Chapter 1115 - Untitled

Chapter 1115: Untitled

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There was a little girl in the photograph. She was about four years old and had silky black hair. Her eyes were sharp and clear on an adorable chubby face, her exquisite features were scrunched up into concentration, her expression a stark contrast to her docile appearance.

She seemed to climb a wall, her short little legs stepping onto a branch. She seemed like a little tyrant, filled with arrogance and vigor that couldn’t be stopped.

The photo had probably been taken without her notice since she wasn’t looking at the lens. Instead, she glanced elsewhere in the distance, her dark lashes framing her eyes.

There seemed to be another person in the photo. At the bottom, there was an outstretched arm. It was another tiny pair of arms but even then, Almighty Qin could instantly tell it belonged to a boy. A boy…

Qin Mo tightened his grip, putting the photo aside.

Just then, a raspy and old voice explained with a deep chuckle, “That is our Young Lord when she was younger. Back then, she was a mischievous little girl and would often play with Louis, the little boy from next door. She didn’t listen to anyone, climbing walls in secret. This photo is of her when she climbed into Louis’s house. He caught her climbing and called her down.” With that, the old butler shook his head, a loving smile on his face. “Back then, Young Lord was way too small and wasn’t willing to just jump down. Fortunately, Louis was there to catch hold of her. Our Master was the one who took the photo, a pity Louis isn’t inside.”

Qin Mo took another glance at the photo. The little boy was wearing a suit. He could tell even though only his arms were shown, it must have been a little kid that had enjoyed dressing up. “Louis? An American?”

“He’s Chinese, Louis is his English name.” The old butler chuckled. “I wasn’t around back then, so this is all hearsay. When Young Lord first came, she would often ramble about her little friend and whenever she ate something delicious, she would wish he was around. Gradually, when Young Lord’s duties grew and when something bad happened, her personality changed into what it is now…”

The old butler was busking in his memories, his gaze deep and slightly glazed. “So, Young Master Qin, you can find me if you need anything. Once your wrist recovers, she will send you back. In return, I hope Young Master Qin won’t do anything to harm Young Lord.”

The meaning was obvious. Young Lord must be aware that Young Master Qin is investigating her but she didn’t say anything – and he as the old butler feigned ignorance. But some information, once exposed would jeopardize his young lord’s safety.

It was logical for the old butler to be wary of Qin Mo. But unbeknownst to him, all of Almighty Qin’s thoughts were on the photo. Both of the meaning behind the photo and the description the old butler had provided, Qin Mo was more than clear. Louis was someone important to her.

From the information he had gathered, Hoshino may be Louis since he had a Chinese heritage…