Chapter 1104 - Untitled

Chapter 1104: Untitled

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The driver and butler bent down and served tea.

The atmosphere here was entirely different from the Qin family. The tables and even the cutleries were all European style, including what the butler was wearing and the tea he served. Everything exuded a noble aura.

By right, the combination of Earl Grey tea and slightly sweet desserts would give someone a good mood.

The butler remembered that his young master didn’t hate the food and the drink. The butler stared at his young master’s side profile. For some reason, he felt a cold aura around his young master. Why was this the case?

Qin Mo put down his phone. He took the spoon with his uninjured hand and ate the food elegantly.

The butler wanted to leave when he heard Qin Mo speaking in a casual tone, “A little sour.”

“What?” The butler turned around.

Qin Mo took the napkin and wiped his lips. He placed one hand in his sleepwear and stood up. “The dessert is a little sour.”

After throwing this sentence out, Qin Mo walked up the stairs.

As a butler who gained many outstanding certificates, how could the dessert he made personally be sour!

The butler examined the dessert on the wooden table. He used his finger to take a bit of the desert and placed it in his mouth. It was sweet. How did he taste it as sour! What was wrong with young master today? Did he lose his sense of taste?

The butler didn’t have the habit of scrolling through Weibo so he didn’t know what was happening.

At the same time, in the shooting site, Movie Queen An finally filmed a scene with Bo Jiu.

People who filmed movies before would know that the filming wouldn’t follow the timeline of the movie. They would film the scene that suited the movie set and the environment.

The weather was good. With the help of the evening glow, they were able to clearly film the sunlight shining on a person’s hair.

Bo Jiu sat in front of a computer with the black trench coat but he didn’t wear the hood. His slender fingers were placed on the keyboard.

The actors watching at the side felt that this scene must be passed to the post-production team. After all, no one would be able to type so many letters and symbols within such a short period of time.

The camera turned on and everyone was dumbfounded.

The youngster’s finger flew over the keyboard. Only the lingering shadows of his fingers could be seen. Dialog boxes really appeared on the screen. Some words, which looked like a code, were being written on it.

“Cut! Amazing. This is absolutely amazing!”

The director’s happiness was obvious.

From this moment onwards, the crew understood one thing; the director didn’t choose the youngster just based on his looks. If they hadn’t known that this was at a filming site, they would’ve thought that the youngster was really in the process of hacking.

“Outstanding! Jiu, you really surprise me!”

Henry was the first person to rush over. Americans were all very enthusiastic. Thus, he wanted to give the young man a hug.

Bo Jiu tilted his body and evaded the hug. She smiled lightly. “Henry, do you still want to learn Chinese kung fu?”

“Of course.” Henry crossed his arms in front of his chest. He was indeed very handsome when he smiled.

Bo Jiu looked up. Her gaze landed on a certain point. She turned and said, “Do you see the person sitting along the wall wearing a black shirt? Before you learn kung fu, you must practice your observation skills and your reaction. I will go and change my attire first. You’ll be in charge of distracting him. After you pass this test, you will have fast feet.”

“That’s all?” Henry didn’t really believe it.

Bo Jiu pondered for a moment. She pretended to be serious as she took out a book from her bag. There were four words on it: Kung Fu Scripture.

“This book has been handed down by my family for many generations. Normally, I won’t tell anyone about this. But now, I’ll give it to you.” Bo Jiu shrugged. “Do you believe me now?”

Henry gave Bo Jiu a thumbs up. “Good brother. I’ll go for the test now. Once the test is over, we can start the training!”

“Go ahead.” Bo Jiu smiled. After Henry blocked the man in black’s view, she made use of the chance and dodged to the side. She stepped on the car and jumped over the wall. Her actions were swift and agile.

Henry didn’t know his main usage.

He walked over to his target and glared at him like a wolf. As an actor, he successfully locked his eyes with the man in black for three minutes.

Three minutes later, the man in black finally changed his position. Henry felt that he had passed his test. He wondered for a while and opened the kung fu scripture in his hand. Excuse me? These are all physics questions?!