Chapter 1117 - Untitled

Chapter 1117: Untitled

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There wasn’t anything she could do. This was her stance.

For a long period, she had seemed to have forgotten the Almighty. Back then, she had almost gone down the wrong path. She had only understood after losing a person dear to her that there were too many people in this world who couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong and couldn’t tolerate punishment, allowing the wrongdoers to continue their mistake.

It didn’t matter who they harmed as long as they were out of harm’s way. They couldn’t understand the inability to speak up and the hurt from being trampled over. A wrongdoer could be comforted as long as he showed signs of weakness.

But that wasn’t right. Who exactly were the victims, the ones who couldn’t stand up for themselves? There were many who couldn’t afford the hassle but yet, they pressed on for the sake of justice.

Many accomplices belittled this justice, making it impossible to push through.

Even the law wasn’t powerful enough, which was the reason she resorted to such methods. At the very least, the girl would have the courage to speak up when she was bullied. The person who liked lying on her back wouldn’t threaten to leave. At least, when a mother fought for her daughter, she would receive deserved payment and not just ill intentions. But the culprit had escaped without harm.

She might have faltered before but at this moment, her resolve was firm. Even if it was for that person she really, really wanted…

Silence fell upon them. It wasn’t a comfortable one though. Even with the beautiful flowers blooming, it didn’t add any warmth between them. It was quiet – even for a castle.

The old butler stood at the side, a white cloth slung over his arm as he rubbed a tall wine glass with his hooded eyes. He walked over with a bottle of red wine, his aged voice sounding natural. “Young Master Qin seems interested in your childhood. Perhaps Young Lord can tell him about it.”

Qin Mo frowned but remained silent.

Bo Jiu glanced up. “My childhood?”

“Yes,” the old butler replied in English. “Young Master Qin stared at the photo on the bookshelf for a very long time. You can tell him about Louis.”

Bo Jiu coughed lightly. “There isn’t much to say.”

“Young Lord, are you shy?” The old butler pushed his glasses, examining Young Master Qin’s expression. There wasn’t any change but his hands faltered slightly. “I’ll get your diary. It will be more convenient.”

Bo Jiu: … What was wrong with Grandfather Butler? He kept bringing up her childhood. But if the Almighty really wanted to look at her diary, could it help jolt his memory?

As the old butler was a man of action, it didn’t long before he brought a dated looking book over, passing it to Qin Mo. “Young Master Qin, you must want to know more about our Young Lord. Her temperament and her childhood memories, all these can be found inside the book. Please take a look.”

As the old butler had said before, he would tell him anything Qin Mo wanted to know…