Chapter 1114 - Untitled

Chapter 1114: Untitled

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The heart shape out of white gas was still floating in the air. It looked like cotton candy. The afterglow of the sunset radiated across the blue sky, which was littered with clouds.

A single person’s presence made everything different. Even the air smelled sweeter.

Qin Mo could feel his heartbeat. If it wasn’t for the huge distance between them, he might have pulled the lady into his arms. She was the only one that could affect his emotions and hugging her was the only way to calm his restlessness.

Fortunately, they were on different floors. Hence, he didn’t lose control.

His gaze turned gentle when he looked at her face. He didn’t even notice this change.

The shadow guards heard the commotion and asked, “Young Master, what happened?” That should be Young Master Jiu’s voice, right? Why did it sound a little faint? They couldn’t hear what Young Master Jiu said clearly.

Qin Mo didn’t retract his gaze. He continued standing by the window with one hand in his pocket. His voice sounded indifferent as he replied, “Nothing. Someone just confessed to me.”

The shadow guards: … Wait, the person who confessed should be Young Master Jiu, right?

The shadow guards wanted to ask more questions but surprisingly, their young master, who had always been cold and distant, opened his mouth at this moment. “If you really want me to describe what this confession is like, I can tell you. Someone managed to get two drones and used her remote to draw a heart shape with them. There’s dry ice on the drone so there’s a heart shape in the sky.”

The shadow guards: … Young Master, can you stop smiling when you say that?

“Of course, you are still single so you can’t enjoy this treatment.” Qin Mo’s voice was as calm as always. However, the shadow guards still heard the arrogance in his voice.

Qin Mo looked down. “Alright, I need to go down to accept the gift. Someone might cry if I don’t.”

The shadow guards: … Why had they asked their young master about his kidnapping? Ever since their young master had been kidnapped, he had been showing off his love life every single day.

In the courtyard, Bo Jiu kept the remote control. She felt a little embarrassed and nervous as she had never confessed before. She felt that this was romantic but she didn’t know how the Almighty felt about it.

But… Because of Bo Jiu’s confession, the children that wanted to come to the castle but didn’t dare to run over to take a look. Their fair skin, blue eyes, and soft golden short hair made them looked like little angels. Their cheeks were pink and fat.

One of the little boys was wearing a small shirt and small suit pants. He looked up at the drones in the air.

There were three other little children beside him. They were all Americans and all of them were very beautiful and looked around three to four years old. They couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow!”

They stood in a roll. The astonishment on their faces was apparent.

“Brother.” The smallest little girl grabbed the little boy’s sleeve. She seemed to be only three years old. She pointed at the sky and spoke in English, “Beautiful.”

The little boy looked down and wiped the cream stain off the corners of her lips. She ate cream cake just now. After that, he said, “When I grow up, I’ll give this to you as your birthday present.”

“Okay.” The little girl was so cute when she nodded her little head. It was enough to melt people’s hearts.

The little boy was on his guard all these while. He reminded her to stay a safe distance away from the castle.

This scene reminded Bo Jiu of her childhood. In the past, the Almighty had been like the little boy too. He had given her everything he could. But, at the start, she had really thought that the Almighty was a girl.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. Fortunately, the Almighty had forgotten everything. If he hadn’t, he might bear grudges.

Bo Jiu smiled as she thought about this. She walked out of the castle.

The little children outside saw Bo Jiu coming out. All of them got anxious. They started talking in English. “Oh my god, did you see that person’s eyes? They’re black. This person must know magic. Will we be cursed like Snow White and the seven dwarfs? What do we do now?”

The little girl turned and asked, “Brother, what should we do?”

The four years old little boy was frightened too. However, he needed to protect his friends so he stood forward and blocked them with his body. He watched Bo Jiu vigilantly as she walked over. At the same time, he explained, “Chinese people have black eyes. Don’t you all watch TV?”

“Oh, right.”

It was really hard to understand the magic world of the little children sometimes. This might be because they were already afraid of everything here. For instance, there were stories saying that if they weren’t obedient, the vampires inside the castle would come out and bite them.

Thus, when Bo Jiu walked towards them, they were really afraid. They wanted to run away. However, their feet seemed to be nailed to the ground while the person was getting nearer.

“Brother, will he eat us?” The little girl tightened her grip on the little boy’s shirt when she saw Bo Jiu walking over.

The little boy covered her with his body and took a step back. He was prepared to ask the young man to go away.

The young man, however, bent down and smiled lightly as he passed him a drone. “This is for you. You don’t have to wait until you grow old. You can give your young friend behind you a present now.”

The little boy didn’t accept the gift. His family members told him that he shouldn’t accept gifts from unknown sources.

Bo Jiu found him interesting. He was exactly like the Almighty when he was young. He was logical in everything he did.

“Looks like you’re still worried. How about this? I’ll put this here. You can bring it back to play. I’ll have to go for dinner now.” Bo Jiu put the drone on the ground and turned to walk back to the castle.

The little boy turned and looked at the little girl’s eyes. He knew that she really wanted to play. He bent down and confirmed that there was no danger. Then, he looked up and shouted at the tall back view, “Thank you.”

The old butler watched this scene from the castle. He was jealous because his young lord had a natural affinity with children, unlike him. The children didn’t even accept the sweets he gave them.

This was what the old butler thought but he wouldn’t let anyone see his loneliness. He raised his hand and looked at his pocket watch. It was a rare occasion today as his young lord had confessed. He should go and prepare dinner.

If he thought about it carefully, it was a good thing the young master from the Qin family came here to stay because his young lord had rarely had so much energy in the past. And now she was smiling every day. In the past, her smile had never been so bright and she had done everything alone. There was no one accompanying his young lord besides Young Master Qin.

The old butler was getting old. Sometimes, he wondered what his young lord would do when he passed away. She would be the only person left in this huge old castle. His young lord appeared amiable but in actual fact, it was extremely hard to get close to her. This might actually be a trait of Chinese people but fortunately, his young lord found someone she liked.

The old butler knew that this person’s identity wasn’t suitable for Bo Jiu but his young lord liked him. It was hard for his young lord to find someone to love. Thus, the old butler smiled. In that case, he should find some time to invest in the An family.

It had to be said that the old butler was really Bo Jiu’s family member. His way of thinking was similar to Bo Jiu.

On the other side, Qin Mo saw Bo Jiu walking back into the courtyard when he came down.

Qin Mo had one hand in his pocket as he looked at her intently. “Did you just give away my present? I can’t feel your sincerity.”

Bo Jiu paused for a second. “Brother Mo’s present is in the sky.”

“The drone is part of the present too.” This was a rare childish moment for Qin Mo. Based on his thinking, he would never give other people the presents she gave him.

Bo Jiu touched her nose. She didn’t reply to him. She hadn’t expected the Almighty to brood over the drones.

Qin Mo tilted his head. His face was as handsome as always. “Also, do you think that little child knows how to handle a drone?”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Brother Mo, I only gave one drone away. I still have one here.”

She picked up the other drone from the ground and passed it to Qin Mo.

As the earpiece was still on, the shadow guards heard the entire conversation. They only had one thought. Their young master was so starting to be jealous of little children. How scary!

Qin Mo had his own way of thinking. He touched the winds of the drone and smiled.

Bo Jiu looked at the handsome face. As it seemed so unreal, she muttered softly, “They are really alike.”

Unexpectedly, the Almighty had heard her. He turned around and asked calmly, “Who is alike?”

“Nothing. I’m just saying that the little boy is like one of my companions from when I was young.” She couldn’t tell the Almighty that the little boy was like him when he was young, right? And that this reason was why she had given him the drone.

Bo Jiu felt that this was a perfect excuse. Yet, when Qin Mo heard it, he scoffed, “Really?”

Bo Jiu didn’t know if the Almighty was happy or unhappy. Didn’t he smile just now? Why was he…

“Do you like that kind?” Qin Mo opened his mouth again. “The kind of kids that start acting mature when they are just four or five years old?”

Bo Jiu fumbled with her hands. How was she supposed to answer this question?

“From a psychological point of view, this kind of man is very smart.” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “You’re too stupid. You won’t be able to see what he’s thinking.”

Bo Jiu kept quiet. She was having a hard time controlling her laughter. After all, it was very interesting to see the Almighty talking bad about himself.

“What else? What are the other bad points about this kind of boy?” Bo Jiu cleared her throat and asked seriously.

Qin Mo stood straight and continued nonchalantly, “There are many other points but you don’t have to understand them. I’m the one you should understand.” He threw this sentence at Bo Jiu and turned to enter the castle.

Bo Jiu stood still on the spot for a moment. She kept thinking about the words the Almighty said; they seemed so sweet. She walked to her Lamborghini and started the engine. She kept her voice low. “Little Blackie, I think that my confession worked a little.”

“If there’s no effect this time, I’ll suspect that the person you like is gay!” The line on the navigation system fluctuated furiously. “Master, do you think it’s alright to chase a man using this method? Normally, this is used by a man to chase a lady.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Why not? I need to accompany my little boy. You’ll be in charge of finding more information. I’ll look through them in a while.”

“What information?” The navigation system didn’t know what its master meant. Didn’t its master always feel that the information compiled by it was too straight-forward?

Bo Jiu’s smile got brighter. “It’s the drug. Find out which drug is good and has no side effects. It must be able to allow me to do what I want. Yes, that’s about it.”

The navigation system: … Who was the one who said that she didn’t want to sleep with the young man! Master, you’re so shameless you make me frightened!

“What happened to you? Are you stunned by my handsome face?” Bo Jiu patted the Lamborghini when she noticed the line on the navigation system jumping twice. “Keep calm and research carefully.”

The navigation system became arrogant. “It’s just sleeping with someone. Simple.”

Qin Mo had entered the main hall so he didn’t know that the person outside was thinking about sleeping with him. He told himself that he shouldn’t care about some things but he would still think about it unconsciously. Why was she able to trust the other person completely? Why couldn’t she trust him fully too?

Childhood friends. He hadn’t thought much about these two words in the past. Now he found them glaring. The restlessness he felt after receiving the present died down a little because of this.

As he was the one who had gotten kidnapped, he still needed to be aware of some things.

Qin Mo cleared his mind and sat on the wooden chair placed next to the dining table. He felt that he was really under house confinement now because he had no communication device and there was none in the castle too.

Besides Bo Jiu’s Lamborghini, there was no other transportation device either. This place was isolated from the rest of the world. Did that fellow live here?

Qin Mo stood up and walked to the bookcase. The books here were different from those at the Fu family. They weren’t titled ‘Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me’. Instead, they were about computers and medicine. There were a few classics too. The full set of Sherlock Holmes and many other detective novels were here.

Qin Mo knew that for a person to have good anti reconnaissance ability, he needed to undergo training. Now, he knew why the police couldn’t apprehend Z. When your opponent understood you better than yourself, you would never be able to catch her.

Qin Mo scanned the books on the shelf and took one of them. He flipped two pages before putting it down. The fastest way to understand a person was to see what kind of book he read and what kind of people he interacted with.

Z never interacted with anyone. The only human that Qin Mo saw was the old butler. From the way he did the surgery, the old butler was a meticulous person with acute observation skills.

Qin Mo was always thorough in his work. He calculated the time to make sure that no one would notice his actions. However, when he flipped through the third book, his eyes suddenly stopped moving. He forgot about the time entirely as he saw a photograph placed on the bookcase. It was a really old photo…