Chapter 1105 - Untitled

Chapter 1105: Untitled

Henry’s expression changed many times. What happened to the trust between humans!

The person that was keeping an eye on Bo Jiu appeared. From his angle just now, he thought that Bo Jiu had entered the changing room.

In actual fact, however, the youngster had already crossed through all the small alleys as though she was playing parkour.

Bo Jiu moved very quickly. Since this was her territory, she was able to find the shortest path with closed eyes. In the end, she stopped on the most popular street in America; the Fifth Avenue. This place was filled with jewelry, leather, fashion, and makeup shops. Every year, millions of tourists were attracted to this place.

Bo Jiu slowed down and walked to a very old telephone booth. The telephone booth was situated in an alley. When Bo Jiu walked into the alley, a few black men, who were drawing graffiti on the wall, paused to look at her. Their gazes were mysterious.

Bo Jiu’s attire made them hesitant to act. However, they exchanged glances with each other.

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything. She held an electronic cigarette lighter in her hand. Then, she pushed against it and a clicking sound was heard.

She tilted her head and lit a cigarette. She spoke in pure English, “Brother, can you move aside?”

The black men were shocked when they saw the silver words flashing passed in front of their eyes. They took two steps back but didn’t leave.

They were in disbelief.

Did they see wrong? Why did they see that thing? But…

They looked up at the youngster. The back view really looked like that person.

“What should we do?”

“Continue painting!”

“And don’t care about him?”

“Didn’t you see the thing he’s holding? How can we do anything to him? Let’s just continue with what we’re doing.”

Bo Jiu entered the telephone booth peacefully. She pressed against its wall and placed a coin in the hole. Then she pressed a string of numbers that looked like a code.

The sound of a wall collapsing was heard. One side of the wall slowly moved to the side and a passageway was revealed.

Bo Jiu placed one hand in her pocket and turned to give an evil smile at the black men, who were secretly glancing at her. She said, “You’re right. I’m back.”

What the hell!

The fluctuations in their hearts were huge enough to lit up the entire world!

At the start, the black men were still suspicious of whether this person was the one who had beaten their teeth out of their mouths in the past.

Now, they were certain that this was that fellow!

However, as there was nothing they could do to him, they felt frustrated. They couldn’t win him in fighting anyway.

“We’re neighbors, just like in the past. Please take care of me.” Bo Jiu jumped over and waved her hand to bid farewell.

The black men outside wanted to scream. What do you mean by please take care of you!

Bo Jiu didn’t turn back. She walked up the stairs step by step. It was pitch black and there seemed to be no end to the darkness. Additionally, it looked like no one had been here.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. She pressed something on the wall and with a swoosh, the entire place lit up. As the light was a little glaring, she lifted her arm to block the light.

In that instant, the entire appearance of this place was revealed. There were two floors. The surface area of this place was very big. It looked like a living space but it didn’t seem like one too. There was a bed on the second floor but it looked as though it wasn’t used for sleeping. Instead it seemed like a place only used for resting.

This place was around 900 square meters.

There was something placed on the wide first floor but unfortunately, it was covered with black cloth.

Bo Jiu walked over casually. Then she smiled lightly and lifted her right hand. Swoosh!

When the white cloth was lifted, the smooth and beautiful outline of a car was revealed. The black color of the car made it looked unruly. It was a Lamborghini Murcielago, a limited-edition sports car. It could accelerate instantly and was famous for its cool-looking wings.

This place really wasn’t a place where people lived. It was Bo Jiu’s private car garage.

Beside the Murcielago, there were two other sports cars and one BMW Tomahawk. Bo Jiu stood in the middle. There was no sense of violation, she seemed to belong here.

“Little Blackie, I’m black. You should wake up now.” Bo Jiu’s tone was lazy and laid-back.

There was no one here, so whom was she talking to? However, there was a response to her voice.

Ding! A noise was heard; something was activated.

“Distinguishing the source of the voice. Progress 20%, progress 40%… 100%. Voice source confirmed. 90% compatibility. I’m sorry, activation has failed.”

90% compatibility?

Bo Jiu finally remembered that she changed her body.

“Change to manual password activation.”

Bo Jiu sighed helplessly. She used her finger to press on the car.

“Confirming password now. Please note that if the password is incorrect, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “I should have made you funnier. This reminder is too stiff.”

She moved her fingers as she spoke. After she entered the password, the lights on the car lit up immediately.

“Master, I didn’t expect you to come back alive. Why was your voice incompatible just now?”

This was a modified vehicle. Its components were all high-tech and thus the navigation system of the vehicle was different from normal vehicles too.

“I’m still wondering if I should let you drive me.”

Bo Jiu had already sat down in the driver’s seat. She held the steering wheel and gave a devilish smile. “Shall I activate your self-destruction password so that you can confirm my identity?”

The line on the navigation panel fluctuated. The vehicle replied sincerely, “Oh! Master, I really missed you when you were away. I was afraid that you won’t be able to eat well or sleep well outside. I was scared that you’ll feel cold or get hooked by some bitch. As a car, I’m really worried for you.”

“You’re good at pleasing people.” Bo Jiu tapped the steering wheel.

The line of the navigation panel jumped again. “This is one of my merits.”

“Okay, reset the voice identification.” Bo Jiu tapped a password into the navigation panel. “We’ll be recognizing my voice now.”

“Voice resetting is done.”

“I want to change the password too.”

“Even the password needs to be changed?”

“Of course.”

“Fine. What’s the password? Is it alright if you don’t put it as ‘stand up to masturbate’?”

“Of course. I’m well-educated now.”

“I’m looking forward to your education.”

“I like you, Qin Mo.”


“The voice password will be ‘I like you, Qin Mo’.”


Don’t think that intelligent systems aren’t educated. It was able to know what ‘like’ meant by searching on the internet!

“Oh, Master, you’re really…” No, it wasn’t going to say anything. The password was reset and the car was activated. The entire light in the garage was lit up, including all the secret doors. Normally, this was a scene that could only be seen in blockbuster movies.

Bo Jiu moved her hand and rode her car out of the garage with a beautiful drift. Who would expect such a beautiful sports car to drive out of an alley suddenly?

The black men placed their heads together. They confirmed, once again, that this was that fellow!

“Main family.” Bo Jiu only said these two words. The intelligent system confirmed her voice and came up with the entire route.

The car drove along the route. It passed through the ever-present buildings along the side of the road before moving towards the long bridge.

Due to the car speed and the car model, many people were attracted by it when it drove past. The car moved further and further away. It moved towards the eastern side. A forest started appearing in the surrounding. The car followed the path and moved up slowly. Besides the sunlight that shone through the air, only the castle in the forest could be seen.

The castle wasn’t big but it looked old. Rumor had it that a noble family had once lived in this castle. As time had gone by, the noble family had gone downhill. They had mortgaged the castle in the 19th century.

Many people said that this was a mysterious place. They said that the people who lived here were vampires. If not, there wouldn’t be so many roses twined around the outside of the castle. That aside, many people still wanted to go to the castle.

In the day, under the glare of the sunlight, the roses would bloom. There would always be an old butler who came out in the afternoon with a pocket watch in his hand. He would look at the time and then bring out a pot of earl grey tea to the courtyard. There would be exquisite desserts placed around it.

Yet no one dared to go close to him. This was because there would always be a bottle beside this food. Chopped hand or chopped leg could be seen soaking in the bottle.

That wasn’t all. The old butler would cut the desserts with a surgical knife and eat it slowly without any expressions on his face. That scene frightened many people who wanted to visit this castle.

When the old butler saw a child and wanted to give him a piece of sweet, the child would cry in fright.

The butler thought that nothing would change in his life.

It was time to go out again.

The doors of the castle opened.

The butler had white hair and was wearing a suit. He had a pair of gold-rim spectacles on his face. He looked at his pocket watch first before sprinkling some food for the white pigeons that landed in the courtyard.

Then, he turned and pushed a metal dining car out. He placed the items in the middle of the courtyard.

“Not bad… The weather is not bad.”

The old butler muttered to himself. He was used to speaking to himself. He squinted as he looked at the sunlight jumping on the flowers and bushes. Then, he took a sip of the tea before cutting his cake.

The white pigeons flew into the air. The sound of a car came closer.

The butler frowned and whispered, “Here they are again.”

He stood up and wanted to reject the tourists. However, when he saw the car, he froze on the spot.

The sunlight reflected in his eyes. His gaze shook violently.

The old butler had never been so astounded before. Most of the time, when other people saw him, they would find him stern.

However, now, his speed of walking was much faster than normal. He didn’t care that the teacups on the table had dropped on the ground. He just continued to walk out of the courtyard quickly and waited for the car door to open.

The car door opened just as he expected and a youngster came out.

Silver hair?

The old butler let go of the pocket watch in his hands. There was disappointment in his eyes. He wasn’t his young lord. He was thinking too much.

The next second, the youngster opened his mouth. “Grandfather Butler, are there sweets to eat during this time of the day?”

The old butler was flabbergasted and looked at the youngster again. This… this appearance?! Impossible.

He had been waiting for his young lord to come back for a long time but he knew that there was only a low possibility that his young lord was still alive.

If not, why hadn’t there been any information from him for so long? This person in front of him…