Chapter 1120 - Untitled

Chapter 1120: Untitled

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Bo Jiu was good at self-affirmation. She looked up at the handsome and elegant face while thinking about the best time to drug him.

Hence, when Qin Mo turned around, he saw the lady looking at him with an evil gaze. She seemed to have something up her sleeve.

He reached his hand out and lifted her chin. “Even if you kidnapped me, you should be more obedient. Do you understand?”

“Oh,” Bo Jiu replied insincerely.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned dark. He placed his thumb on her lips and started rubbing it. “Are you being perfunctory towards me?”

“No.” Bo Jiu sat up straight and smiled at him. Her eyes were clear, just like water; ripples could be seen in them.

Qin Mo’s gaze became darker. There were only a few centimeters between them. If he lowered his head, he would be able to kiss her. By now, Qin Mo knew that this fellow was doing things on purpose. He released her chin and pressed down her restless hands. “You’re getting bold.”

Bo Jiu smiled happily. “I’m just checking your injury.”

“I remember that my injury is on my arm. Where are you touching?” Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent. It made people afraid to touch him.

Bo Jiu unwillingly put her hand down. Nowadays, it was hard to be a ruffian. As soon as she stood up, someone grabbed her wrist.

Qin Mo frowned. “Are you planning to leave after taking advantage of me?”

“What else…” Bo Jiu only managed to say two words before she was pulled back by a strong force.

The voice beside her ears was calm. “There’s no such thing.”

Bo Jiu replied without any hesitation, “Brother Mo can take advantage of me too.”

Their breaths intertwined. Qin Mo appeared to be smiling. He held the back of Bo Jiu’s head and bent down to kiss her.

The fresh smell of mint slowly seeped into her mouth. As time went by, Bo Jiu felt her body going soft. She grabbed his clothes tightly. Her mind was blank.

Qin Mo was in no better state. When he first kissed her, he was still thinking about her childhood friend. He wanted her to forget the unnecessary people. But as he hugged the soft and warm person, he only wanted to continue kissing her. He knew that the time and venue weren’t right. However, he couldn’t control his passion.

Finally, when Bo Jiu lost her breath, Qin Mo pulled her away. He looked into her misty eyes while panting.

Bo Jiu was still in a daze. She noticed that Qin Mo regained his composure really quickly. Once again, she felt that the beauty trap would only work temporarily on the Almighty. She couldn’t successfully take him down with it.

“Do you like it so much?” She could sense the happiness in the Almighty’s voice.

Bo Jiu nodded. “It’s sweet.” When she said this, she remembered to hug Qin Mo’s waist. She didn’t care whether or not the Almighty liked it when she was so clingy. They had already kissed anyway.

Unexpectedly, there was no resistance on his face. He just allowed her to fool around. The cold aura around him was gone. He wasn’t angry now, right? She could try to drug him tonight.

The atmosphere was so good Bo Jiu decided to remain here for a while.

Qin Mo doted Bo Jiu too much. They were investigating the case but he allowed her to lean on his shoulder. Her head started moving down slowly and soon, Bo Jiu fell asleep.

He removed his gaze from the screen and pushed her head up.

When the old butler walked in, this was the scene he saw. He smiled politely while holding the tray full of snacks. “Young Lord must be disturbing you. I’ll wake her up and ask her to sleep in her room.”

“No need.” Unconsciously, he used a gentle tone. “This fellow’s head isn’t very heavy.”

The old butler smiled and kept quiet. He put down the exquisite teapot and teacups before walking out of the room. After careful thought, he felt that his young lord did the right thing in kidnapping Young Master Qin.

The sky outside turned dark slowly.

Bo Jiu wasn’t able to sleep for long in this position. When she opened her eyes, she saw the beautiful jawline. It reminded her of her childhood. During that time, he had always carried her away from dance parties. He had been shorter than her but he had already been very strong. Every time, he had forced her to leave early. Grandfather An had sometimes joked that his grandson was willing to ignore all etiquettes for her. Bo Jiu felt her heart melting when she thought of this.

At this moment, Qin Mo lowered his head. “Are you awake, my rich father?”

“Brother Mo, this nickname…” Bo Jiu wasn’t used to it yet.

Qin Mo’s tone remained normal. “What’s wrong? Didn’t you keep calling yourself that?”

“That’s right. However, your tone is wrong. The feeling is not right.” Bo Jiu placed her chin on his uninjured hand as she teased him.

Qin Mo rested for a while and looked at her. Then, he looked at the teacups.

Bo Jiu was smart. She took the teacup and placed it beside Qin Mo’s lips. She was enthusiastic about feeding the Almighty.

“I’m asking you to drink some tea. Aren’t you thirsty after sleeping for so long?” Qin Mo couldn’t help but kiss her. “Why are you so stupid?”

Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She was very obedient this time. She finished the tea and decided to get the drug since the atmosphere was so good.

“Where are you going?” Qin Mo looked up.

Bo Jiu started displaying her acting skills. “There’s not many clothes for Brother Mo to wear in this castle. I’m going out to get some casual clothes for you. They are easier to take off.”

“Easier to take off?” Qin Mo repeated her words casually. “What are you planning to do?”

Bo Jiu was already feeling guilty so when Qin Mo asked her, she felt even more guilty. Fortunately, she had a strong mentality so she replied, “Nothing. I just hope that you’ll have an easier time when you bath.”

“Really?” Qin Mo’s gaze was indifferent. “You’re going to buy clothes in the middle of the night?”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Fifth Avenue is very lively now.”

She went down after finishing this sentence.

Qin Mo glanced at the photo she was holding while she slept just now. He frowned and looked away. If he didn’t look at it, he wouldn’t feel irritated. He turned on his receiver and the people on the other side started speaking.

“Young Master, Madam asked how long you need to meet the parents.” When the shadow guards asked this question, they looked up at the night sky. They wondered when their young master would end his trip so that he would stop torturing singles like them.

Qin Mo was unconcerned. “I’m not sure. The feeling now is not bad.”

“What feeling?” The shadow guards didn’t understand.

Qin Mo clicked on a photo before replying slowly, “The feeling of being chased by someone.”

The shadow guards: … Can we hang up?!

“Protect my mother. I won’t need you for the time being.” Qin Mo turned off his receiver and listened to the sound of a car engine outside. His gaze was deep.

Bo Jiu sat in the car and held the steering wheel with her hands. She spoke in an evil tone, “Come, Little Blackie. Let’s have a heart to heart talk.”

“Master, are you asking me which drug is the best? I’ve already finished my research. There’s a drugstore not far away from here. The drug is said to be able to raise a person’s body temperature. You can try it.” The lines on the navigation system moved.

Bo Jiu replied as she drove, “I’m not talking about the drug. I feel that Brother Mo might try to drive you soon. If he said the correct password, you’ll let him drive.”

“Master, you don’t need to test me. Even if your little vixen is very handsome, I won’t waver.”

The navigation system’s smart reply stunned Bo Jiu. “Is it so hard to trust me?”

“Yes. You’re just probing me. Everything is a trap.” The lines continued jumping.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “I’m so sad. You can wash yourself tomorrow.”

Little Blackie: … When had you ever seen a car washing itself? I’m intelligent but I don’t know how to bath. Why is my master always bullying me?

“Fine, stop acting like an arrogant brat. Let’s talk about serious things.” Bo Jiu steered her car. “Where’s the shop?”

Little Blackie: … Was this a serious matter to you?

They drove for quite a long distance. To make it look more natural, she bought a set meal at Burger King. The Almighty had eaten too little today anyway.

Bo Jiu’s attire was suitable for this season. She wore a black leather jacket which made her legs look especially long. She had a black mask on her face. Some passersby whistled when they saw her.

As for the shop Little Blackie mentioned, the decoration style was… hard to explain in a few words. Bo Jiu had never come to such shops before. She entered the shop like a ruffian.

The owner was a black man. “Hey, try this. It’s not bad.”

Bo Jiu looked at the whip the owner recommended. Her tone became righteous. “I just want to buy a drug.”

The black man’s eyes lit up. He opened his drawer immediately. “Which wild cat are you trying to tame? I have everything here.”

“The kind that has no side effects and won’t affect people who have drug resistance. These are the only two requirements I have. I don’t need those that are really strong.” Bo Jiu’s voice was a little low.

The owner understood her intention. He smiled and replied, “Asians like you are too shy. Here, take this. It fulfills your requirements.”

Bo Jiu took the drug and thanked the owner. Then, she appeared to remember something. She bent forward and whispered, “I heard that this area isn’t peaceful recently. I just moved into the building opposite and heard that someone died there. Is it safe?”

“Officer, if you do this, it isn’t interesting anymore.” The owner waved his finger with a bored expression.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrow. “Officer? Brother, I think you misunderstood me.”

“Misunderstood? Did you see the police car outside? You keep questioning me every day just because the person visited my shop before she died.” The owner packed his things while looking at Bo Jiu with a ‘do you think I’m stupid’ look.

This was one of the reasons why Bo Jiu visited the shop. She got exposed but she wasn’t flustered. “Brother, I really came here to buy this drug. I’m just worried about my safety since I’m Chinese.”

The owner believed this sentence. He turned back. “Are you really not a police officer?”

“Do I look like one?” Bo Jiu sighed. “I really like someone but I feel that there’s something lacking between us. I want to buy this drug to liven the atmosphere.”

The owner was an expert in this area. He started chatting happily with Bo Jiu. For instance, he told her what the ladies in America liked.

He sized up Bo Jiu and said, “Asians like you are really popular nowadays. They like to call you little cuties. But that depends on the kind of lady you like. What style is she?”

“Domineering, cold, and a little arrogant.” Bo Jiu was depressed. “She gets angry easily. When she looks at someone, the person will freeze.”

The owner frowned. “Like a queen?”

“Yes, really like a queen.” Bo Jiu kept looking at the police car outside while she talked. She seemed worried.

By now, the owner believed that this youngster was really worried about his safety. When Bo Jiu took out his money, he reminded her, “Don’t go home too late.”

Bo Jiu knew that the owner must have seen something. She tried to probe him.

The owner chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. You didn’t snatch anyone’s boyfriend.”

“Snatch someone’s boyfriend? What do you mean?” Bo Jiu’s instinct told him that this was an important clue.

The owner looked around him before saying, “I don’t know about the other people but two of them liked the same man. The man brought them individually to my shop before. One of the ladies received a threatening call from the other lady while she was here. I didn’t expect both of them to die.”

They had liked the same person?

Bo Jiu looked down. Her gaze turned sharp as she tried to organize her thoughts. She concluded that she needed to investigate the man. There was no other better way. It seemed like some problems still required the Almighty’s analyzing skill.

The police would get this news within one day. If they took the man away, she wouldn’t be able to question him. From her angle, this man was extremely suspicious. But if the truth was like this, it would be too simple. How would she explain the long chains of numbers in their chat records?

Bo Jiu recalled something. She found a photo and asked, “One more thing. Do all American ladies like to do this? She sent it to me but I don’t understand what she’s trying to say. She keeps sending me numbers. I don’t want her to feel that I’m old-fashioned so I kept asking around for answers.”

The owner was confused when he looked at the photo. “Boy, what the hell is this? I don’t know the new games foreign students play. Maybe you can ask your friends at school. They might tell you out of pity.”

“I guess that’s the only way.” Bo Jiu appeared disappointed. She walked out of the shop and pulled her car door open. She saw two police officers in plain clothes walking in.

She didn’t stay any further. This was the only useful information she could get. If she had asked more, the owner would have gotten suspicious. It was better to stop when necessary. That way, she could ensure that her information was accurate.

Bo Jiu placed her hand on her chin as she pondered. The expensive car and her leather jacket made her look like a dark-styled male lead; cold but cool.

On the streets, the American ladies whistled at Bo Jiu when they drove past. “Hey, are you interested in hanging out together?”