Chapter 1116 - Untitled

Chapter 1116: Untitled

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Was that the reason she had paused when she had seen Hoshino’s competition video? Was that the reason she had watched him with a gaze filled with intent?

He told himself not to care. But there seemed to be a gigantic rock pressing down on his chest, even placing the photo down was affecting him.

As though he had travelled back in time. Back when they had fought in the plaza, a BMW Tomahawk had appeared to take her away.

The trust and cooperation; he had originally assumed it was unique to the both of them. But now there was someone who had appeared in her life much earlier than him. It was a reality he couldn’t alter and this made him helpless.

Qin Mo sat in his original position, not a hint of expression on his perfect face.

He knew the warning the old Butler had issued.

Even though it wasn’t possible, he would still wonder what it would be if he had been the one who had appeared in her life back then? What if he had been the boy waiting for her at the bottom of the block?

Qin Mo had always been logical and yet, he just came up with two hypothetical situations.

The sky started to dim. Before dinner started, there were candles placed on the table. With silver cutleries placed on the table, a soft glow was cast around the dining table.

This was the first official introduction Bo Jiu was giving the Almighty. She couldn’t shrimp on the romantic aspect and since there weren’t any roses, she had gone outside to pluck some Japanese roses.

Qin Mo glanced at her in silence.

Bo Jiu sat down, arching a brow as she wondered what had happened. She glanced back at Grandfather Butler but there was only a soft smile with no explanation. She glanced back up towards the cupboard and somewhat had a hunch.

Bo Jiu remained silent for a while more before walking to the side. She took her laptop and stuck a USB in to access a folder. She turned the screen towards the Almighty. “This is the latest case from Fifth Avenue. The police are stumped since there wasn’t any murder weapon. The last case is especially tricky. He seems to have entered the bathtub on his own accord which had led to the drowning. Initially, I suspected he was hypnotized but after I saw this…” Bo Jiu moved on to another photo. “Needle. He should have been an addict. And some friends on the road sent me two words – Maiden’s Sacrifice.”

Qin Mo glanced up at the youngster.

She chuckled. “I know you don’t wish to speak to me because of my identity. Moreover, I’ve kidnapped you… But I don’t wish to see the Maiden’s Sacrifice happen and I’m sure Brother Mo doesn’t want to see it as well. I can provide you some information and I need your help to analyze the sort of person the culprit is.”

“The culprit isn’t important, what’s important is to find a common trait the next time he takes action. It would be the only way to hunt down the next victim.”

“Common trait? They are all Chinese.” Bo Jiu glanced down at the photo but couldn’t seem to find anything. “I’ll look into it.”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied, his heart clearly not there as he shook the wine glass in his hand. Unbeknownst to her, the Almighty was being jealous of his younger self…