Chapter 1110 - Untitled

Chapter 1110: Untitled

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“Young Master, are you alright?” The sound of static sounded beside his ears. Since they were in an old castle, the signal of the earpiece would be more or less affected.

Qin Mo was always careful. Hence, even though there was no one around him, he still remained quiet. Instead, he knocked on his watch twice lightly. He was asking everyone to remain still but alert.

The shadow guards probed Qin Mo after receiving the order. “Do we need to lay an ambush?”

No need.

They couldn’t hear their young master’s voice but they were still able to sense his casual attitude when he said this.

“Are you feeling alright? I heard Young Master Jiu saying that he drugged you just now,” one of the shadow guards asked after he had finally plucked up his courage.

Qin Mo’s head was spinning. He didn’t reply to the person.

The shadow guards couldn’t continue asking their young master. Most importantly, Madam was here too. If Madam asked them where their young master went, how could they reply to her?

Forget it, they would enquire about what to say after their Madam asked this question.

The noise from the earpiece was gone. Without the noise, Qin Mo was able to feel the softness of the bed as well as the sweet fragrance in the air around the room. He raised his eyebrows. What kind of kidnapping was this? She kidnapped him but didn’t do anything to him afterward.

As he thought about this, Qin Mo couldn’t withstand his sleepiness anymore. This time, he closed his eyes for real.

On the second day, Qin Mo’s mood wasn’t very good either. Since she had kidnapped him and locked him up at her home, shouldn’t she appear in front of him most of the time?

Yet, after that fellow went away last night, she hadn’t appeared at all. It was already 10am. What was the meaning of this?

The old butler pushed the dining cart in, on which the breakfast was laid out.

Although he was facing Qin Mo, the old butler still maintained his elegant posture and manners. He naturally disregarded Qin Mo’s handcuffed hands and said, “Mister, do you prefer western or eastern breakfast?”

Qin Mo didn’t reply to this question. He spoke in a soft tone, “Isn’t it rude for your master to not appear?”

Qin Mo’s words caused the old butler to look up at him. He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You’re right. However, Young Lord has other matters on hand. She’ll come and find you once she finishes her business.”

Qin Mo thanked the old butler for his answer.

The old butler put the food down. As he walked down the stairs, he glanced at his pocket watch again.

Young Lord had been washing her car for more than two hours. If she continued washing, they would need to pay for the extra water bill.

Little Blackie, the Lamborghini, also sensed something amiss with its young lord.

“Master, you’ve already wiped my mirror ten times. If you continue wiping me, my beautiful skin will get damaged.” The fluctuations on the navigation panel were obvious. “I checked the internet. They say that it’s not good to wash your car too often.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. She continued splashing water on the car. “This is a sign that I love you. I remember that you haven’t been washed for almost half a year. Based on what humans say, you need to scrape off a layer of your skin in order to be clean.”

“In that case, please don’t step on me with one leg while you’re cleaning me. You have been staring at the window on the second floor all this time. You’re humiliating my intelligence. You must be thinking about that little vixen.” The navigation was extremely furious.

Unexpectedly, Bo Jiu didn’t refute her car. She just sighed loudly and laid her slender and long body on the car. “Little Blackie, based on your observation of the little vixen yesterday, do you think he’ll forgive me for kidnapping him?”

“No.” The line on the navigation panel moved along with the voice. “Master, are you crazy? Who will forgive the person who kidnapped them? As a qualified high-tech sports car, I specially did some research for you. You should sleep with the person you kidnapped for as many times as possible.”

Bo Jiu wanted to do it but she felt guilty for some reason. “If I go up and sleep with him now, he’ll glare at me. Sigh, why do I have to like someone who’s extremely wealthy?”

The Almighty wouldn’t succumb to threats or money. It was so difficult to chase him.

The old butler stood at the door and saw everything. He was even more certain that the grandson of the An family didn’t like his young lord. What poor eyesight. The old butler frowned in disapproval.

Bo Jiu smiled when she saw the old butler. Her eyes were shining lightly. “How is everything? Grandfather Butler, did the Almighty eat his breakfast?”

“I think that the food I made doesn’t suit this mister’s taste,” the old butler replied tactfully.

As a smart person, Bo Jiu immediately understood that the old butler was comforting her. Her gaze darkened.

The old butler had never seen his young lord like this before. He must find a time to ask that mister what kind of ladies he liked and why he didn’t like his young lord.

Bo Jiu felt guilty but she didn’t want the Almighty to be hungry. Thus, she took over the plates and prepared to go up personally.

At a moment like this, Bo Jiu was exceptionally polite. She clenched her fist and knocked on the door.

Qin Mo was half-lying on the bed. His face was emotionless. “When did kidnappers become so polite?”

Bo Jiu’s hands stopped in mid-air for a moment. She pushed the door open and smiled brightly. “Brother Mo, you can change your mindset. Pretend that you’re here as a guest. You won’t feel so angry that way.”

“As a guest?” Qin Mo pulled the handcuff on his hand. His attitude remained cold. “Like this?”

Bo Jiu sat down and looked on the ground. “I don’t want to do this, too. Brother Mo is too powerful. What if you ran away? I tried this handcuff before. It won’t hurt your hand.”

“Should I give you a good review?”

Bo Jiu could hear the contempt in his voice. “Brother Mo, I know that you’re angry but you need to eat. If you don’t, your stomach might start hurting again.”

“You tied me up. How am I supposed to eat?” There weren’t any fluctuations in Qin Mo’s emotions.

Bo Jiu had a short-circuit in her mind when she replied instinctively, “That’s simple. Your wealthy father will feed you.”

She thought that the Almighty would glare at her when he heard this. However, the Almighty just sized her up and didn’t say anything.

Bo Jiu became bolder. She took so much effort to kidnap the Almighty so she must make use of this opportunity to do everything she wanted to do.

She held the century egg porridge with one hand and took the spoon with another. She lifted the spoon and touched the glossy lips with it.

At first, Qin Mo didn’t open his mouth. Bo Jiu looked at him. Was he not going to eat anything even if she fed him?

“Since you kidnapped me, you must be in charge of looking after me.” Qin Mo opened his mouth slowly. “You shouldn’t come and tease me only when you occasionally remember me.”

Bo Jiu found a good excuse. “I was washing my car just now.”

Qin Mo scoffed. “You washed your car for three hours?”

Bo Jiu: … Little Blackie’s voice must be too loud so the Almighty heard everything.

Bo Jiu never saw this cold side of the Almighty before so she felt a little frustrated. Fortunately, he opened his mouth and ate the porridge. Bo Jiu was instantly motivated and fed the Almighty again.

Qin Mo swallowed his food calmly. He looked at the fellow who was feeding him with his deep eyes. What was there to be happy about? She was only feeding him porridge. Why were her eyes shining so brightly? It made him want to kiss her.

The two of them had similar thoughts in this aspect. However, Bo Jiu moved faster. She looked at Qin Mo as he quietly allowed her to feed him. She recalled the times they had spent together when they had been young.

After finishing the last mouthful of porridge, she leaned over and pecked him on his lips. She successfully caused Qin Mo to freeze for a moment. Bo Jiu knew that she must run away after kissing the Almighty. If not, he might retaliate and the Almighty was already unhappy. It wasn’t worth it if the Almighty got angrier and didn’t want to eat any food.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at the person in front of him.

Bo Jiu felt awkward from the gaze. She said with a serious face, “There was rice stuck on the corner of your mouth.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” It was hard to tell Qin Mo’s emotions from his tone.

Bo Jiu felt fortunate that there wasn’t hatred in his voice. She could still accept his coldness but she didn’t dare to imagine what it would be like to be hated by this person. Thus, she didn’t look into Qin Mo’s eyes.

After feeding Qing Mo, she felt that she needed to hide for a while.

However, Qin Mo opened his mouth at this moment. “Where are you planning to go now? Do you think that I won’t need to use the washroom?”

Bo Jiu stopped in her tracks. “The length of the chain is long enough for you to go to the washroom. It won’t affect your movement.”

For some time, none of them spoke.

Just when Bo Jiu wanted to move, Qin Mo’s voice sounded again. “Have you thought of the consequences of locking me up?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu lowered her head slightly. She knew that she would be questioned by the Almighty but when she heard it personally, the feeling was entirely different. Had he started to hate her?

Qin Mo glanced at Bo Jiu, who was standing. Then, he stood up and pulled her with one hand. He lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, “Why did you still lock me up then?”

“I had to,” Bo Jiu replied in a soft voice. “I took so much effort to kidnap you.”

Their conversation could be heard clearly on the other side. The shadow guards exchanged glances with one another. They were slightly astounded. They were shocked by their young master’s acting skills. Young Master Jiu probably didn’t know how well their young master had cooperated with the kidnapping!

Because of their young master’s acting, Young Master Jiu must be very guilty now.

The shadow guards wanted to continue listening to their conversation but Qin Mo remembered something and pulled his hand back. His fingers slid past his belt. After this, the shadow guards couldn’t hear anything else.

The shadow guards looked up at the sky. Their young master was so good at fooling people.

Bo Jiu was surprised that the Almighty forgave her so easily. She had thought that he pulled her because he wanted to beat her. But after thinking about it carefully, she felt that, based on his upbringing, the Almighty wouldn’t hit ladies no matter how angry he was.

“I need to bath.” Qin Mo looked at the youngster’s crown. “Since you say that you’re my wealthy father, you must be able to do such a small thing, right?”

When Bo Jiu looked up and blinked, Qin Mo’s face remained cold. “How am I supposed to undress?”

“I’m good at that.” Bo Jiu smiled. She gave a devilish smile as if she had managed to take advantage of the Almighty.

Qin Mo smiled to himself when he saw this. However, no emotions could be seen on his face. His aura even got colder. “Oh?”

“I’ll help you undress,” Bo Jiu said as she unbuttoned Qin Mo’s shirt. She smiled lightly. “Small issue.” This time, she really took advantage of the Almighty openly. After all, she didn’t have to worry about getting suppressed by the Almighty.

It had to be said Qin Mo was really too handsome. He stood there elegantly and his black hair was slightly messy. When he looked up at her and allowed her to unbutton his shirt without retaliating, revealing his beautiful abs, he was exceptionally handsome. It made her heart beat faster.

“I’m done.” Bo Jiu’s ears turned red.

This was rare. Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “I don’t have the habit of bathing with clothes on.”

Bo Jiu looked at his hand, which was handcuffed. She bit her lips and reached out to unbutton his pants. However, the moment she touched a certain area, she retracted her hands as though she was scalded.

Bo Jiu looked up unconsciously.

There wasn’t any expression on Qin Mo’s face. “If you can’t do it, unlock the chain and let me handle it myself.”

“Brother Mo, there’s no use trying to goad me.” Bo Jiu gave an evil smile.” I’ll continue taking it off.”

Qin Mo looked at the person as she lowered her fuzzy head. Who said that the goading didn’t work? His motive wasn’t to let her unlock him. He waited for the youngster to continue his actions.

Bo Jiu reached her hand out. She thought for a moment and decided to discuss with Qin Mo first. “Brother Mo, can you make it less hot?”

“I’m a normal man.” Qin Mo’s reply denied any possibilities of discussion.

Bo Jiu had no choice but to carry on. She tried her best to evade the hot parts and pulled the zip down. Once the zip was pulled, other things could be done much easier. But it was hard to shift her gaze away from a shirtless Qin Mo, especially when his black Calvin Klein popped open unexpectedly. The warm water flowed down and a mist was formed. Water droplets fell on the man’s black hair and looked like shining pearls; it was extremely sexy.

For some reason, Bo Jiu’s throat was a little dry. She wanted to get up but he pulled her back.

“Are you going to let me bath with just one hand?” Qin Mo’s tone remained the same as before. “What about my back? How am I supposed to apply the shower gel? You have time to wash the car but not me? Why did you kidnap me then?”

Bo Jiu’s first reaction was to predict how dangerous the Almighty was now. He shouldn’t be very dangerous. And since he allowed her to take advantage of him, she must grab the chance.

“I wanted to go out and get the shower gel,” Bo Jiu replied earnestly.

Qin Mo exposed her mercilessly. “It’s just behind me.”

“I didn’t see it just now.” Bo Jiu smiled. “I’ll help Brother Mo to apply it.”

After she finished speaking, she pressed the bottle and the fragrant shower gel landed on her palm. Her beautiful eyes were smiling as she touched the abs she always dreamt of touching. It felt really good. Hmm… it was cold and smooth.

His chest felt like a piece of warm jade.

Bo Jiu smiled as she took advantage of the Almighty. She didn’t notice that when she lowered her head, the person she had kidnapped was smiling slightly from the corners of his mouth.

Bo Jiu experienced the feeling of being a wealthy owner. She felt that if the Almighty accepted this voluntarily, everything would be much better. For instance, he could agree to be her pet again. After all, he had agreed that he belonged to her when they had been young.

Suddenly, the next second, someone grabbed her hands and pressed them against the wall. The force used was enough to prove that her imagination was impossible.

Her back pressed against the cold wall. The voice of the man sounded beside her ear, bringing with it the heat of the mist and the hot water. Evaporations formed at the back of her ears. The wetness made her heart tremble. “Who do you belong to?”

This question had finally come…