Chapter 1103 - Untitled

Chapter 1103: Untitled

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Everyone from China and America went to comment on Alan’s post. They wanted to ask him one question.

Meanwhile, Alan was waiting for the second round of media interviews. However, before the interview, the media team suddenly changed their questions.

It was discussed that they would ask him how the other person schemed to let everyone discriminate against him and caused him to be kicked out of the movie set.

But the first question the host asked was, “Alan, I would like to ask this question for everyone. How do you feel now? Especially your face.”

What did he mean?

Alan thought that someone was worried about his injury so he replied, “Please don’t worry. The injury on my face isn’t very serious.”

Everyone turned silent. Then all the staff members started laughing, including the host that was interviewing him.

The laughter and the gazes caused Alan to furrow his eyebrows furiously. At this moment, his manager wanted to walk over with a phone in his hand. Yet, at this moment, Alan asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“Please look at this.” The host passed Alan the phone in his hand.

Alan’s eyes widened when he saw those comments. In the end, his breathing got unstable too. His face was red and white. He finally understood why those people were laughing. However, this understanding made him even more awkward.

He remembered that the camera was still filming him so he lifted his hand to block his face. Then he ran off like a mouse that lived in the dark.

This was not the only thing that happened. Through the video, the audience from China noticed another thing. They saw another Chinese actor in the video. All his words and actions were captured in the video.

“From today onwards, I won’t watch his dramas anymore!”

“Me too! Look at how he was currying favor with the American actor. He is bringing shame to our nation! But the most important reason is that he covered up the truth. I’m sure all of you have seen the post he wrote, right? I’m disgusted.”

“They’re both from China but I see a difference in them. Didn’t he feel guilty when posting that message?”

“He probably said that because he felt that people in China wouldn’t know what’s happening overseas. While the other person stood up for our country and even fought for our reputation, he framed him.”

The truth struck everyone like a violent storm.

At first, the male actor was happy because he felt that he had gained benefits and fame from this issue. But when he noticed that the direction wasn’t right, he deleted his post immediately. He had underestimated the power of the public though.

“Was the post deleted? There’s no use. It had already been screenshotted and made into a gif. It’s being shared among everyone.”

This was a huge embarrassment for him. There was nothing he could do. He took out his phone and called his manager. “You must pluck me out of this situation. I’m not the one in the wrong. Alan was the one who bullied the youngster. Is the public crazy? Why are they biting onto me? You must think of a way out for me. Spade Z must have some dark history. Dig it out and use it to divert the public’s attention.”

Most of the time, this was how the company would tackle the problem. The manager was hesitant but she still agreed to help. After all, this was what the company had hired her to do.

The manager pondered for around three minutes. Then she prepared to start her work. However, before she could do anything, another piece of huge news appeared on China’s websites. An international movie queen personally wrote a post to support Spade Z.

“Spade Z will never embarrass anyone even when he is overseas. I feel proud that he took action. The humiliation of our country cannot be forgiven. Some people gave a false account of the truth because their hearts are dirty. They can’t be saved.”

Movie Queen An rarely voiced her opinions online. She was the goddess of many movie fans. They were all attracted by her looks, acting skills, and personality.

She was always elegant and firm. Many people still remembered the first time she came to America. At that time, she had been asked to act in a small role for a movie.

This was how she had replied, “Before I came here, the producer team gave me the role of the second female lead. I’m sorry. I love acting and really want to introduce China’s culture to other people. However, please respect me too. If you just want to use my name to gain Chinese people’s money, I refuse to act. I need to be responsible to the audience.”

Obviously, she hadn’t gotten the role. However, she had performed exceptionally well for all the other characters she had gotten after that. Movie Queen An had gained the love of the Chinese people as well as the respect of Americans.

The crew had stopped taking a part for the whole and invited her sincerely. Even until today, Movie Queen An’s strong personality remained.

The manager knew that she couldn’t change the situation anymore. She needed to find a way to change the topic. Butt the news that came after this destroyed her plan.

The media company that published the article was an authorized company. There was a picture of an international star, Henry, smiling and putting his arm around a silver-haired youngster’s shoulder. He wrote the post personally even though it was written in Chinese. “I met a new brother recently. He’s really handsome and loves his country just like I do. He made me understand how amazing the young men in this big country are. Thus, we decided to become sworn brothers. Jiu taught me all these words. He even taught me Chinese Kungfu. Cool.”

The media gave the following comment, “An idol should be like this, bringing glory to their country.”

In that instant, the manager could see her artist’s ending. What kind of person had he been framing?

This person had the support of a movie queen and managed to become sworn brothers with Henry within one day. The actions he did brought honor to their country too. Her artist couldn’t stay here anymore because even if God came, he couldn’t protect her artist.

Alan was in the same situation too. It wasn’t the Chinese people who couldn’t accept him, the people from his country were the ones discriminating against him. They felt that he was despicable.

The actors from the filming set voiced their thoughts one by one.

Remember those people who didn’t believe that Spade Z would get invited to act in a movie because he was a non-professional actor?

This was a tight slap to their faces.

The netizens from China were about to end their comments for the day. Yet, someone screenshotted a few comments from Americans.

The comments went like this, “I can’t find any words to describe my feelings now. My idol seems to have come alive. When is the movie screening!”

“I can’t wait to see the movie. I hope that a preview can come out soon. The youngster looked so cool!”

“He’s really exactly like the character in the novel. As a fan of the original novel, I’d like to have more detailed information about this youngster. I want to understand him better. Did he act in any shows before this? I want to watch the dramas he acted in.”

“One of my friends in China said that he isn’t an actor.”

“He’s not an actor. Can you ask your Chinese friend if he has information about him? I really want to know!”

When the Chinese netizens saw the comments, they wanted to reply, “Ask your friend? Come to our Chinese websites! We did a background search already!”

Fans of Spade were in a daze. They were confused and proud at the same time. It would take a while for them to accept the fact that the youngster, who had always held a mouse and beat up wild beasts, had become a well-liked actor internationally. When they saw the news on Weibo, they felt like rolling on their beds. Only real fans would understand this feeling.

But there were still hate comments. “Doesn’t he play computer games? Why is he acting in a movie now? No wonder someone hosted a farewell party. He must be lacking money so he went to become an actor. Well, it’s understandable too. Why will a wealthy young master play computer games professionally?”

Supreme Alliance replied to such queries, “Spade Z is just making a guest appearance. He won’t act in any other shows after this.”

This statement was interesting. Guest appearance? As who’s guest?

There were some smart fans who made guesses.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to say but I don’t dare to. However, I must say it now!”

“If you don’t say it, I’ll ask you to shut your mouth!”

“Don’t you think that our Almighty Qin looks a little like Movie Queen An?”




“My friends, stop typing full stops! You’re making my heart tremble. Don’t you think they look alike?”


“Please type a word. Don’t use symbols!”

“Oh my god. Sister, my phone hung a little because of your words. I want to say that you’re right. I feel that they look alike too!”

“They’re not just alike. Look at their nose, mouth, and especially their eyes. Movie Queen An is of mixed blood, right? Almighty Qin is of mixed blood too!”

“What secrets did we just uncover!”

“Wait, does anyone of you know Movie Queen An’s age!”

“It’s hard to guess her age with her face!”

“Let’s use logic then. Is she Almighty Qin’s older sister? That’s impossible. Almighty Qin is the only child. Can she be his cousin? That seems more reliable. But the Qin family doesn’t have any relatives that have the surname An…”

“I remember that during an interview, Almighty Qin mentioned that his mother had the surname An.”

“Almighty Qin’s mother is Movie Queen An?!”

“So Big Spade did this guest appearance for Almighty Qin… Oh my god, why do I feel that it’s so sweet!”

“In terms of meeting the parents, I feel that Big Spade and Almighty Qin did it the best.”

“I decided to close my computer because of this public display of love.”

“The wife is meeting the mother-in-law.”

All the couple fans felt that this was too sweet. After all, they could sense how much Movie Queen An liked Big Spade from her words. Even the air was sweet.

At the same time, Young Master Qin, who was holding his phone and looking at his Weibo, was in a bad mood. His gaze landed on a photo. In the photo, the international superstar Henry had his arm around someone’s shoulder. The person still had an evil smile on her face but her smile was too beautiful. Qin Mo knocked his fingers on the table. Someone had forgotten that she shouldn’t be attracting people outside.