Chapter 1109 - Untitled

Chapter 1109: Untitled

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Qin Mo felt as though there was a break in his thoughts, an obvious confusion in his eyes. Bo Jiu was definitely the only person in the world who could put him through such emotions.

He had assumed her schemes were to escape from his side. In the end… it had been to kidnap him home?

Qin Mo felt his head spin, the strength slipping away from his limbs. But even then, his eyes remained deep as the sea, his thoughts unreadable, the air around him unchanged.

Bo Jiu started feeling guilty as she muttered, “The drugs Grandfather Butler gave him doesn’t seem that good.”

In reality, it wasn’t bad at all but Qin Mo had undergone special training and had built up a resistance towards drugs.

Bo Jiu leaned forward. “Erm, Brother Mo, I’m sorry.”

Qin Mo glanced up at his head, his eyes narrowing. “You’re going to carry me out?”

“In just a little while,” Bo Jiu replied, she took another peak at his expression, afraid he hadn’t been drugged at all. But Qin Mo’s limbs seemed to have turned limp and his head seemed to be spinning.

Bo Jiu took the chance to carry him while coaxing, “Brother Mo, I know you care about your image so I won’t be dragging you out, I’ll hug you out.”

Qin Mo bit down on his teeth: … What was the difference?

The other patrons were wondering how such a youngster had so much strength.

Bo Jiu acted like a little kid that had gotten her treasure, planting kisses on his face.

The other patrons were confused. The man had come with a handcuff but in the end, he was kidnapped by the youngster. What sort of plot twist was this?

The communicating device hidden in Qin Mo’s ear vibrated. The voice wasn’t loud. “Young Master, what is it? Did something happen?”

When Qin Mo remained silent, the shadow guards glanced at each other, signaling the start of their mission. Just then, Young Master Jiu carried Young Master out of the cafe.

The shadow guards focused on them. What was happening? But Young Master hadn’t given them any signals, did that mean they were to stay put?

Bo Jiu remained in the dark as the guards guessed Qin Mo’s intentions. “Brother Mo, I know you will definitely be angry at me for kidnapping you.”

This was Young Master Jiu’s voice?

They turned to look at each other. There was obvious shock in their eyes. Young Master Jiu was kidnapping Young Master?

“I can’t help it even if you are angry, I wouldn’t have stood a chance in China.”

With that the shadows hidden in the alley appeared. But right at that moment, Qin Mo glanced up and they paused.

“Was Young Master looking at us just now?”

“Seems like it? Or was it not a sign?”

“A coincidence?”

“Why does it feel like Young Master is warning us against appearing?”

“Continue watching?”

“Mmh, what else can we do…”

Since Young Master had given them a signal. But Young Master was being kidnapped…

Before they came to a conclusion, the person inspecting the Lamborghini suddenly froze. The car lit up! Indeed, the car lit up.

Bo Jiu pressed the GPS and autopilot button on her car keys and the navigation lit up.

“Target locked, Master!”

The frozen figure was clearly startled. What did they just hear? The car spoke?! The world suddenly seemed so mythical…

The Lamborghini started up. With a swift movement and sharp turn, it bolted towards Bo Jiu’s direction and with a sharp break, it paused in front of the both of them.

Qin Mo was limp and weak but his mind remained sharp. He caught sight of the familiar car, the one that had been following him from the filming site.

Bo Jiu swept her guilt aside, declaring readily, “I like you, Qin Mo.”

When the car opened, Qin Mo arched a brow, glancing towards the youngster.

Bo Jiu caressed her nose. “Verbal password.” With that, Bo Jiu placed him inside.

Everyone was looking at the road and how Young Master Jiu dragged their Young Master over with much effort. There was an excited seriousness on her face.

Although the timing wasn’t right, they wanted to ask, was he that happy to kidnap their young master? Young Master Jiu must not know him very well. He was practically a tyrant.

Bo Jiu was more than aware. As she was afraid that he would act up, she decided to handcuff both his hands with the cuff he had used on her. “Brother Mo, I’ll remove it once we reach home.”

Qin Mo remained silent but he frowned.

Bo Jiu knew he wouldn’t be willing to acknowledge her. But in the end, he still spoke, “What did you use on me?”

“It’ll make you sleep. But, Brother Mo, you really are incredible, how can you still be awake?”

With that, she closed the car door, pulling open the driver seat. She calmed the moment she held the steering wheel.

The navigation perked up. “Master, someone’s following us.”

Bo Jiu glanced up at the rear mirror, using her left hand to turn the steering wheel. With a 180-degree reverse, she beautifully maneuvered the car out.

The hidden three cars felt inclined to give chase. They had never expected their young master to be kidnapped. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have happened. Hadn’t he sensed it at all?

Qin Mo, however, had known all along. When he had first entered the cafe, the youngster had been eyeing the coffee beside him as though she was pushing him to take a sip.

Qin Mo had wanted to know what exactly she was up to; it was the reason he had drunk the coffee. But even then, he hadn’t expected it was to kidnap him. Qin Mo broke into a subconscious grin. But he wasn’t going to let her find out.

He sat in the backseat, looking weak. And indeed, he felt faint. He raised his arm, pressing onto his temples. He knew Bo Jiu was still suspecting him and in order to put her at ease, Qin Mo decided to give in to the drug. He shut his eyes and leaned onto the window.

Indeed, he looked incredibly alluring at this moment. His handsome face was slightly pale, his hands secured by a handcuff, his dark hair falling across his forehead, the long lashes thick and seductive.

The navigation started up, “You are the little vixen my master found outside?”

Little Vixen? When he heard the two words, Qin Mo’s fingers twitched. He wanted to open his eyes but suppressed the urge since he still wanted to know what a certain someone was up to.

Seeing how there wasn’t any reaction, Bo Jiu was finally at ease. “The drugs finally worked, it wasn’t easy at all, all that’s left now… is to start the auto pilot mode and re-establish the route.”

“Master, it doesn’t seem that easy.” The navigation perked up, showing the 3-dimensional view of the road. “There are more cars than I predicted. I assumed there were only two to three cars.” There were at least seven to eight cars with sirens; the situation didn’t look too good.

Bo Jiu arched a brow as they didn’t look like police cars. But there wasn’t much time for her to think. With a sharp turn, Bo Jiu sped through the throngs of cars, ditching the car nearest to her.

Since she was in front, she wasn’t able to hear the noise coming from Qin Mo’s ears.

“Young Master, are you okay? We have been following you, the locating device is working fine and there are roadblocks ahead. Once the car reaches the roadblocks, there is definitely no escape.”

They assumed he would give them clearance to act. However, the tapping on the watch told them to retreat. Retreat?!

The shadow guards were confused. “What about the roadblock?”

Clear it. Qin Mo’s fingers moved slightly, tapping his watch.

Even the roadblocks? The shadow guards glanced at each other but they didn’t have a choice. Since their young master had given his command, they would have to stay put. They seemed to understand now what his gaze from before had meant. Simply put, he had said, “Go away, don’t disrupt the kidnapping.”

The shadow guards were confused as they cleared the roadblocks. They reduced their chasing speed from a hundred to seventy, gradually reducing with the passing seconds until the Lamborghini was out of sight.

They paused, glancing towards the flickering red dot. They used it to comfort themselves that since the locating device was still around, it didn’t matter. But what was Young Master thinking?

After Bo Jiu had managed to lose all the cars, she blew a satisfied whistle and exclaimed, “Kidnapping the Almighty isn’t an easy task at all.”

The shadow guards could hear her speak. They glanced up at the sky and thought, “Young Master Jiu, Young Master have been extremely cooperative, if he wasn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to kidnap him.”

“Why does it seem like Young Master is willing to be kidnapped?”

“That’s true.”


“Young Master seemed to be laughing on his way out of the cafe.”


Wasn’t it a kidnaping? Why did it seem like they were flaunting their love?!

On the other end, the Lamborghini was crossing a bridge. Bo Jiu was still wrecking her brains. “Little Blackie, what if the Almighty still ignores me after he wakes up?”

“Master, the Little Vixen’s presence has indeed affected your judgement, no one likes being kidnapped, ignoring you would be a natural reaction,” the navigation perked up, speaking seriously. “But the main point is that you succeeded.”

Bo Jiu glanced over with raised brows and a grin. “That’s right.”

Bo Jiu had been preoccupied with all sorts of hiccups and hadn’t noticed the orders Qin Mo had been making. Had she known, she wouldn’t have been so worried.

Of course, Qin Mo wouldn’t let her find out. From the start, Young Master Qin had behaved like the perfect victim, weak but still ravishing – like a fallen royal.

As time trickled by, the sky started to darken. The castle stood amidst the trees, forbidding and mysterious. With the last glow from the setting sun, the Lamborghini sped into the front yard.

Standing tall in a suit was an English butler that stood guard, a slumbering owl on the trees above him. It was indeed a scene out of a manga.

The Lamborghini was a stark contrast to the vintage vibes.

The butler opened his pocket watch. Even though it was late, they could still make it for dinner.

Bo Jiu opened the car door, calling out for his help. She bent over and carried him out with a faint smile. “Brother Mo, you probably won’t be in the mood to look around tomorrow when you wake up. Let me take this chance to welcome you to my castle.”

Qin Mo didn’t react since he was supposed to be asleep.

“Young Lord.” The old butler walked over with his pocket watch as he watched Qin Mo. “As expected from the grandson of the Qin Group.”

Even though that was what he said, deep inside, he had other thoughts. So, this was the boy that didn’t reciprocate my young lord’s feelings? Was that why she kidnapped him?

Indeed, the old butler seemed to have misunderstood.

But Qin Mo wasn’t unaware. All he felt was someone holding onto him, her breathing uneven, a sweet candy scent spreading through the air. He could still hear her speak, “This is my room, I’m sure you would like it.”

Next, she placed Qin Mo onto her soft bed, not a hint of fatigue. Instead, she seemed to have perked up, her voice chirpy and clear.

Qin Mo didn’t have much strength but when he sensed that she was leaving, he turned, his arm going across her waist and holding her captive.

Bo Jiu paused, her defined eyes sweeping across his face as though she had been hallucinating. The Almighty was really here, she had managed to kidnap him. She seemed to have gone back in time when they laid in bed together.

But Bo Jiu knew it was only temporary. When he woke up, he wasn’t going to give her a second glance. With that, she reached out and hugged onto him. “Forget it, you are mine now.” She could only say it now.

Bo Jiu wanted to leave after declaring her ownership but it would take time for her to escape this position. When her nose brushed past him, her lips would definitely sweep across his lips. Mmh… it was a good time to take advantage of him.

But who was the one actually taking advantage?

With his eyes shut, Qin Mo could clearly feel the soft tenderness of her lips, a hint of sweetness.

The darkness started to set as Bo Jiu walked out of the room. In that moment, Qin Mo opened his eyes, brighter than the stars outside.