Chapter 1118 - Untitled

Chapter 1118: Untitled

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But Qin Mo wasn’t in the mood to see her with her childhood lover.

He had always been polite, even when he was handing out a rejection. “I’m not interested.”

With that, he wiped the edges of his lips and stood up. “Besides, thank you for the meal. I had enough and will be heading up now.”

Bo Jiu glanced down. He had only eaten one piece of broccoli and emptied his wine glass. How could he be full after just one bite?

The old Butler chuckled. “Let’s not force Young Master Qin, please.”

Bo Jiu could sense a meaning behind his smile. She couldn’t just let the Almighty leave, she had to continue her offence or her romantic confession would go to waste.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, she took the steak and wine glass, a grin on her face. “I’ll eat in the room.”

The old butler wouldn’t butt into their affairs but he had to remind her. “Young Lord, a girl shouldn’t be so aggressive.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu took a moment before replying. “But the Almighty has to eat, I’ll come down once he is done with this plate.”

The old Butler finally understood the reason Chinese often lamented on how children turned to outsiders when they were older.

He gave in and sighed deeply. “Young Lord, you don’t have to feel guilty. You are going to let him go after all.”

“It isn’t just the kidnapping.” Bo Jiu chuckled and brought the plate up, not intending to let Grandfather Butler do it as she had owed Qin Mo from the start.

She had used to play by herself when she had been younger. Qin Mo had practically brought her up. He knew of her love for food and would always keep snacks in his pocket for her. During winter, he would bring her along to all the events he had attended with Grandfather An. The only time he hadn’t been taking care of her was when she had gotten her hands dirty from playing with other children.

Since the Almighty had always been a clean freak, perhaps he had been harsher on her back then.

That day, he hadn’t brought her out but she had wanted to sleep in his bed, which had been the reason she had climbed over the gates around his house. She hadn’t expected him to have caught her.

Bo Jiu remembered the cold little boy watching her in resignation. “Little Bo Jiu, are you dumb? Come down, I’ll catch you.”

The Almighty had kept his word, fulfilling everything he had promised her. But back then, she would always run around, nagging at him not to return to China – because she would miss him.

That year, the Almighty had been supposed to head back for Chinese New Year but after her constant hampering, he hadn’t left. Instead, he had hugged onto her, helping her paste banners at the edges of the door, telling her about Chinese traditions and handing her dumplings during mealtime.

The thought of such a life made her happy. Unexpectedly, she had been the first to leave. Even though she wasn’t imaginative, she could imagine how it was like to be abandoned.

She owed him.

She kept harping for him to stay but couldn’t fulfill even the slightest promise.

Bo Jiu caressed the photo. It was bittersweet. It was a pity they hadn’t taken photos often back then, with only one…