Chapter 1121 - Untitled

Chapter 1121: Untitled

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Bo Jiu was used to the open-minded nature of the Americans. A thought flashed past her mind and she smiled. “Sure.”

Little Blackie: … This wasn’t right. Why was this happening? Master should be going home to sleep with the little vixen after getting the drug. Why was she flirting with other people? And when had Master become so friendly?

Bo Jiu reversed the car and placed her arm out of the window. She looked at the ladies and asked, “Where are you going?”

“We have a party.” One of the ladies who had a good figure winked. “You will definitely like it.”

Bo Jiu placed her hand on her forehead. “Unfortunately, my English is not good.”

“Oh! You’re already good. There are Chinese people at the party too.” The lady smiled as she continued, “I won’t let you get bored.”

Bo Jiu smiled elegantly. “Lead the way?”

The American ladies were very excited. They looked at Bo Jiu with anticipation.

Little Blackie reminded, “Master, they’re looking at you as if you’re a little vixen. Tsk, tsk, they must be thinking about how to sleep with you.”

“Little Blackie, do you have eyes?” Bo Jiu followed behind the ladies’ car.

The line on the navigation system continued moving, “From the tone of your voices, my powerful system is able to differentiate your emotions. Fine, you might be reserved compared to those ladies but your nature is the same. All of you want to sleep with other people.”

“Little Blackie, you didn’t follow me to China but do you know that there’s a saying in the esports circle?” Bo Jiu memorized the route as she drove.

The navigation system asked, “What is it?”

“Qin Mo is the only beauty in this world. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sleep with him,” Bo Jiu said lazily, “A robot like you won’t understand.”

The line jumped and Little Blackie sighed, “I didn’t expect your little vixen to have such a huge background.”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu stopped the car and looked forward. There was indeed a party. She had agreed to come because there was a Chinese lady sitting in the car.

The parties in America were all like a nightclub. You could see some people waving their bodies inside. There was a DJ too, who played heavy metal.

Bo Jiu found a chance to chat with the ladies. The person whom she chatted the most with was the Chinese lady. Along the way, she asked her what the trendiest way of communicating nowadays was. “I meant online communication. I just came here so I’m still not used to it,” Bo Jiu explained.

One of the American ladies opened her mouth, “Speaking of this, I saw my friend typing a string of numbers when she was chatting with other people. Do Chinese people like to converse using such mysterious methods? Is that why you’re asking us this question?”

Chinese? Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. Chinese again. That meant that locals didn’t have this habit.

“Let’s not talk about this. Do you want to come home with me today?” The lady moved closer and smiled sexily, “I have delicious wines at home.”

Bo Jiu gave a devilish smile. She stood up and replied, “Not convenient.”

“Why not?” The ladies were enchanting when they showed their disappointment.

Bo Jiu smiled lightly. “I’m afraid that if I go to your house, my lady at home will get jealous. I can’t handle her jealousy.”

The American lady hooked Bo Jiu’s black leather jacket seductively. “Just one night. She won’t know.”

“Loyalty depends on ourselves.” Bo Jiu blocked her hand. “I’m leaving. Bye.”

The American ladies followed Bo Jiu after seeing her smile because they wanted to keep her here but Bo Jiu walked away hastily.

The ladies complained, “Merlin, you frightened him.”

“Come on, he doesn’t look frightened. Did you see where he came out from?”

“Oh my god. I’m so envious of the lady that’s spending the night with him.”

By now, Bo Jiu had climbed into her car. She held the steering wheel and did a beautiful drift. As an intelligent luxury car, Little Blackie’s navigation system started fluctuating when it heard those words. “How unfortunate. They don’t know that the person spending the night with you is a man, not a lady.”