, a huge wave of boycott would occur. This was a scenario no one wanted to see.

Thus, from a certain point of view, the Chinese male actor was right. The styling was crucial. However, he didn’t jump up to say this because he worried about the movie. He just wanted to take revenge for what Bo Jiu did to him. On the other hand, he could use this chance to please Alan too. So why not?

The director understood the hidden intention behind his words too and frowned. He felt that since they were both Chinese, they should get along well. Instead, this was the actor that caused him to be in a dilemma.

All the other actors were watching them.

He wanted the director to take a step back.

The director wasn’t someone easy to bully. He squinted at the Chinese actor and opened his mouth. But before he could say anything, Bo Jiu walked to the assistant and asked in a youthful, pleasant, and alluring tone, “Where do I go for the styling?”

“Huh?” The assistant wanted to thank this sensible and thoughtful young man sincerely. If the director really got mad, the situation would get very awkward. It was fortunate that the youngster stepped just in time.

“Over here. This way please.” The assistant quickly lifted her hand and led the way.

Bo Jiu followed behind her

The stylist of this movie was very famous in his industry. Honestly, at the start, he didn’t have much expectation of Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu walked in. The stylist looked at the pair of pure black eyes. It was cold and mysterious.

He raised his eyebrows and asked the assistant, “What happened?”

“Maybe he’s getting into his character beforehand?” This was the only conclusion the assistant could give as the aura of the youngster had changed slightly. She couldn’t explain the vibe she gave off. It just felt mysterious.

The stylist started with the makeup first. When he touched the youngster’s face, he realized that he didn’t need any foundation cream. The young man’s skin was amazing. It was fair, smooth, and cool to touch. It reminded people of the porcelain from China.

Bo Jiu noticed that the stylist stopped moving so she looked up slightly. The mole at the corner of her eyes was revealed. “Is there something wrong?”

“Cough, nothing.” The stylist was stunned. He wouldn’t admit that he lost his senses when he looked at the youngster just now. There were many handsome people in this field but it was hard to find someone like him who had the aura of a vampire.

He was very fair and his eyes were extremely black. His eyelashes and nose bridge were perfect. And his lips in particular; they were very pale.

The stylist suddenly felt that he must do the makeup seriously.

Actually, there wasn’t much to be done. He used the eyeliner to draw on the upper eyelid and highlighted his T-zone. All of this was to allow his features to stand out even more. It had to be said that some kind of makeup really allowed people to look distant and cold.

When the stylist stood at the side and looked at his end product, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes. He couldn’t imagine what the youngster would look like after putting on his costume.

Meanwhile, the assistant was still waiting outside. She was a little agitated.

There was an online post mentioning that someone was going to act as this character. It was obvious that the response was bad. After all, there were a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.

The assistant knew that no matter who acted as this character, there would be unsatisfied opinions. However, if they looked for a famous actor, the objection might be smaller. For instance, now…

The assistant looked at the comments and rubbed her head. It hurt.

“They’re asking a Chinese actor to act in this role? Are you sure?”

“I feel that it’s alright to find a Chinese actor. The character did come from China. It was written clearly in the novel. Most importantly, I heard that this actor doesn’t have any acting skill and his presence is weak.”

“Weak presence? Oh my god! Don’t destroy my idol!”

“Honestly, I hope they change the actor.”

“It can’t be helped. I was prepared to go and watch the movie but now, my interest is gone.”

The comments online were all bad but this was normal because everyone had much anticipation for their idol.

As an assistant, she should remind the director about this. Hence, the assistant ran over and showed the director her phone.

“Someone leaked the information?” The director was very smart. He immediately sensed something amiss. After all, only few people knew that he invited Jiu to take this role.

The assistant lowered her voice and replied, “That’s not the main problem. We should be worried if the actor you found can pass the fundamental test.”

Alan was standing at the side. He could see the director’s unhappy face.

He glanced at his phone and smiled proudly. Then he looked at the Chinese actor. “Aren’t you afraid of getting scolded for dealing with someone from your hometown?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I didn’t do anything. I just let everyone know what is happening.” This male actor pretended to be innocent but he was actually a narrow-minded person.

However, Alan liked how he chose to stand on the stronger side based on the circumstances. This was how a Chinese pig should act.

The atmosphere was tense. The assistant kept raising her arm to look at the time.

There were a lot of staff members here. Only those people who were currently filming were at another location. Thus, most of the people were here, including a few main actors.

The assistant was worried that the final result was bad. If that happened, the director…

Before she could imagine what might happen, she was dumbstruck. The instant she looked up, the hand that was holding her phone stopped in mid-air too. Her mouth opened wide. Surprise could be seen all over her face.

As everyone followed her gaze, they saw a tall figure wearing a black trench coat entering their line of vision. Slowly, the youngster walked out from the dark. Her silver hair was mostly covered up by the hood from her coat and her face could only be seen faintly. It was handsome, cold, and had a tinge of devilish aura. She pulled the white t-shirt under the trench coat to the side.

The youngster didn’t get overwhelmed by the clothes. Instead, she wore them perfectly. The most important part was her eyes. They were so dark they looked mysterious.

The youngster was playing with the pure silver USB stick in her hand as she walked towards them. When she looked up, black feathers flew everywhere. Everything behind her had become a background. They seemed to have disappeared with a flick of the finger. Only the youngster could be seen.

For a split second, only gasps could be heard. One of the staff members was so excited she clutched her heart. Another one exclaimed in disbelief.

Some main actors didn’t express their emotions openly but the flabbergasted look on their faces revealed their thoughts. There was nothing wrong with this youngster’s style.

The assistant finally found her voice. “Director…”

“Hahaha!” The director wasn’t an outgoing person but after Bo Jiu came, he started laughing more. “Now you know why Jiu is the best candidate for this character!”

“He is really… Why is he so… Why is he so similar to the character?” The assistant was a fan of the original novel too. She walked around Bo Jiu and felt like her male idol had come alive. She wanted to reach out and touch him. Did anyone understand her feelings?!

The two people with the blackest faces were Alan and the Chinese male actor. Their expressions had changed totally.

Alan clenched his fist in anger. Poison seemed to be seeping out of his eyes.

The Chinese male actor felt a tight slap on his face. In China, he was given the title of an astonishingly handsome man. Now, when he stood beside the youngster, he was like nothing.

The director was still smiling while the other actors became friendly with Bo Jiu. “Hey, brother. I’m sure that your looks will change many people’s opinions about you.”

Bo Jiu smiled gently. “Thank you.”

“We looked forward to your acting.” It was another Chinese actor. He took out his hand and shook hands with Bo Jiu.

Many people felt that the face was the most important factor of a style but that wasn’t the case. People acknowledged Bo Jiu because of the mysterious and noble aura on her body as well as her eyes, which were full of emotions. She wasn’t just accepted because she looked good. She needed to have the ability to pull off her outfit too.

The acknowledgment made Alan furious.

He couldn’t bear it anymore. He walked forward and started teasing Bo Jiu openly, “Many Chinese actors just look good. They don’t have any acting skills but there’s still a bunch of fans chasing after them. Brother, let me tell you; that doesn’t work here. Actors should speak using their acting skills.”

Bo Jiu stopped playing with the USB stick. She suddenly smiled. “That’s rare. I agree with your view on this point. Actors should speak using their acting skills. They shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their race.”

Alan squinted.

The tense atmosphere caused the director to frown. “Alan, you need to calm down. You’re not in the right state to act with Jiu. I’ll make changes to the plan.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. If they really filmed the fighting scene, Alan might use the chance to take his revenge on the young man. The youngster wouldn’t be able to handle his punch.

But unexpectedly, the youngster, who was still wearing the faint smile on her face, said, “Don’t do that. Alan wants to let me see how he films a fighting scene. I want to let him see how Chinese actors like us film our fighting scenes too.”

The director’s expression froze.

My dear child, do you know that you’re looking for death? This was what the assistant seemed to be saying from her face.

The other actors wanted to persuade Bo Jiu against his decision as well.

Alan turned. He spoke immediately to prevent any changes from happening, “In that case, let’s start. Do you need time to remember your lines?”

“No need. I’m good at memorizing and understanding my language textbooks. The script is of a similar standard. As long as it’s not physics, I can memorize it.” Bo Jiu didn’t have a photographic memory like the Almighty but her memory was better than normal people. This was a skill all hackers had.

She had read through the script twice already. Thus, it wasn’t difficult for her to remember three lines.

The director was still worried. He raised his hand and wanted to stop Bo Jiu but she held his wrist. “You can test my acting skills too.”

The assistant: … This isn’t a test of your acting skills. You’re looking for death. Are all good-looking people stupid? Alan had such a huge grudge against you but you can’t see it. How can you survive in this industry? You’ll die without knowing why!

Bo Jiu didn’t need to guess to know what the people around her were thinking. However, her attention was all on Alan now. Her Highness Jiu was thinking about how she should beat him up so that she would feel satisfied.

The two of them stood at their filming positions.

The director didn’t want to film but his actors were already in position. Thus, he could only move behind the camera and start filming. He only hoped that Bo Jiu could dodge the attacks later and prevent himself from getting hurt. It had taken so much effort to find this actor after all. He couldn’t let him get injured before the official filming started.

However, from Alan’s anticipating look, he knew that things wouldn’t end so easily.

Everyone was afraid that Alan would cripple the youngster.

“Everyone, get ready.” As the director, this was the scene he didn’t want to film the most. “Action!”

The moment the word was spoken, Alan stopped controlling himself. His emotions gushed out faster than his fist. He ran towards the youngster with a hideous expression as he raised his right arm.

He acted so quickly the director didn’t even have the time to cut the scene. The assistant standing beside him turned her head sideways. She didn’t want to see her male idol getting beaten up, even if her male idol didn’t exist in real life. Thus, she looked away.

The next second, the youngster tilted her body and raised her right hand. Bo Jiu grabbed the arm that was aimed at her and pulled it forcefully. She gave an evil smile. The wind blew past her. She bent her knees and punched Alan’s stomach with all her might.

The most astonishing thing was, the youngster had one hand in her pocket when she was doing all these actions.

That meant that he only used one hand!

The black trench coat rolled up and the hood dropped. She looked vicious, handsome, and cool.

But that wasn’t all!

Alan wanted to dodge the attack. However, the youngster dragged his back. Bo Jiu used the wrist as a pivot point and threw Alan into the air. Alan somersaulted backward and flew out.


Alan was slammed on the ground. From the sound of his fall, it was definitely very painful. His expression confirmed this.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

The youngster in a black trench coat walked over casually. She looked down at the man on the ground, revealing only her chin. Then, she said her first line, “I really hate it when people want to hurt my face.”