Chapter 1119 - Untitled

Chapter 1119: Untitled

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Inside the room, Qin Mo stood by the window as he single handedly unbuttoned his shirt. His eyes were deep, concealing his emotions.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if he was upset over being kidnapped. Perhaps he wanted to return to China?

The Almighty must have noticed her because he tilted over, stuffing a hand into his pocket as he glanced up. “Sugar Daddy, are you free again?”

That was a hint of mockery. The Almighty was looking at her with a vengeance, which seemed very much like a predator watching its prey…

Bo Jiu coughed, taking a step forward. “Brother Mo, you didn’t eat much just now. Grandfather Butler’s steak isn’t bad, you can try some but if you really don’t like it, I can always whip something up.”

Qin Mo watched her in silence, without any visible objection on his face. Bo Jiu lit up. She had a good understanding of the Almighty; even the slightest displeasure would be expressed on his face. It was a coldness that could be felt from miles away.

Bo Jiu had seen it before and was worried it would be directed at her one day. But from the looks of it, it wasn’t a hopeless situation. The ends of her lips curved upwards as she stuck her fork into a piece of steak, placing it near Qin Mo’s mouth.

Qin Mo glanced at her for a moment before widening his mouth. After the first bite, the tightness in his chest seemed to loosen. The beauty watched him, as she relished in the joy of feeding someone she loved. She had to squeeze in a few more bites. Bo Jiu smiled, directing another piece of meat over.

Qin Mo glanced down at the food, his lashes falling downwards looking like the prince from a manga. Just then, he leaned forward, the lips that were touching the meat seconds ago was now on hers.

From a certain angle, Bo Jiu seemed to have fossilized.

In contrast, Qin Mo was agile and fluid, holding onto the back of her head with his back twisted for a deep and thorough kiss. Her mind went blank. When it ended, Bo Jiu hadn’t moved.

Qin Mo pressed his forehead against hers, his voice raspy. “Forget that person from your childhood.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu was jolted back to her senses. “What did you say?”

“Forget him,” Qin Mo repeated.

Bo Jiu wanted to express the difficulties but she wasn’t sure how. Instead, she reached out and hugged him, avoiding his question as she smiled. “Brother Mo, are you jealous?”

“Heh, what is there to be jealous about?” Almighty Qin replied nonchalantly. “I am reminding you to smarten up, how could you be tricked since young?”

Bo Jiu wanted to chuckle but she restrained herself, listening to the Almighty scolding himself was indeed a pleasure.

“Little Bo Jiu, this is serious.” Qin Mo reached out and pinched her neck, seemingly displeased with her lack of seriousness.

Bo Jiu glanced up sharply. “What did you call me?”

“Little Bo Jiu,” Qin Mo replied faintly. “Isn’t your first name Bo?”

“Yes, my first name is Bo,” Bo Jiu repeated. In that instant, they seemed to have gone back in time when he was still in his little tuxedo, the little prince with the cold and lofty expression. He was always educating her, addressing her with her full name. “Little Bo Jiu.”

She broke into laughter as she watched him mischievously. “Brother Mo, can you call me again?”

Qin Mo watched her for a long while before reaching out to flick her forehead. “Little Thug, shouldn’t you be releasing my waist when you put up such a request? Are you that happy to take advantage of me?”

“It’s alright.” Bo Jiu didn’t release him. “What’s wrong with a hug when you just kissed me? Honestly, Brother Mo, you should have such double standards.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Are you acting so imprudently because you kidnapped me? Sugar Daddy.”

Bo Jiu released her hands; it didn’t seem right for her to act so defiantly. She should wait until she had gotten the drugs before acting in such a manner.

Qin Mo walked towards the study table. “Let’s talk about the case.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu placed the dinner plate down and went straight to her laptop to pull out the information.

Qin Mo studied the pictures, the bits and pieces seeping into his brain were forming a blurry picture.

“Most Chinese stationed abroad are exchange students living alone. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and only an ordinary appearance with an ordinary family background. Look into her browsing history,” Qin Mo spoke calmly, his words hitting the gist of it. “Since she doesn’t have a wide social circle, they must have made use of the internet.”

“I have the same thought.” Bo Jiu shook the USB in her hand. “I did a check, all the browsing history is safe but there is something I don’t quite understand.”

Qin Mo turned towards her. “What is it?”

“These numbers.” Bo Jiu pulled out one of the chatting tools. There was a string of numbers. The victim had replied in numbers as well. And there were only two rows of words, both written in the same manner. There was something fishy about this. Besides…

“The chat history of every victim has such content.” Bo Jiu tapped the spacebar to transition to another page. “It’s the same for this chat, look at this string; 8464, 7486, 64, 54, 94, 2264, 96… What does it mean? It is perhaps a Morse code?”

“It isn’t.” Qin Mo’s gaze deepened. “It doesn’t look that way but it is definitely a communication method. Both parties are using the same thing but it isn’t Morse code.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “You’re that sure?”

Qin Mo spoke slowly, “Do you think everyone knows Morse Code? Besides, the murderer would want to make it easy for the victim.”

Bo Jiu leaned her face onto her palms lazily, looking like a young master in deep thought. If it wasn’t the Morse Code, what is it? Was it something simple? Was it like 1314?

A thought struck her. Bo Jiu was suddenly reminded of the Almighty’s passwords.

She glanced over at Qin Mo, who was still staring at the screen. She hadn’t expected him to stay by her side after knowing her identity. It was probably because she had kidnapped him!