Chapter 1122 - Untitled.

Chapter 1122: Untitled.

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“So what?” Bo Jiu asked. When she drove past the shop again, she stopped her car again.

The owner of the shop had just been questioned by the police so he was in a bad mood. He spoke without looking up, “What do you want?”

Bo Jiu pointed at a pair of furry black cat ears hung on the wall. “This.”

“Hey, it’s you again.” The owner finally found someone to complain to. “Brother, I misunderstood you just now. After you left, I was questioned by someone again. My customers were so scared they didn’t dare to come in.”

Bo Jiu remained indifferent. “Why did they question you again?”

“They asked me if there’s anything I forgot to say.” The black man shrugged. “They also asked if the man was suspicious. If you ask me, I think that they underestimate the power of the grudges between ladies. They should proceed in this direction.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Simple.” The owner took out two indescribable props. “Before no. 2 appeared, no. 1 was the top sales. After no. 2 came, she always acted arrogantly in front of no. 1. Do you think no. 1 will get angry? Let me tell you secretly. I’ve seen that lady before. When she knew that her boyfriend cheated on her, her eyes turned really dark. It’s frightening when a lady glares at someone with those eyes. Most importantly, she wasn’t looking at the man. She was looking at the other lady. I feel that she has the motive for murder.”

Bo Jiu frowned. “But she shouldn’t be the murderer, right? Based on what you said, both the ladies are dead.”

“That’s why I find it strange too.” The owner shook his head. “Ever since that incident happened, my business has been bad. Two ladies died in the vicinity and both of them came to my shop before.”

The messy information made Bo Jiu confused. “What do you think about that man?”

The owner pursed his lips. “Besides being flirtatious, there’s nothing wrong with him. From a certain point of view, the Chinese ladies here are easier to get. I’m sure you don’t know that, right?”

Bo Jiu turned serious when she heard this. She was rarely so serious. “I have to speak up for our Chinese ladies. Not all ladies are like that. You only met a small portion of them. In China, many ladies have self-respect, self-love, and are self-reliant. They are warm, pure, and dependable. They do many amazing things but they remain humble. When they notice any injustice, they will stand up. They know how to respect and admire other people. They work hard for their dreams. That’s how they are like.”

The owner was used to the youngster’s short replies so when he heard this long speech, he was stunned for a moment. He touched Bo Jiu’s shoulder with his fist. “This kind of lady is amazing. I was biased just now.”

“You can visit China if you have a chance in the future.” Bo Jiu smiled. “You’ll definitely like the place. You can also bring your goods over there to sell.”

“Oh, Brother, I thought that Chinese people are very shy. They might not be able to accept this.”

Bo Jiu spun the cat ears on her hand. “This is used by the entire world. Why won’t they accept it?”

The owner laughed loudly.

It was a delightful shopping experience.

The Lamborghini, Little Blackie, felt that it waited for a really long time. When Bo Jiu came back, the line on the navigation system fluctuated. “Low efficiency. This isn’t your style.”

“I changed the owner’s view of Chinese ladies.” Bo Jiu reversed the car with one hand.

The navigation system remained quiet for a few seconds after hearing this. “Master, you changed.”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth. “Huh?”

Little Blackie replied, “You’ve never spoken up for anyone in the past.”

Bo Jiu said, “Now, I will.”

Little Blackie was curious. “Why?”

Bo Jiu answered, “Because I’m not doing it alone.”

Little Blackie asked, “What do you mean?”

Bo Jiu continued, “I’m not the only one doing such a thing. There are many people who are speaking up for justice. I saw cases in China in the past. They are a group of amazing ladies. They are as ambitious as men. I don’t wish that when they have the chance to go overseas, other people will have prejudice against them.”

Little Blackie only said, “… Human emotions are so complicated. For instance, you like that little vixen and don’t want him to leave. However, you still remind me to let him drive me if he uses me. It’s so contradictory.”

Bo Jiu turned on the high beam. The light reflected in her eyes, making her look sharp. “Because I know that no matter how much I want to keep him here, he doesn’t belong here. He can only be himself if he returns to where he should be.”

No matter how intelligent Little Blackie was, it couldn’t solve the relationship problem between humans.

Bo Jiu didn’t tell Qin Mo about his lost memory because she was worried about this. If he knew about his past, what would he do to her? Should he apprehend her or not?

Also, when they had been young, he had said that he wanted to groom her into an elegant lady. He would definitely frown if he saw her current state.

Since he had chosen to lose his memory, it meant that that memory was too painful for him. It was good if he recalled his past but if he didn’t, she wouldn’t want to tear his wounds and hurt him one more time.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what had happened in the past but she only had one aim now: She must destroy the organization that had targeted the Almighty and had pretended to be her.

The Maiden’s Sacrifice… Bo Jiu lowered her gaze and looked at the string of numbers in the photo.

She didn’t enter the castle after parking her car. Instead, she turned on her phone and sent a message over. “Hoshino, I think that I still need you.”

The night was dark and the castle seemed exceptionally quiet under the moonlight.

On the other side of the earth, someone just woke up. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed a packet of milk. He opened the packet of milk with his teeth and looked at the cat that was lying in the living room. He walked over with a warm and gentle smile on his face.

He was in casual clothes. The shirt hung loosely on his body when he squatted down.

The cat meowed. It stuck out its lip and licked the man’s palm.

“I didn’t expect you to be rebellious the first day after I picked you up from the streets.” You Sixin had his hair bundled behind him like silk. It was hard to believe that a man with this kind of hairstyle still looked so sharp and handsome.

“You don’t eat anything I feed you. You only eat when Hoshino feeds you. Do you remember who was the one that picked you up?” You Sixin grabbed the cat as he spoke.

Hoshino, however, saved the cat and replied, “There’s milk on the table. Go and drink it.”

You Sixin pouted unexpectedly. However, he still took the packet of milk obediently and kicked something away. “When is the competition starting? I’ve been so bored recently.”

“You can play friendly matches already. You are the one who doesn’t want to participate.” Hoshino patted the cat as he spoke. Then, he laughed and continued, “The cat is quite similar to you.”

“Are you joking? This weak little creature is like me?” You Sixin had mafia blood in him so when he placed his hand on his forehead, he looked like a noble. “Does it have the right to?”

Hoshino wanted to speak but the phone in his pocket vibrated. The unique ringtone caused Hoshino to put down everything he had in his hand and stood up straight. His side profile was like jade. When he saw the message, he pressed his finger on the screen. “Received. I’ll go over immediately.”

You Sixin saw Hoshino entering his room. When he came out again, there was a black suitcase in his hand.

“Where are you going?” You Sixin slowly frowned.

Hoshino had nothing to hide from him now. “America.”

“What about the competition?” You Sixin’s voice turned low.

Hoshino didn’t turn his head. “I’ll come back before the start of the competition.”

When the door closed, You Sixin stood up. The more he stared at the cat, the more uncomfortable he felt. He lifted the cat again. “Hoshino always has poor eyesight. Do you look like me? What kind of stupid comparison is this? Your Brother Hoshino is willing to give his life to Little Spade. If he really likes her, he can just marry her.”

“Meow, meow!”

Only the cat replied to him.

Outside the castle, Bo Jiu sat in the car and continued sending messages. She didn’t know that when she was doing this, Qin Mo was standing on the balcony on the second floor. He seemed to have waited for a long time. Night dew could be seen on the tip of his hair. It was a little wet.

He thought that someone would come up immediately. From his angle, he could see that she was doing something or contacting someone on her phone.

Qin Mo’s hand tightened around the railings and released them soon after. His gaze turned darker.

Bo Jiu had confirmed Hoshino’s schedule. She wanted to close the page but, in that moment, her gaze turned sharp. Could it be?!

Bo Jiu slammed the car door shut. While Little Blackie complained about how rough she was, Bo Jiu had already flown up the stairs and pushed the door open.

She looked at Qin Mo, who was standing in front of the window, and said, “I know what the numbers mean.”

“Sudoku,” Qin Mo replied indifferently.

The word successfully caused Bo Jiu to stop in her tracks. She felt speechless. “When did you guess it?”

“When you were here, I couldn’t guess it.” Qin Mo seemed unconcerned. “After all, my rich father is very stupid. Stupidity is contagious.”

In actual fact, Bo Jiu really affected his thoughts. When that fellow was hovering around him, he just wanted to kiss her.

Bo Jiu shrugged. “Fine. So, what does that sentence mean?”

“Rich father, you seem to have forgotten that you kidnapped me and took away my phone.”

Bo Jiu swore that the Almighty was mocking her when he called her rich father. The Almighty’s teasing always occurred unconsciously.

“Take my phone.” Bo Jiu stretched out her hand and wanted to pass her phone to Qin Mo.

However, Almighty Qin’s gaze landed on the pair of furry ears. “What’s that?”

Bo Jiu: … F*ck, I forgot to hide it…