Chapter 1111 - Untitled

Chapter 1111: Untitled

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When she had decided to kidnap the Almighty, Bo Jiu had already thought of the situation where she might expose some clues about herself. The Almighty would definitely suspect her identity. No, that wasn’t right. The Almighty might have already guessed her identity. That was because before they came here, the Almighty had investigated her many times.

The people that he had sent to follow her and the multiple times he had probed her proved that the Almighty already suspected she was Z.

When she had been in China, she had still been able to use her reincarnation to hide her identity. But now…

How was she going to explain to him why she was so familiar with the streets of New York? How was she supposed to explain about the Lamborghini, Little Blackie, that was parked below and this old castle?

The Almighty wouldn’t believe that the Fu family was so wealthy. Actually, she couldn’t come up with an excuse too. And as she had already kidnapped this young man, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Bo Jiu decided to be straightforward. She didn’t have any intention of backing out when she was forced against the wall. Instead, she smiled and spoke in a mesmerizing voice, “Brother Mo, haven’t you guessed my identity?”

“I’ll let you tell me personally.” Qin Mo’s lips were very close to Bo Jiu’s ears.

It was so close, he would kiss Bo Jiu if she turned her head. Thus, Bo Jiu maintained her position and looked up. Her eyelashes were wet from the steam. “I’m Z. The Z that you’ve been chasing all this while.”

Qin Mo’s hand froze as though it was on pause.

Bo Jiu admired the Almighty’s rare stunned moment. She reached her hand out and hugged Qin Mo’s neck. “Hence, Brother Mo, don’t think about running away. I know how to lock people up.”

Qin Mo looked down at the shiny mold under Bo Jiu’s eyes. His body tensed up as he pushed her away. Then he immediately closed the door of the bathroom.

Bo Jiu almost fell when Qin Mo pushed her. She stood outside the bathroom and looked at the closed wooden door. When she lowered her head, there was a tinge of loneliness in her eyes. What a huge reaction. He must hate her now.

Bo Jiu looked at her hands. Well, no one would like a kidnapper.

Besides being his kidnapper, she had been his archenemy in the past too. Bo Jiu had thought of the Almighty’s reaction once she revealed her identity. She had predicted that he would have a huge reaction.

She looked up and stared at the closed door, hearing the sound of water splashing inside the room.

She hesitated for a moment before lifting her heavy foot and walking out of the bedroom.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Qin Mo closed his eyes. All he could see was the person hugging his neck. When she moved her lips, it seemed like a silent invitation. She looked enchanting like a water demon. However, obviously, this wasn’t a suitable time to do those things.

Slowly, his breathing went back to normal.

Qin Mo grabbed a white towel and wrapped it around his waist. He walked out of the bathroom with his wet, black hair, only to realize that someone was gone.

Qin Mo’s eyes turned dark. His ‘wealthy father’ had no idea of her responsibility as a kidnapper.

Well, the wealthy father had her own frustrations too. Bo Jiu had never been so anxious before. The moment she felt agitated, she wanted to wash her car.

As a top-class sports car, Little Blackie rejected her affection with his entire body.

“Master, put down that bucket of water in your hand. I think we should talk.” The line on the navigation panel fluctuated exaggeratedly.

Bo Jiu placed her hands on her chin. She didn’t have the mood to chat now.

Little Blackie understood its master well. It spoke before the bucket of water was splashed on it. “I have a way to handle the little vixen that you like!”

Bo Jiu pulled the bucket of water back and placed one hand in her pocket. She looked like a gangster. “What is your solution? Tell me about it.”

“I went to search online a moment ago. There were many solutions but I used my system to summarize everything and came up with three basic steps.” The navigation panel sounded really serious. “Kiss him, hug him, and eat him!”

Bo Jiu lifted the water bucket again and splashed the water on the Lamborghini. “Little Blackie, stop reading R21 novels.”

“Master, wait. Really, wait for a while.” It really didn’t want to be washed again. “There’s another solution that’s more indirect. The first step is to confess to him!”

Bo Jiu tilted his head and thought for a moment. “That sounds better.”

“The second step is to create a romantic atmosphere.” The line on the navigation panel continued fluctuating.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “What’s the third step?”

“You can lie on the bed and have a heart to heart talk with them. When the relationship between the two of you gets better, you can seduce him using your beauty.”

Bo Jiu patted the Lamborghini’s body when she heard this. “Not bad.”

Little Blackie: … Master’s entire mind is on the little vixen. Sigh.

Bo Jiu felt that the more failures she encountered, the braver she got. As long as the Almighty didn’t ask her to leave personally, she didn’t have to even if his attitude was slightly cold. But since she had kidnapped him, it was hard for him to be friendly too.

Bo Jiu lifted her legs and went up the stairs again. The instant she opened the door, a low and pleasant voice was heard. “Has my wealthy father found the time to come and tease me again?”

Bo Jiu smiled and jumped on the bed. She looked at Qin Mo blatantly.

Qin Mo didn’t expect this. The lady was extremely close to him. He could almost smell her breath.

He was leaning against the head of the bed while she was lying beside his hand.

If it wasn’t for the butler, who kept walking outside their door, he would have got rid of his handcuff a long time ago and let this young lady understand what the consequence of seducing him was.

“Get down.” Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent. He didn’t look at the person in front of him.

Bo Jiu pressed his leg with one hand and smiled. “Brother Mo, why aren’t you asking me why I’m Z?”

“Will you tell me the truth if I ask you?” Qin Mo turned his head emotionlessly.

Bo Jiu muttered, “It’s a long story. When I woke up, my identity had changed. I became the young master of the Fu family. I didn’t mean to lie to you.”

“You mean that you became someone else?” Qin Mo already knew this but he continued talking with her because he wanted her to maintain this position.

Bo Jiu looked up. “I know that this is unbelievable but it is the truth. Fine, let’s not talk about unhappy things. Why not you ask me why I kidnapped you?”

The old butler was eavesdropping on their conversation outside. When he heard his young lord asking this question, he felt frustrated. Why was his young lord raising this topic? How would he continue the conversation like this?

As expected, Qin Mo’s tone became cold. “Why?”

“Because I like you too much.” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up brightly. Her smile was refreshing. “I can’t control myself.”

Qin Mo’s heart jumped. This fellow was breaking the rules again.

Bo Jiu was unable to read Qin Mo’s thoughts from his handsome face. She used the chance when he was in a daze to turn and kiss him on his lips. Bo Jiu wanted to move back immediately after kissing Qin Mo. It would be awkward if she got pushed away.

However, when she wanted to move back, a scrapping sound was heard. It was the sound of the metal chain moving. Qin Mo grabbed Bo Jiu’s wrist. The kiss made his body become hot.

He kept invading her, sucking all her breath away. The numbness on her lips exploded as her waist was pulled towards him.

He breathed and whispered at the back of her ears, “Do you think I’ll obediently let you tease me?”

Bo Jiu gathered her strength for a while. She was a little afraid to look at Qin Mo’s eyes. Thus, she turned her head and replied, “No.”

“However…” Qin Mo held the person in his arms and buried his head in her smooth and fair neck. “That’ll depend on my mood.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. Did this mean that there was room for discussion?

“First, I feel uncomfortable being locked up like this.” Qin Mo’s voice was calm. “Unlock the handcuff.”

Bo Jiu felt that the Almighty was very cunning. He was seducing her with his looks. She didn’t reply to him.

Qin Mo opened his mouth again. His tone was slightly cold. “You kidnapped me and threw me here, only visiting me whenever you want. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t free me. Don’t you trust your ability? Do you think that you’re unable to hold me back? Didn’t you drug me? The effects of the drug haven’t subsided yet, right?”

“I’ll unlock the handcuff.” Bo Jiu looked up. “But, don’t run away after I unlock you. Grandfather Butler is able to treat your hand. If you really want to leave, wait until your hand is healed. I’ll let you go after that.”

Qin Mo caressed her face with his fingers. He replied with an irrelevant sentence. “Sometimes, you’re like an idiot.”

Bo Jiu wanted to refute but Qin Mo continued before she could say anything, “I promise.” Qin Mo retracted his hand and sat there like a noble young master.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers and a key appeared in her hand. Clang! The handcuff was unlocked.

Qin Mo sat there with his legs half curved. He moved his wrist twice. His gaze was deep. “I feel weak. Help me up.”

Bo Jiu felt that the Almighty really wasn’t dangerous after hearing this comment. She raised her hand and held onto Qin Mo.

On the other hand, the old butler outside frowned. Did his young lord use too much drug on the young man? Was this the reason why the young man hadn’t recovered his strength after so long?

The old butler pushed his glasses. He decided to observe the young man carefully.

Qin Mo was indeed Movie Queen An’s son. He leaned against Bo Jiu naturally, as though he was really weak.

Bo Jiu thought of something and asked, “Did you feel extremely tired when you bath just now?”

“Yes,” Qin Mo replied.

Bo Jiu continued, “Let’s ask Grandfather Butler to treat your hand first.”

Qin Mo remained silent.

Bo Jiu felt that she needed to look for Little Blackie again. Little Blackie asked her to use her beauty to seduce the Almighty but, in the end, she was the one getting seduced. Fortunately, the Almighty couldn’t leave this place yet.

Bo Jiu didn’t forget her main reason for kidnapping the Almighty. Thus, she led the Almighty to the old butler.

The old butler sized up Qin Mo.

Qin Mo tried his best to restrain his aura. His lips were pale, making him look weak and fragile.

“Young Lord, bring this guest to the basement.” The old butler held the oil lamp and led the way.

Bo Jiu lifted Qin Mo and followed the old butler. She didn’t see the small smile on Qin Mo’s face when he looked down.

The reason why Qin Mo did this was very simple. First, he enjoyed the feeling of being taken care of by someone. Second, he wanted to understand her and staying here was the only way he could do this.

There was one more reason and it was the most important one. She had never let her guards down against him. That meant that she didn’t believe him when he had said that he wouldn’t leave even though she had unlocked his handcuff.

The old butler pressed the switch and the lights lit up.

After the lights lit up, the appearance of the basement could finally be seen. There was a complete set of surgery equipment in the basement. There were even many medical devices and jars filled with human organs.

“This way please.” The old butler was quite scary when he turned serious. Only Young Master Qin was able to maintain an emotionless face in front of him.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and spoke to Bo Jiu, “How am I supposed to believe that you’re treating my hand and not attempting to cut me up?”

“There’s no significance in examining you.” The old butler’s voice was calm. “Young Master Qin, you’re Young Lord’s friend. You can only trust the master of this old castle now. That is your only option.”

Qin Mo retracted his gaze. “What if I don’t cooperate with you?”

The old butler kept his pocket watch. “I’m not very willing to treat you too.”

Bo Jiu watched the two people, who started arguing for no reason. She looked at Qin Mo’s side profile and remembered that the Almighty had lost his memory before. She suddenly said, “Brother Mo, are you afraid that you’ll lie on the sick bead forever?”

Qin Mo’s hand trembled. He looked away. “What a joke. Why would I be afraid?”

You must learn to think differently when you interact with the Almighty. If he said that he wasn’t afraid, it meant that he was.

Bo Jiu held Qin Mo’s hand. “Brother Mo, I’ll be watching over you. My castle is very safe. No one will be able to come in.”

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster’s face. “If you dare to leave me…”

“You’ll toss me out of the window,” Bo Jiu continued his sentence for him.

Qin Mo seemed to have smiled just now but Bo Jiu wasn’t sure. After all, the lighting here was quite dark.


When Bo Jiu heard his reply, she looked in the old butler’s direction. “Grandfather Butler.”

The old butler snorted and started preparing the equipment. He asked as he moved, “Did you have surgery on your hand before?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo was very polite now.

The old butler lifted his hand and pressed on the wrist that was bandaged. At that moment, a thin layer of perspiration appeared on Qin Mo’s forehead.

The old butler’s gaze turned serious. This was worse than he had thought.

Bo Jiu observed the old butler’s expression. Her heart dropped too.

The old butler didn’t want to disappoint his young lord so he moved the lights on the operating table and said, “The injury is very serious and you didn’t rest your hand properly. However, it’s not hopeless. Lie down. I’ll give you some anesthesia first.”

Qin Mo listened to him and laid on the operating table. He was still wearing the white t-shirt. He looked like a noble as even his posture was elegant.

The moment the old butler started the surgery, he met a problem. He injected Qing Mo with a syringe containing different types of anesthesia, which was supposed to cause sleepiness. However, the person lying on the table didn’t seem to have any intention of falling asleep.

The old butler squinted. His gaze turned sharp. Then, he stopped what he was doing and said, “I’m sorry, Mister. I have something to discuss with Young Lord privately.”

He didn’t give Qin Mo a chance to reject him. He pulled Bo Jiu to the side and lowered his voice so that only the two of them could hear. “Young Lord, do you really think the effects of the drug haven’t subsided?”

Bo Jiu looked down at her hands. “They’ve disappeared a long time ago. His resistance to drugs is high. I know it. Grandfather Butler, Brother Mo wants me to lower my guards so that he can escape.”