Chapter 1124 - Untitled

Chapter 1124: Untitled

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“A person who doesn’t speak much might want to kill someone too.” Qin Mo’s tone was indifferent. “Sometimes when grudges accumulate to a certain point, extreme thoughts might appear. However, there’s one point to note: The murderer might not ask her to be his accomplice for Chen Hong’s murder.”

Bo Jiu was enlightened. “The other victims.”

“That’s just my guess. We need to find evidence to prove my theory.” Qin Mo stretched out his hand and took the phone at this side. He typed the last sentence the murderer sent. “I’ve sent you the things you need to do. They are in your mailbox. Open it and take a look.”

“Mailbox? Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. “This…”

Qin Mo’s tone remained the same. “He might be referring to the mailbox in school. Normally, no one used this kind of mailbox so it’s normal that the police forgot about it.”

“I’ll go to the school and take a look at it tomorrow.” Bo Jiu smiled. She had never visited schools much in the past but now she was used to it. She just needed to climb over the walls. Based on their evidence now, the murderer’s mission for Xi Mo’er was very important.

Qin Mo put down the phone and looked up at Bo Jiu. “Time to sleep.”

“So early?” Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. Her hands moved faster than her mouth.

Qin Mo looked at the person who had grabbed his shirt. He turned his head and signaled Bo Jiu to release her hand.

She smiled naughtily. “Brother Mo, I bought Burger King and some coke. Let’s play some games and eat before we sleep.”

“I have no laptop or phone.” Qin Mo looked at her calmly.

Bo Jiu thought for a moment. “Wait.” She went down to the study room, where she opened a drawer. There were more than ten phones. They were from different brands and models. These were her tools. She grabbed one and tested its speed.

She connected the phone to the wireless network and returned to the bedroom. “Brother Mo, you can use my phone. I’ll use this one.”

Qin Mo scoffed, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll contact someone?”

“That’s just my side account. There’s no contacts inside. You won’t be able to communicate with anyone.” Bo Jiu always looked obedient when she smiled.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows at Bo Jiu’s deceiving look. He looked at the in-game name displayed on the screen and the corners of his lips twitched.

Bo Jiu coughed softly. She had calculated everything but the name.

“Qin Mo is my secretary?” Qin Mo snorted.

Bo Jiu could tell that he was mocking her.

Qin Mo swiped the screen. “The things my rich father thinks about every day are just daydreams.”

“I wanted to kidnap you and I did. I can even sleep with you in a while. How is that daydreaming?”, Bo Jiu thought to herself. She wouldn’t be so stupid to say out her thoughts though. She sat on the sofa lazily while still wearing her black leather jacket. She stuck a straw in the coke.

Qin Mo sat beside her. “Which hero should I choose?”

“Anything. Since Brother Mo is here, I can win even without doing anything.” Bo Jiu ate a piece of French fries. The drug should have mixed with the drink by now.

Qin Mo turned and glanced at the lady again. “I’m playing with one hand. How can I lead you to victory?”

“I win for you then.” Bo Jiu smiled. She chose a hero she frequently played.

They entered the game and Qin Mo really used one hand to play. He typed three words the moment he entered. “Practicing this hero.”

Their teammates felt that it might be hard to win this round. Fortunately, the hero he chose was Anotal; it was hard to kill this hero. Their teammates felt that the situation wasn’t as bad. As all of them were using a side account, their levels were all low.

Bo Jiu played with a different style this time. She kept thinking about the drug in the coke so she spent a long time fighting in the wilderness. She only used her single skill.

Actually, her teammates had a misunderstanding. In this game, any heroes in the middle lane were crucial. Most of the time, the people said that the hero in the upper land was in charge of guarding the towers on the upper lane. As long as he was able to guard it for four minutes, he was a good upper lane hero. After all, he needed to handle at least two opponents as there might be a hero hiding in the bushes.

If the field hero didn’t reinforce the upper lane hero after four minutes, he wasn’t a good field hero.

But none of them was as important as the middle lane hero because he didn’t just need to guard the tower. He also must watch the small map all the time and reinforce other players when needed.

Thus, Qin Mo’s position was very important.

Even in low level games, where no one would go to other people’s wilderness, Qin Mo still looked at the wilderness on his side. It had become his habit. He saw someone only using her basic attack when fighting the monster and frowned. “Is it fun to attack to and from with the blue beast?”

Bo Jiu just finished her fries when she heard this. She looked back at her screen. The blue beast almost killed her. An assassin getting killed by the blue beast… it was quite embarrassing.

Bo Jiu thought for a moment and decided to start acting. If she didn’t act now, she would keep thinking about that coke.

She looked over and stared at the Almighty, who was looking down on his phone and playing the game.

He used one hand to play Anotal and yet, he still had the time to watch over her. He might be the only person who could do this.

His HP dropped but based on his calculation and technique, his opponent wouldn’t be able to kill him if he didn’t leave the tower. Low level players liked to fight in a team too.

Three heroes came. Their opponent’s assassin hid in the bushes and hit the Almighty with the bat. The Almighty released his flash and then used one of his techniques.

His three opponents all lost HP but of course, the impact wasn’t enough. Qin Mo was still standing under the tower. He spoke slowly, “Look at your own phone.”

Bo Jiu: … He had even noticed that she was looking at him…

Bo Jiu had another ulterior motive so she casually fought a monster in the wilderness before taking up the coke and placing the straw near Qin Mo’s lips.

Young Master Qin rarely drank this kind of thing but since someone fed him, it was different. He took two sips and said, “Come over and kill these people.”

“Sure.” Bo Jiu smiled when she saw the Almighty drinking the coke. She carried her big knife and released a spell on the small monster. She jumped over the wall with a big spell and entered the team fight. She stunned someone with her second attack.

Qin Mo collaborated with his combo stun.

The sorcerer of their opponent wanted to stun Bo Jiu but he flew out due to her spell. Bo Jiu sneaked behind her and slashed her knife at him.


Their side got the first kill. When she turned around, she saw an archer with very little HP left and attacked him.

Double kill!

Bo Jiu was left with half of her HP. The assassin from their opponent’s team, who was hiding in the bushes, wanted to attack her with his bat. At this moment, Bo Jiu released her ultimate move and jumped back into the vicinity of the tower. Her opponent wasn’t able to catch her.

Not only that but Qin Mo took the chance to use his ultimate move too and sucked the assassin. Bo Jiu raised her knife and slashed them at her opponent again.

Triple kill!

Their teammates were dumbfounded by the news from the middle. However, they didn’t feel that the Anotal was the one who was powerful.

Bo Jiu took the three kills and started observing Qin Mo again. She went out of the game to check on the time. When she re-entered the game, she realized that she was dead. Dead?

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. Her opponent’s assassin hadn’t revived yet. Who came to kill her?

Qin Mo glanced at her and tilted his body. He pointed at her screen. “How does it feel to be killed by a tower?”

Bo Jiu: … I’d rather get killed by the blue monster.

However, she noticed one thing. After the Almighty finished speaking, he reached out and pulled his collar. His handsome face seemed redder than normal.

Three minutes later, the effects of the drug should be starting. Bo Jiu rushed into the fight as she thought about this. This time, she forgot her spells and her orb walk. She died instantly.

Qin Mo turned and said, “Are you a spy?”

Bo Jiu placed one French fry in her mouth and said nonchalantly, “Brother Mo, I only died twice. Look at the bottom lane. He died four times already. He should be the spy, not me. I don’t have much money so my HP falls quickly when I get hit.”

“Do you still want to win?” Qin Mo spoke very slowly.

Bo Jiu smiled. “Yes.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply to her. He was a professional psychologist. He could read someone’s mental state and she was really absent-minded. He wondered what she was thinking. He only remembered that she had been contacting someone in her car before she had come up.

His fingers stopped for a second. In this second, the fireball from the sorcerer on the other team landed on his body and someone swept him with their ultimate move.

Three heroes surrounded him. As he couldn’t escape, his hero fell down on the screen.

Qin Mo pulled his collar again. This seemed to be the only way to make him less irritated. His gaze was cold.

Bo Jiu was surprised that the Almighty died. By right, even if he was using one hand to operate, he shouldn’t die as long as he didn’t get out of the tower.

Was it because of the drug? Bo Jiu felt that this was the only possibility. She smiled. It looked like success wasn’t far away.

Qin Mo didn’t notice the real reason for his annoyance. At this moment, the person at the bottom lane complained, “Anotal, don’t give yourself to our opponent. If you want to practice your hero, don’t move out of the tower.”

As someone who had died six times, he didn’t have the right to say such things. But Qin Mo’s focus wasn’t on him anyways as he was feeling so troubled his lips turned dry. He put down his phone and took the cup of coke. After taking a few sips, he went back to the game.

Bo Jiu smiled happily at the side. It looked like the drug was taking effect. Normally, based on the Almighty’s habits, he would never drink coke voluntarily.

Gaming was something that could distract people. Qin Mo had other thoughts in his head so when he realized that something was amiss, they were fighting the main boss. Their opponent was trying to snatch the boss.

He paused and frowned. Then he glanced at the cup of coke at the side.