Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Almighty Is Becoming More and More of a Little Brother Maniac

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If Secretary Liang knew what Qin Mo’s thoughts were right now, he would be happy that his CEO had finally realized that they were not real brothers!

However, this realization… showed that he was even more of a little brother maniac, didn’t it…

Qin Mo himself didn’t realize how his thoughts were all leaning towards the young man. His deep eyes looked at Fu Jiu a few more times, and he said in a low voice, “Indeed, not even a touch of masculinity. You should come out and run a few more laps.”

As he was talking, he turned around and played with his black cuffs casually. His profile was just as cool as always. “Get changed, I won’t look.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Almighty, can’t you just wait outside?

Forget it, it was better for him to be in front of her eyes.

With his meticulous thinking, scheming personality, and skillful tricks, one misstep and a person would easily fall for his traps.

During the period when Fu Jiu was still a hacker, she didn’t meet anyone as difficult as him. If the police were like Almighty, then she would’ve paid more attention to what she was doing.

However, Almighty was hardcore… If she was a bit unhappy, Almighty would spoil her to the heavens… Fu Jiu looked at the view of the man’s straight back, and she curled her lips up slowly. She had no more stress after she had changed successfully. She took the bandage around her chest off and put on another coat. There was nothing to worry about anymore, so she put her hand on Qin Mo’s shoulder directly, looking as close as real brothers. “Brother Mo, go easy on me later. I’m not good at controlling the tennis ball.”

Qin Mo stopped himself with great difficulty from slapping that paw off his shoulder!

The Almighty told himself coldly that the young man was still in the middle of puberty. Any action against him would leave a traumatizing mark on his heart.

It’s just that the young man was too close, and when that familiar sweet scent drifted over, it made him want to open her mouth and see how many sweets she’d had…

At this time, Xue Yaoyao was already sitting at the side of the court. She had a glass of tea beside her hand. In the middle of the coffee table, there was a plate full of fruit. This was a tennis court, but it was even more of a place for pleasure.

Aside from the green lawn, the indoor temperature was carefully adjusted. The brown sofa was very comfortable to sit on, and there was a slight scent of good cologne.

Xue Yaoyao was still quite subdued. Her legs were big, and she wanted to hide them.

But when she looked up and saw how close those two were, she forgot about restraining herself… She stared on steadily and saw the young man smile at her, then whisper in Qin Mo’s ear.

To her utter surprise, Qin Mo even curled up his lips. Then he pinched the back of the young man’s neck. “Don’t haggle with me. Thirty minutes a set, not a second less.”

Fu Jiu’s handsome face collapsed, and he felt a bit frustrated. “Even despite the fact that I’m super handsome?” Where was that little brother maniac?

“With such a lame body, you still consider yourself handsome?” Qin Mo took the tennis racket from the receptionist and stuffed it into the young man’s arms. He said carelessly, “Play well. Don’t even think about being lazy.”

That receptionist didn’t expect that Young Master Qin would hand his racket to others, so he looked at Fu Jiu strangely a couple more times.

Fu Jiu was smart. She instantly knew that this racket wasn’t provided by the tennis court; it was Almighty’s private item.

She looked at the racket. Indeed… on the pure black handle, there was a silver word “Qin” carved on it.