Chapter 1106 - Untitled

Chapter 1106: Untitled

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Bo Jiu went straight to the point. “This isn’t my body, Grandfather Butler. You are an expert in the medical world and only trust science but I don’t have an explanation. My memories, thoughts, and even the tear mole near my eye all reincarnated into this body.”

The old butler calmed down. “Have a seat first.”

Bo Jiu knew he wouldn’t believe her right away. “Little Blackie, help me out.”

“Yes.” The car lit up, the navigation coming to live. “I wonder which little vixen seduced Master’s soul, even the password was changed to my favorite husky tone. Grandfather Butler, you have to control her.”

Bo Jiu: … F*ck, that wasn’t what I was referring to!

The old butler had always been sharp and was already 70% convinced but he had to be cautious, particularly now that his young master had left as there were instances of people impersonating her. Hence…

“Stay for dinner?” He would be able to tell through dinner.

Bo Jiu caressed her temples, looking perplexed. “I can’t, Grandfather Butler, I have something to attend to. I know you aren’t convinced, how about this: I’ll try to shorten the convincing process. For instance, you have been taking care of me since young, you would give out candies to little children all the time and claimed that bringing me along while you gave out candies would make you seem friendlier and that you would feel like a failure when little children cry at the sight of you. I mean, it does seem like a failure.”

The old butler felt a vein popping on his forehead, his fingers tightening: If he had been holding a walking stick, he would definitely use it to hit her head! Unexpectedly, the youngster was still as hateful and lovable as before.

She immediately changed her tone. “Even then, deep in my heart, Grandfather Butler has always been the most kindhearted doctor.”

The butler: … Everyone should know where she got her ability, be flexible and take advantage of the situation.

He couldn’t hide his laughter, he kept his laughter and pretended to be serious. “Sucking up isn’t going to be useful.”

“I really can’t stay for dinner.” Bo Jiu chuckled cheekily. “Grandfather Butler, you already know I’m the real deal, you just want me to accompany you for dinner. Don’t worry, I’ll bring someone else along tomorrow night.”

The old butler was indeed convinced. “You reincarnated into someone else’s body?”

“Stop, Grandfather Butler, I’m not going to be your experiment.” Bo Jiu raised both hands, looking like a naughty young master. “But I need Grandfather Butler’s help to treat someone.”

The old butler was intrigued. “Young Master, shouldn’t you be explaining why it took you so long to return home?”

“Would you believe it was for a guy?” Bo Jiu chuckled.

The old butler caressed his temples. “How many times do you need reminding, Young Master, as a lady, you have to act more elegantly.”

“I elegantly proclaim that I’m going to kidnap him tomorrow.” Bo Jiu broke into a grin. “I need Grandfather Butler’s help.”

The old butler wasn’t dumb. “There aren’t many things Young Master can’t handle. Who is he?”

Bo Jiu caressed her nose. “Captain of the special forces, a criminal psychologist, the sole heir to the Qin Group, and a grandson to the An family.”

Layer over layer of relations.

The old butler was starting to get a headache. “Is it the An family I know of?”

“Yes, that An family.” Bo Jiu sat back on the chair. “Extremely wealthy, which is why I’m motivated.”

The old butler watched the desolate expression on her face. He turned his hand and declared, “Go kidnap him.”