Chapter 1112 - Untitled

Chapter 1112: Untitled

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The old butler paused for a moment and frowned. “Young Lord, why did you still…” Unlock his handcuff?

He didn’t finish his sentence as Bo Jiu interrupted him. “That isn’t important. I’ll have to let him go sooner or later. The most crucial thing is to treat his hand. Hence, I have to ask you for help. The hands of a soldier are very important. He might not have any military ranks currently but I know that he’ll have to go back to the army one day. Why did I unlock his handcuff? I just felt that someone as handsome as him shouldn’t be locked to the bed. He can only move in a small space. In China, he had many chances to lock me up. However, he only threatened me verbally and never executed the idea. Thus, now that he came to my territory, I won’t break his wings too. I really want to keep him here. Grandfather Butler, don’t be biased against him. He’s actually…” Bo Jiu scratched the back of her head as if she was looking for an adjective. She smiled and continued, “He’s very good.”

The old butler retracted his gaze. He didn’t say anything else. He couldn’t reject his young lord’s request anyway but he was worried about his young lord because she liked this young man very much. She might get hurt.

The old butler walked towards Qin Mo with a stern face. He lifted his pocket watch and glanced at it. “The operation will take a long time. You must go to sleep. If you don’t, I can’t carry on.”

Because of his experiences and the training he underwent, Qin Mo wouldn’t go to sleep so easily. Both the old butler and Qin Mo knew that this was a psychological problem. Qin Mo wouldn’t let his guards down easily unless he was really seriously injured. This might sound weird but he needed to undergo surgery now. Before he could, he must fall asleep.

The old butler thought that Qin Mo would reject this operation. Based on his observation, this young man was very cautious. He looked well-mannered and polite but it was hard to get close to him. He wouldn’t believe anyone. Also, his young lord had kidnapped him here. Thus, he would most probably resist furiously. However, the result was unexpected.

Qin Mo, who was lying on the operating table, suddenly reached his hand out and grabbed Bo Jiu’s wrist. His voice was calm. “Okay, I’ll sleep now.”

Did it work?

The old butler was stunned when he saw this scene. He watched the young man as he closed his eyes slowly. Then, he turned to look at his young lord.

Bo Jiu seemed proud. “I make people sleepy.”

The old butler injected a new anesthetic syringe into Qin Mo’s skin. The muscles of the elegant and noble Young Master Qin had really loosened. How much did he trust this person? How much must he trust him so that he was able to let down all his vigilance? This was hard for someone who had undergone special training.

This Young Master Qin liked Young Lord.

The old butler finally felt relieved.

When the operation was about to start, the anesthesia started taking effect. Qin Mo’s hand started relaxing but he still wanted to hold onto someone. This seemed to be the only way he wouldn’t get devoured by the emptiness in the depth of his heart.

However, he couldn’t grab the person. Why couldn’t he hold her?

“Damn it!” This was the old butler’s immediate reaction. This operation required the full cooperation of the patient. If he moved slightly, his hand would be crippled.

Qin Mo seemed to have suffered some stimulation. The perspiration on his forehead drenched his black hair. His body was moving around anxiously.

He seemed to be having a nightmare although that might not be the case. That aside, if he continued moving like this, the operation would fail.

“Young Lord!” The old butler was wearing a surgical mask so his voice was hoarse. “Hold him down. You must hold him down!”

Bo Jiu looked at the fragile person on the operating bed. She didn’t know what to do. Yes, this was the first time in her entire life where she felt so helpless. If it had been other people, she might use brute force to silence him. She might even knock the person unconscious.

However, this wasn’t just anyone. It was Qin Mo.

This was the only person she wanted to love ever since she had been young.

“Young Lord.” The old butler pressed Qin Mo’s shoulders down. From his expression, you could tell that he was doing his best. The old butler turned and saw Bo Jiu’s face. His voice got lower. “Young Lord…”

This was the second time the old butler saw Bo Jiu like this. The first time had been when her father had died.

Bo Jiu had still been underage then. She had stood in front of the tombstone with tall grass sprouting around it. Her eyes had been dim and she hadn’t known what to do. Now his young lord…

The old butler opened his mouth to say something. At this moment, Bo Jiu suddenly looked down and lifted Qin Mo’s hand. She kissed his hand.

The kiss was so natural.

“Brother Mo, I’m here.” The youngster’s clear voice echoed in the quiet basement. The atmosphere of the place turned warner. “I’m here.” No matter what your dream is, no matter what you’re going through now, you’re not alone.

Qin Mo was indeed dreaming. Once he entered deep sleep in such a situation, this dream would appear. There was water all around him. His entire body was in the water. He wanted to grab the other party frantically. However, the person kept sinking until they got engulfed by the darkness. There was nothing he could do no matter how painful his agony was. He couldn’t save the other person.

Only as he felt a warmth on his palm, Qin Mo stopped moving. He opened his hand and finally managed to grab something. It was no longer just cold water. It was the warmth of someone’s body. The warmth made him comfortable. It was so comfortable that for a period of time, whenever he woke up, he felt that he was hugging a little sun.

Suddenly his dream changed. Qin Mo frowned. He had never had this dream before.

A small little girl with soft black hair was hugging him with her arms out wide. She was wearing pajamas with little tigers printed on it and a furry earmuff. He couldn’t see her face. He just felt that she was cute.

He couldn’t see her face because she was rubbing her head against his shoulder. It appeared that she hadn’t woken up fully. Her voice was soft and warm, like a kitten. There was a fragrant smell of milk on her body and her entire body felt soft. However, the words she said were like a fox. “I’ll sleep for a while longer, just a while longer. You’ve hugged me to sleep many times. There’s nothing wrong with hugging me one more time. I can just let you hug me to sleep in the future.”

Qin Mo didn’t look at the little girl. He knew that he was in a dream. His body and hand became smaller. Did he go back to the time when he was four years old?

Why would he have such a weird dream…