Chapter 1123 - Untitled

Chapter 1123: Untitled

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“I bought it for fun,” Bo Jiu spoke guiltily. However, nothing amiss could be seen in her expression. She continued smiling as she said, “Brother Mo, the password is the most important thing now.”

Qin Mo snorted. However, he didn’t say anything. He would let her go temporarily this time. He took the phone over. When his finger swept past the WeChat icon, he paused for a moment. In the end, he didn’t open it.

He clicked on his head icon and found the phonetic transcription for the sudoku. He pressed it based on the order of the numbers.

8464. Based on the sudoku, the letter started with a T. After typing all four numbers, the word ‘ting’ came out.

“7486. Shuo. Ting Shuo?” Bo Jiu squinted. “It means ‘I heard that’ in English.”

“That’s right.” Qin Mo continued pressing the screen with his fingers. “64 is ‘ni’, which means ‘you’. 53 is ‘ke’ and 94 is “yi’, meaning ‘can’. 2264 is ‘bang’, which is ‘help’. 96 is ‘wo’, which means ‘me’…”

Bo Jiu’s gaze turned somber as the following words were typed out. “‘I heard that you can help me to kill someone?’”

Qin Mo humphed plainly.

Bo Jiu frowned. “That’s weird. This was sent by the victim. Why is she dead?”

“Find all their chat history.” Qin Mo had a deep gaze. “We’ll be able to find the reason there.”

Bo Jiu moved and opened her laptop. She clicked on the photos again. “This is the other party’s reply.” Bo Jiu pointed to the reply from an empty icon.

Qin Mo typed on his phone. “Good. What’s the name?”

Bo Jiu’s instinct told her that the answer would be very crucial. Who was the one who had killed the victim?

The sound of phone typing was heard again. “Chen Hong.”

Qin Mo frowned furiously at the two words. “What’s the name of the other victim?”

Bo Jiu’s reply was different from Qin Mo. She was shocked. “Brother Mo, did the victim called Chen Hong die before Xi Mo’er?”

“Based on the report, yes.” Qin Mo went into deep thought.

Bo Jiu continued, “I received a piece of news today. Xi Mo’er snatched Chen Hong’s boyfriend. There was a conflict between the two ladies. She had a motive for killing Xi Mo’er. However, this is obviously a serial murder. The two of them had no connection with the other victims. Xi Mo’er died not long after Chen Hong too.”

“The fact that she wanted to kill someone and her death aren’t conflicting,” Qin Mo interrupted Bo Jiu. He was extremely calm. Everything he said was his psychological analysis. “In that case, one of my doubts is cleared.”

Bo Jiu turned around. “What was your doubt?”

“There’s two murderers for each case.” Qin Mo paused for a moment before saying, “No, it’s more accurate to say that the murderer has an accomplice. The things done by the accomplice aren’t conspicuous but they are important. No one will murder for free. Money wasn’t mentioned in this conversation. There must be other requirements. For instance, helping the murderer to do something.”

Bo Jiu’s thoughts flew quickly. “Do you mean that Chen Hong died due to the cooperative efforts of the murderer and Xi Mo’er? I’ve researched everyone’s background. Xi Mo’er is an honest person. She never did anything extreme. I heard that she had a good relationship with her classmates but she just didn’t like to talk. However, when she was with her boyfriend…” Bo Jiu stopped abruptly. She suddenly thought of a sentence Auden had once said, ‘Evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our own table.’