Chapter 111 - The Perfect Excuse

Chapter 111: The Perfect Excuse

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Fu Jiu laughed after hearing that. She looked up at Qin Mo. Her eyes were simply too beautiful.

Then, she stood on her tiptoes and moved closer to Qin Mo’s left ear. Once she was only an inch away from him, she said in a flirty voice, “Brother Mo, I’ll start to think that you are interested in me if you insist on seeing me undress myself like this.”

Qin Mo’s eyes abruptly deepened, and he pushed the young man away.

Fu Jiu couldn’t stay standing upright after being hit with that level of strength, and she would’ve hit the clothes rack behind her if Qin Mo hadn’t pulled her back in time.

His face was a bit cold, and he said with a half-smile, “Where did you learn to speak like this?”

Fu Jiu saw that the man wasn’t letting her go, and the fragrant scent of his cigarette was lingering around the tip of her nose. She wasn’t in a hurry, so she said lazily, “I went to clubs too much and picked it up. It’s not as if Brother Mo does not know of my previous reputation.”

“Your previous reputation?” Qin Mo’s eyes deepened even more. He stuck his unfinished cigarette directly into the young man’s mouth and patted that annoying and irritating small face. He still sounded indifferent, but had an aura of irresistible authority. “Go get changed. If you talk near my ear one more time… I’ll tear you up.”

Fu Jiu believed that Almighty would do what he said, especially when it came to restraining her.

As Almighty’s little brother, she needed to pay more attention to things.

But fortunately, this god noticeably sped up his movements after he had pushed her away resentfully, as if he were saying, “Hurry the f*ck up and come out.”

The Almighty was arrogant and cold from beginning to the end. That face was really handsome, and even with sportswear on, he still looked like he had walked out straight from a cartoon, looking extremely attractive with an air of nobility.

Fu Jiu looked at him leaving and felt relieved. She walked to her clothes and put her school uniform aside. As she arched her back, she hurriedly took her top off.

Fu Jiu’s movements as she undressed were handsome, as well as very fast.

But to her surprise, when she was about to put her sportwear on… a “crack” sounded!

The door of the changing room was opened!

The man leaned elegantly against the door frame, and he looked at her composedly, exuding an aura of a predator waiting for his prey to fall into a trap. He raised his eyebrow. “Is that why you didn’t want to undress? Because you’re too thin?”

Fu Jiu couldn’t be any luckier that she didn’t close the locker fully. It was half-open, perfectly shielding her chest area.

Realizing that the man was walking up to her, Fu Jiu swiftly pulled the top in her hand over her head. In an instant, the edge of the top had reached her waist.

The man walked next to her and dragged her in close with one hand. He fiddled with her short hair as he looked at her with deep eyes. “Why are you flustered?”

Fu Jiu looked down and lowered her voice purposefully. “I’m afraid that Brother Mo would mock me and say that my figure isn’t as good as yours, that I’m so thin, dull, and overly pale. I don’t even have abs.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo’s finger paused, and he remembered how he really cared about his figure when he was around the same age.

No wonder this guy had been shy from the beginning and didn’t want to undress.

This rebellious phase typically acted up during puberty.

Qin Mo could still understand this point.

In his opinion, this young man was good in all ways except for his obsession with flirting. Rebelling a little was okay. Not to mention, this rebellion was related to a young man’s ego.

As the big brother, he needed to give this young man more privacy.

After all, they were not blood related…