Chapter 1113 - Untitled

Chapter 1113: Untitled

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Why did this happen?

In his dream, Qin Mo froze for a moment. He retracted his gaze and looked back at the fluffy thing in his arms. Strangely, he even dreamt that he was talking, “If you don’t get up now, you won’t have any milk to drink. Don’t you want to grow taller?”

The little girl, who looked like a little tiger, placed her face on his neck. Her voice was clearer now. “How should I put it? Momo, I’m taller than you. I don’t need to worry about this question.”

He felt that he clenched his fist. He was angry and wanted to push the person away.

“A man grows slower than a woman. Don’t you know this basic knowledge?”

The little tiger shook her head. “I don’t. I’m still young. I don’t know anything.” Whenever she met a problem, she would say that she was young.

In his dream, he was still young. Hence, he had low tolerance. He gritted his teeth in anger and said, “Are you forcing me to throw you out of the window?”

“Momo, how many times do I have to say this? Life is beautiful but you’re too hot-tempered. Don’t be easily angered.” The little tiger was really serious when she said this. She sounded so serious Qin Mo wanted to find out who she was.

However, his dream was floating away. Everything was messy, nothing was linked. When he wanted to find an answer, the light suddenly turned extremely bright. His vision was blinded when the light shone into his eyes.

Qin Mo wanted to raise his hand to block the light but he realized that someone was holding his hand down.

Very soon, a familiar and clear voice sounded, “Brother Mo, bear with it.”

Bear with it?

Qin Mo tried to open his eyes. He turned and looked to his side. That fellow was holding his wrist. The temperature of her hands was just right. After looking at the face, Qin Mo finally remembered that he was on the operating table.

“Done.” The old butler appeared to heave a sigh of relief. This surgery looked simple since it wasn’t brain surgery but there were many nerves on the hand too. It was a test of his eye for details. Only top-tier surgeons were able to do this kind of surgery as it required good techniques and experience.

Even so, the old butler still raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. This proved that it was a difficult surgery.

Everything turned quiet again and Qin Mo went into a shallow sleep.

Bo Jiu stood there and looked at the asleep Almighty. She placed one hand on the operating table and looked at the handsome side profile. Then, she bent her waist and kissed Qin Mo’s face.

This scene after the operations looked extremely harmonious. The old butler paused when he was taking off his white gloves. He probably understood that it would be difficult for his young lord to get together with this Young Master Qin because of their identities.

Because she was Z, his young lord had kidnapped Young Master Qin even though she could only keep him here for a few days.

As Qin Mo wouldn’t wake up any time soon, Bo Jiu took this chance to chat with Little Blackie.

The Lamborghini was started. The navigation panel continued the topic they were discussing in the past. The first thing it asked was the result. “Master, how is it? Did you manage to chase him successfully?”

“Using beauty is a bad idea.” Bo Jiu turned the steering wheel. “Brother Mo won’t stay here for long. I must do something romantic.”

Something romantic? Was pushing him down on the bed not romantic enough? The navigation system couldn’t understand what humans were thinking but that wouldn’t prevent it from bragging. “Master, I summarized my research again. 90% of the netizens felt that drugging will give the fastest effect.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrow. “Shallow. I don’t want to sleep with the Almighty.”

The line on the navigation panel moved. “Master, pardon me for being direct. When I said drugging, the system on your seat detected that your heart rate is twice as fast as before. That means that you want to try my method.”

“Little Blackie.” Bo Jiu moved her fingers and pretended to want to turn off the navigation system.

The navigation system started shouting, “Master, there was an error in my system regarding the heart rate. I suspect that someone attacked me with a virus. If not, I would never make this wrong judgment.”

“Good boy.” Bo Jiu held the steering wheel and turned it. She drove towards the long bridge. This was the route to Fifth Avenue.

The black men that were drawing graffiti on the walls of a certain street quickly kept their things when they saw the car. They turned vigilant as though they were guarding against a thief.

Bo Jiu purposely lowered the car window and greeted them.

The black men obviously didn’t like her actions. They didn’t dare to leave now even if they wanted to. F*ck!

“Come, come. I have cigarettes.” Bo Jiu opened the car door and came out of the car. She placed her hand on one of the black men’s shoulders casually and said, “Aren’t we brothers?”

The black men: … Who is your brother?!

“I want to get some news from you. I’ll pay you based on the normal rate of your industry.” Bo Jiu gave the black man a cigarette.

The black man accepted her cigarettes because no one would say no to money.

“Did anything happen at the street opposite? The place where they’re filming a movie.” Bo Jiu really cared about Movie Queen An’s opinion after she had kidnapped Qin Mo. “Did the police receive any reports of missing people recently?”

The black man raised his hand and opened all five fingers.

Bo Jiu pressed his hand down and asked him to retract one finger. “This is the normal price. If the news you provide is worthy, I’ll give you more money.”

“Didn’t you say that we’re brothers?” The black man had to refute a little. He couldn’t just keep quiet all the way.

Bo Jiu looked at him and smiled. “There’s a saying in China: Financial matters should be settled clearly between brothers.” She took out some US dollars and stuffed them in the black man’s pocket. “Tell me what you know.”

“Everything is normal at the film site. The police are not looking for any missing people too. However, there’s a case that’s quite strange…” The black man waited for Bo Jiu to ask him. Most of the time, the other party would voluntarily ask him about the situation. That way, he would be able to raise the price.

Surprisingly, the youngster just raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Not interested.”

The black man: … F*ck, this isn’t according to the script!

“Hey, brother, wait for a moment.” The black man saw Bo Jiu walking away so he grabbed her wrist. “Wait, this news is worth buying. We can discuss the price.”

Bo Jiu stopped in her tracks. She stretched out two fingers.

The black man gritted his teeth. He pried open one of Bo Jiu’s fingers. “This is the final price. I can’t go any lower.”

“Fine.” Bo Jiu kept her hands in her pocket. “What is strange about this case?”

The black man glanced around him. “This is internal news. I don’t know if you’ve heard of these two words before.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head and lit a cigarette. She signaled to him to continue.

“Maiden’s Sacrifice.”

Bo Jiu squinted. “Tell me more.”

“The police don’t know about it yet but the people on the streets are saying that the person knew how to hypnotize people. They say that he’s doing it for a sacrifice.”

As Bo Jiu listened to the black man, the hand in her pocket clenched tighter and tighter.

“One more thing. The police should have realized that their targets are all Chinese.”

Bo Jiu took out another piece of note and stuffed it in the black man’s hand after he finished speaking.

“Hey, you’ve given me extra money.” The black man looked at his hand.

Bo Jiu waved. “Your piece of news is worth this price.”

She walked to the phone booth and used the same method again. The entire street seemed to have been cast with a magic spell.

Don’t ever underestimate the old man that was wearing Chinese costume.

There were many secrets on the streets, which outsiders would never know about.

Bo Jiu entered the garage. The first thing she did was to turn on her computer and look up the file of the case. After finding the file, she started tapping her keyboard furiously. The letter and numbers formed light waves and entered a local network.

She changed virtual IPs and threw off the first wave of blockage. She successfully hacked into the system. However, Bo Jiu didn’t expect the encryption level of this file to be so high.

S grade. It looked like they had encrypted it to prevent fear among the public.

Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She tilted her handsome face. “There must be a loophole.”

She needed to be fast because this system was powerful. If she wasn’t fast enough, she would be discovered easily. Fortunately, she was at Fifth Avenue as she could make use of the most advanced equipment. The operating speed of a normal laptop was too slow for her after all.

“I found it.” Bo Jiu pressed the spacebar and changed her direction. The command prompt dialog box popped up. The codes in the dialog box kept changing.

In the end, a hole appeared in the firewall. It was like magic. As the IP address Bo Jiu used was the other party’s, it would cause her to disappear in the firewall for five seconds

Five seconds were enough. She hacked into the system and took the materials. After that, she thought of a way to leave.

Unlike normal hackers, professional hackers didn’t just hack into the system. They would wipe off their traces so that it would not break the system.

Bo Jiu tilted her head and watched the transfer of the program. When it was completed, she unplugged the USB instantly.

She looked through the files on another laptop. Every single photo showed different ways of ladies committing suicide. They were all very strange. One of the victims was even smiling. She didn’t seem to be in pain at all.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. She noticed something and zoomed in. She fixed her gaze on the lady’s elbow. Needle marks? It looked like someone was discontented after he had run away.

Bo Jiu kept the USB stick and looked at the time. She would have to go back and examine the information as this wasn’t a good time to infiltrate into the police station. Also… If she showed this to the Almighty, she might get more clues.

Bo Jiu knew that although she had kidnapped him, he wouldn’t reject helping her when it concerned other people’s safety. She could even make the process of asking him for information more romantic.

Bo Jiu raised her head. Her gaze landed on the row of drones on the second floor as the sky started to darken. The sunset in the countryside was always exceptionally beautiful. Roses twined around the European style castle. The blooming fragrance was enchanting.

When Qin Mo opened his eyes, he smelled the fragrance of red tea in the air. The hard bandage on his arm held his bones in place. There was no crack in the bandage and there were no other new objects on his body.

Qin Mo’s hand was numb. Other than that, everything was normal. But why did someone keep throwing him on the bed alone? Was she used to doing it?

Qin Mo sat up. When he didn’t see any metal chains, his gaze turned deep. He touched his watch, which was blinking.

A voice was immediately heard in his earpiece. “Young Master, you finally turned on your earpiece. Thank god!”

Qin Mo stood up and picked up the white t-shirt prepared for him. As compared to the excitement of the person on the other end of his earpiece, Qin Mo’s tone was indifferent. “What’s the matter?”

“Madam asked us where you and Young Master Jiu went just now.” The shadow guards really didn’t know how to answer this question.

Qin Mo stood up straight and buttoned his shirt. He spoke in his natural tone, “Tell Madam that I’m meeting someone’s parents. I’ll come back in a few days.”

The shadow guards: … Meet someone’s parents?

Only their young master was able to turn a kidnapping into something so romantic. The shadow guards felt embarrassed by their young master.

Qin Mo looked up and tidied his collar as he looked in the mirror. “Also, don’t disturb me.”

The shadow guards: … Young Master, don’t you remember how you resisted Young Master Jiu? Your words and your actions are entirely different. It’s too obvious.

After that, Qin Mo didn’t speak anymore because he was thinking about the dream he had during the surgery. A dream was a reflection of a person’s thoughts, his memory, and his prediction of the future. He had studied psychology. Hence, he was sure about this.

However, he didn’t understand why he had such a dream. He didn’t know anyone when he was young. Also, he would never hug a little girl to sleep.

Other people might think that this was just a dream. However, Qin Mo was different. He didn’t manage to see the little girl’s face in his dream. This became an unsolvable mystery. Who was that little girl? Maybe he needed to find time to investigate his past. After all…

Qin Mo’s gaze turned dark. He wanted to open his mouth but at this moment, a voice was heard outside the window. It was clear and pleasant to the ear. “Brother Mo! Brother Mo!”

It was that fellow.

Qin Mo raised a brow.

Bo Jiu was standing outside. She was pressing something with her fingers. She rarely raised her voice but this time, she did. “Brother Mo, walk to the window. I’ll show you something fun.”

She really raised her voice and as Qin Mo hadn’t turned off his earpiece, all the shadow guards heard this sentence too. They exchanged glances with one another curiously. What did Young Master Jiu want Young Master to see?

Qin Mo wanted to know the answer too. He walked to the window and pulled the curtain. In that instant, he saw a white heart shape in the sky that was bathed in sunlight.

Two small drones created this shape. They sprayed dry ice in the air and drew a heart shape with it.

The person operating the drone was standing under the sunset. She stood there with a smile on her face. The mole under her eye was sparkling. Her silver hair moved with the wind. She was so beautiful it was hard to shift his gaze away from her face.

At this moment, she looked up with her beautiful black eyes. She asked him like a child, “Brother Mo, do you like my present for you?”