Chapter 1125 - Untitled

Chapter 1125: Untitled

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Bo Jiu felt slightly guilty from his gaze.

Qin Mo felt a growing thirst. He raised his arm but couldn’t seem to garner much strength. He glanced over at the youngster, placing his phone down, his voice carrying a hint of hoarseness. “What did you put in the coke?”

He didn’t mince his words. Bo Jiu turned and smiled, replying mischievously, “It won’t affect your health.”

“Heh.” Qin Mo scoffed, his palms heating up. “Ingrate.”

Bo Jiu felt a wave of guilt wash through her. “Brother Mo, you can take your clothes off if you’re hot.”

Qin Mo pushed her aside, taking large strides to the bathroom. He walked under the shower and drowned himself in cold water, his dark hair plastering to his face. His white shirt was half open, his defined collarbone visible. His damp shirt clung onto his body like a second skin, showing his alluring curves.

Bo Jiu was treated to such a sight before the showers were turned off.

Bo Jiu was starting to regret it. She was rather she hadn’t drugged him or perhaps, if only she had the antidote.

Seeing the Almighty taking a cold shower made her instantly regret her plan.

Unexpectedly, The Almighty walked towards the bed asking, “Is this how sugar daddies act? They use drugs without care of the consequences?”

“I will make it comfortable for you.” Bo Jiu took a moment to think before pushing him onto the ground. The room had wooden floors that were covered with soft and plush black carpeting. He wouldn’t be in any harm when he laid down onto the ground. But it was an incredulous situation, for a certain someone to blurt such a phrase.

Bo Jiu watched his cold expression, not knowing where to begin.

Qin Mo allowed her to do as she pleased, watching her silently with an arched eyebrow. His listening device was still attached to his ear. The shadow guards wanted to say something but Qin Mo lifted an arm, turning off the signal.

The shadow guards, who had still been listening a second ago: … What was happening to their young master?

Qin Mo only had one thought at this moment. He didn’t wish for anyone to disrupt him while he was being slept with.

He remained motionless as he watched her obediently. Alright, only obedient for this moment.

But the quieter he was, the more it stirred the flame within her.

Bo Jiu finally understood how beauty killed. The Almighty was indeed a demoness incarnate, especially in this area.

“What is the first step?” Bo Jiu muttered. “I should check my manual.”

Qin Mo was starting to heat up, he knew of the effects and could easily soothe himself with a cold shower but he was curious about her next move.

Unexpectedly, she wasn’t even sure of how to begin. It was a waste of all the lessons he had imparted to her. It seemed like all her intelligence had been used on gaming and her tech gadgets. She was a blank sheet in everything else.

“Why don’t we start with a kiss?” Bo Jiu declared, her eyes bright, a teasing smile spreading across her face…